12 Best Fishing Games for VR

Fishing Games For VR

The best fishing games for VR are a great way to enjoy the scenery and nature while being comfortable no matter where you live.

Some games are more realistic than others but offer a fun experience. You can even play with friends if they have the same game!

Virtual reality (VR) is here to transform the way we play and view games. As you might imagine, gaming has been one of the big adopters of this technology.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, we would like to recommend some good fishing games for VR for you. These are our favorite fishing games for VR:

1. Captain Cat

Captain Cat is one of the top fishing games for Vr for the HTC Vive. You play as a cat that fishes for different fish in different locations. This game can be played both online and offline, but it only costs $2.99 on the Steam store.

The goal of this game is to catch as many fish as you can within 60 seconds; each time you catch a new kind of fish, your multiplier will increase by one point until it hits 10x (except for tuna).

2. The Fisherman – Fishing Planet

The Fisherman is one of the VR fishing games like Fishing Planet on steroids. You can fish in the ocean, lake, and river with over 50 species of fish to catch. The game is also very detailed when it comes to customization.

You can customize your fishing rod with paints and stickers, customize your boat with different colors and decals, choose between multiple types of bait for each lure type, and much more.

3. B.A.S.E. Jumper

B.A.S.E Jumper is a game in which you play as a base jumper, who must jump off buildings and make it through an obstacle course of sorts while collecting coins and avoiding getting hurt or arrested.

It’s one of the most popular VR games on Steam, so if you want to test drive some virtual reality gaming, this might be your best bet!

4. Fishing VR

Fishing VR is one of the fishing simulator games where you catch fish in VR. The goal of the game is to see as many fish as possible, which will earn you points and unlock new places to fish.

You can play Fishing VR using a controller or your mouse and keyboard. You’ll use your controller to cast out into the water, reel in your line when a fish bites onto it, and pull up on the rod to bring in bigger fish.

When you have enough points from catching certain types of fish (such as bass), you can unlock new locations for fishing, such as rivers or lakes.

You’ll also be able to earn achievements by catching different types of fish at other times (like catching an eel during nighttime).

The graphics are pretty good, but there aren’t any special effects like splashing water or anything like that yet, so keep that in mind if looking for immersion! But overall, this is still an excellent experience with lots of potential!

5. PescaVR

PescaVR is a fantastic fishing game. Furthermore, PescaVR is a game with a complete VR system and a fishing rod. You can play it by yourself or with your friends. The game has three modes:

-Fishing mode: You have to catch as many fish as possible in one minute. The more fish you catch, the higher your score will be! There are different types of fish, and each type has its characteristics. You can also catch other things such as crabs or turtles!

-Diving mode: Dive into the water and see if you can find some hidden treasures! You can also see how long you can stay underwater before running out of air!

-Shooting mode: Shoot at targets such as bottles and cans! Shoot them in the center for maximum points!

6. Wicked Paradise

If you’re looking for a fishing game that’s relaxing and fun, Wicked Paradise is the game to customize your character!

In these fishing games for VR, if you’re looking for relaxing and fun fishing games, or casual VR games, players can choose between two modes: single-player or multiplayer (split-screen).

Also, In single-player mode, there will be no other players on your screen, so it’s just you at the dock or in the water.

In multiplayer, however, up to four people can join in on the fun by using their controllers with different colors representing them (or an option where everyone has their color).

7. Zombie Strike VR

Zombie Strike VR is an exciting fishing Games For VR that can be played with friends, enemies, family, and even your cat. The game is compatible with the all-in-one VR headset Vive and will test your skills as you fight off zombies in virtual space. 

Furthermore, You can play this game with one hand or two (you’ll need both to shoot guns), so it’s great for those who want a little variety when playing shooting games.

Zombie Strike VR also offers multiplayer modes where two teams of four players face off against each other using real weapons that look like they’ve been ripped straight out of your favorite zombie movie!

Fight back against hordes of undead creatures while trying not to get eaten by them – but whatever happens, don’t let them get too close because if they do, then we won’t spoil anything here.

8. InMind VR 2 (Fishing)

InMind 2 is a virtual reality game that is designed to help you relax and reduce stress. The game allows you to play in various locations, including oceans, lakes, and streams.

You can also play the game in different weather conditions, from sunny to cloudy or rainy days. InMind is a good Fishing Games For VR.

9. Lure the Crab

Lure the Crab is a Fishing Games For VR available on PC and PS4. You can play it with a VR headset or on your TV, but it’s best to enjoy this game in its native environment: standing up and holding your hands out in front of you as if they were holding a fishing rod. The point of Lure, the Crab, isn’t to catch fish; it’s to catch crabs!

The goal is simple: grab the crab (or several) before they run away by reeling them in with your hook or by throwing baited lines at them.

Once you’ve caught enough crabs, head back home, where they’ll provide sustenance for you—and also make excellent bait when you need more crabs later on!

10. Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s a beautiful underwater exploration experience that lets you swim with dolphins, whales, and sharks.

It’s also a bit of a pain to play with the Vive controllers. Ocean Rift was built for the Oculus Rift, and it shows. The controls are awkward, but you can use your headset’s touchpad to move around instead.

Ocean Rift has many different environments to explore, from coral reefs to shipwrecks and even sunken cities.

You’ll need to grab a controller if you want to do anything other than looking around — playing with two controllers is possible (and recommended). However, it’s still not as intuitive as using one hand-tracked controller and one positional controller like in Lone Echo or Robo Recall.

11. Potato Fishing VR!

This game is a virtual reality fishing game where you can cast your line and catch as many fish as possible. The objective is to see as many fish as possible.

You can use bait, hooks, rods, and nets to catch more than one type of fish. You can also customize your avatar by choosing clothes options available in the store or unlocking new skins.

12. Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 – Amateur Surgeon Edition (VR)

Finally, on my list of Fishing Games For VR-Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 – Amateur Surgeon Edition is, as the title suggests, a horror FPS game. It’s a sequel to Shark Attack Deathmatch, and it has been designed for VR headsets.

You can play with friends or strangers online. And it works well on any device compatible with Oculus Rift or Vive.

In this shooter game, you must defeat sharks using realistic weapons like harpoons or rifles. And perform surgeries on injured sharks to make them stronger!

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 – Amateur Surgeon Edition is an entertaining experience overall because it features excellent graphics and animations which are very similar if not better than those found in other popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Battlefield V, for example.”


Fishing Games For VR vastly differ from one game to another, with some offering realistic physics and others more arcade-style fun.

Some offer multiplayer fun, either online or locally, while others are single-player experiences. Still, other games play more like interactive art pieces, where you’re not after “fishing” per se but just watching the fish swim around you.

All the above apps are available on all major VR platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream.

That’s all for now. If you want to see more games, check out the list of VR games for fishing we’ve created above.

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