Top 10 PS4 Exclusive Games to Play Right Now

PS4 Exclusive Games

The best PS4 exclusive games are the titles that make you proud to own a PS4. Celebrations are titles you can only get on the latest PlayStation console.

Fortunately, during the era of the PS4, Sony solidified the idea that the PS4 is the best place for exclusive titles with compelling stories.

The PS4 is by far the first platform that comes to mind in terms of exclusive games.

Whether you love story-driven single-player adventures that want to hunt robotic dinosaurs or want to roam the New York open world like Marvel’s infamous web-slinger, you’ll find it on the list of our best PS4 exclusive games.

If you’re still wondering if the PlayStation is one of the best places to play, here’s a list of games that proves it.

1. Bloodborne


Bloodborne, A Gothic Descent into Darkness and the Unknown is a 2015 release released by developer From Software as part of its long-awaited follow-up to the famous Dark Souls franchise. He did not disappoint.

As you focus on a whole new world of Yharnama, full of recent locations and characters, play as a hunter defending himself from creatures during the night of the hunt.

Like Dark Souls and Demon Souls before that, Bloodborne Fight acts as a real test of patience and skill on the player’s part. Excessive aggression or recklessness of footsteps is a sure way to die and be brought back to the start.

Therefore, one will need to be aware of each enemy’s movement, looking for an opening that allows you to unleash the visceral attack. Few action RPGs are this responsive, making Bloodborne one of the best PS4 exclusive games.

2. Ratchet&Clank

Ratchet&Clank was an incredible 3D platformer that first appeared on the scene as an exclusive PS2 in 2002. The PS4 replay remake is the robot’s original adventure and lombax duo, which quickly took the title as one of the most impressive games on the platform.

Ratchet&Clank may have intended to connect with the official film, but its nature, as a solid space adventure, keeps it self-sufficient.

You will fly from planet to planet, smashing and smashing legions of enemies trying to stop evil President Drek. Each one exudes its Pixar-style charm and is packed with fun collectibles that you can search and find.

However, what will keep one returning to this charming fiction is the central friendship between the two characters of the same name. This is one of the PS4 exclusive games not to be missed.

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

One of the top reasons to buy the console in the PS3 era was the new Naughty Dog Unchartered series. With that in your mind, it makes perfect sense that this fourth entry is just as pivotal in the decision of many to buy the PS4.

Nathan Drake’s creative journey may end at the end of Thief’s End, but this journey around the world is perhaps the closest to feeling like the most exciting slide in the game.

For Drake’s latest outing, Naughty Dog has upped the stakes by keeping a solid third-person pack from previous entries, this time combining it with sporadic open-world elements that feel a lot more liberating than pulling the aisles.

It’s also easy to solve puzzles, adding spectacular vehicle parts that make you feel like you’re living your piece of Hollywood. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is among one of the best PS4 exclusive games.

4. Days Gone

When you think you’ve seen it all with zombies in games, Days Gone makes it to the list of the best PS4 exclusive games and uses them more creatively than most.

They are not your grandfather’s slow and brisk carnivores as they are often portrayed, but relatively fast, swarming, and likely to overcome you if not handled properly. You do this as the only surviving deacon of St. John, exploring the open version of the group in Oregon.

The key to the experience is the Deacon bike, with which you can explore devastated towns in search of vital resources. They can be used to create or share updates within local communities.

All of these different systems work together to make Days Gone, another type of zombie game. So if you’re interested in a more creative approach to this tried and true genre and want to explore a dynamic landscape, Days Gone is for you.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake have been circulating for so long. When Square Enix officially unveiled the project in 2015, gamers couldn’t believe it. This especially happened when the final game was released in April 2020.

Although this is only the first chapter of this multi-part story, Final Fantasy Remake is among the best PS4 exclusive games because it faithfully rediscovers its Midguard part, a classic JRPG for the 21st-century audience.

The sites may look familiar, and the basic storylines are there, but almost every other aspect of the Final Fantasy VII remake has been rebuilt from the ground up.

This is best evidenced by the new combat system, which is now played in real-time by switching between characters such as Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa to put pressure on enemies during battle.

The classic Active Time Battle system is back, more or less, but now temporarily stops time to apply better combat tactics. Whether you’re a newcomer to Final Fantasy VII or a longtime fan, you won’t want to miss this new take on the PS4.

6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Slaved to Killzone for over ten years, developer Guerrilla Games was eager to launch a new PS4 by creating a whole new game series.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was the start of it, as it was a post-apocalyptic open-world game where, as a budding adventurer, you could hunt and destroy dinosaur robots.

It continued to be an award-winning success, and many critics praised the confidence it had in the first release and the depth this new universe already felt.

Navigating the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn never feels liberating as you encounter unique settlements in the community, discover new types of robots, and explore more of what happened in the years leading up to the collapse of society.

All of this is backed up by some of the most satisfying combat to be found in open-world gaming, making it one of the best PS4 exclusive games.

7. Shadow of the Colossus

While it might look odd to think that one of the best PS2 games is also one of the best PS4 exclusive games, it just goes to show how timeless and epic the Shadow Colossus gaming experience is to this day.

Initially developed by the Ico team, then reworked in 2018 by Bluepoint Games, the Shadow of the Colossus remake still keeps the original’s simplicity while giving the graphics a thorough overhaul to make it feel like a modern game.

This timeless classic is about a lone wanderer on a mission to revive his beloved to the subconscious. His only option to do so is to eliminate the twelve different Colossi that roam this open lands, armed with his reliable horse staple and sword that can continually grow stronger.

Shadow of the Colossus game consists exclusively of boss fights, each one more disturbing than the last.

8. The Last of Us Remastered

Considered by a lot to be one of the best video games ever made, The Last of Us was initially released at the end of the PS3 shortly after treating PS4 owners through this remastered version.

It focuses on Joel and Ellie’s story, two survivors who are forced to team up and take a great trip amid a zombie apocalypse. With emotional performances and a wide range of fields, The Last of Us represents the pinnacle of storytelling in video games.

The PS4 version comes with Left Behind DLC, which is a side story that allows you to directly control Ellie and contextualize her life before you meet Joel.

The environments and textures have been tweaked slightly to look a bit more comfortable, but the main The Last of Us campaign remains largely intact.

If you are interested in drowning yourself in the narrative of video games alongside the best of cinema, The Last of Us Remastered is, without a doubt.

9. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel is in an excellent place right now. Just when you think their big-screen projects can’t reach more epic value or break more financial records, Avengers: Endgame is coming to blow all expectations.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an open-world superhero video game that uses this trend by choosing to tell a completely independent story of temptations and issues of how great power comes with great responsibility.

As Spider-Man, you’ll travel through an incredibly realistic version of New York City, embarking on side quests and saving citizens whenever you want to take a short break from the game’s main action.

Mastery powers and a host of replacement costumes to unlock, giving you a reason to hunt down all Easter egg and comic book references. Marvel’s Spider-Man is among the best superhero games released in recent years, and therefore one of the best PS4 exclusive games.

10. God of War

What was once a PlayStation franchise, known for its fierce journey through testosterone-guided Greek mythology, took it a step further for the first night on PS4.

God of War was no longer just a foolish act, but a deep, thoughtful shoulder fight that puts the eponymous Kratos on the path to self-discovery. Other than that, the game is undoubtedly great, using all the power of the PS4 to create some stunning images.

The whole game has been developed using a fixed camera that never cuts. This is done on purpose, so we empathize with Kartos’ worldview, making the new Nordic worlds of Midgard and the Nephilim even more impressive without the need for loading screens.

You will travel through nine realms with your son Atreus, embarking on an imperceptible tour of famous places in Norse mythology. God of War is among the best PS4 exclusive games.


When it comes to exclusive games, the PlayStation 4 is at the top of the console collection. PS4 is this generation’s runaway sales leader and has effortlessly outperformed its rivals Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of our pick of the best PS4 exclusive games? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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