Top 12 Drag Racing Games for PC

Drag Racing Games For PC

Have you ever considered playing your favorite drag racing games on your PC? Fast-paced and exhilarating are the best terms to describe drag racing games, but generally, the tiny screen we use creates a lot of impact on how we enjoy mobile drag racing games, but it shouldn’t have to be this way, of course.

There is a better solution to make you get the best out of your favorite drag racing games, and luckily today, we have all it takes to place the drag racing games on our PC.

This article will consider your favorite drag racing games for PC and ways to play them, saving you a significant amount of money you would have spent on traditional versions of drag racing games.

1. EV3 Drag Racing

EV3 Drag Racing Drag Racing Games For PC

One of the drag racing games for PC that offers all the authenticity of real-life drag racing is the EV3, built by genuine drag racers themselves.

This game has much more than just pushing buttons, but it comes with a fully immersing drag experience with steering and braking experiences that look real.

However, the game is entirely free to play, and it is one of the racing games recommended for your PC even at 2GB storage; it’s a game that is somewhat bigger than others.

2. No Limit Drag Racing 2

No Limit Drag Racing 2

Although it has not been updated in a while, the No-limit Drag Racing 2 game is still one of the hot drag racing games for PC.

Its excellent graphics and physics, coupled with full customization, help contribute to its success as a popular racing game. The fact that It’s a brand new game gives it unlimited potential in most cases.

The online multiplayer feature of the game also adds to the excitement. They ensure that everyone, no matter their preferences, can enjoy an action-packed-fast-paced drag racing game for PC.

3. New Drag Racing NHRA Game

New Drag Racing NHRA Game

This fantastic title of this version of drag racing games for PC is one that gamers worldwide will love to be raced in their streets. However, the unfortunate part is that the game is not yet out.

But the new drag racing game is beautiful and has models that look like they’re going to steal the show compared to other drag racing games.

The game is anticipated to feature both single-player and Multiplayer so that there’s something to love for everyone, no matter your preferred style.

4. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

If you’re ready to race around the world with genuine sports cars, real racing 3 is one of the drag racing games for PC that gives you this experience.

This Racing game includes actual motorsport racers apart from the formula1 cars, and it is one of the most acclaimed racing game franchises.

With its sports cars being realistic, it has set a new standard for racing games. One of its fantastic features is its authorized licensed tracks with forty circuits.

Get ready to test your driving skills as you drive over 250 fast-rendered cars across global manufacturers such as Drive vehicles from Chevrolet, Audi, Bugatti, and Porsche. Etc.

5. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 Drag Racing Games For PC

One of the most popular drag racing games for PC that returns with an even faster and fiercer set of cars is CSR racing 2. This game offers an unending drag street racing action.

CSR Racing 2, a game produced by Natural Motion Games LTD, simulates realistic driving conditions by bringing actual drag racing action to your computer screen.

Some of the vehicles available for you to use in showing off your superior driving skills are custom-made vehicles like McLaren, Senna, Ferrari SF90, Stradale, and Bugatti la Voiture Noire! So you can team up with friends and enjoy a competition involving players from all over the world.

6. Car X Drift Racing 2

Car X Drift Racing 2

Car X Drift Racing 2 is one of the Drag Racing Games for PC where you can have this experience if you’re a fan of drifting street racing games.

Through this game, you can join the hundred million players worldwide and play the online mode to test how top-notch your skills are. Car X Technologies LLC considers the feedback they might have gotten from their first street-racing game.

In Car X Drift Racing 2, a more hyper-real visual vehicle in the game is boasted with vehicle tuning involving replacing lights, bumpers, mirrors, and other parts. The game also features suspension adjustments, engine tuning, and car customization.

7. Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing Drag Racing Games For PC

 This is one of the drag racing games for PC that unleashes the speed freak in you. In this game, you take on elite racers in a rebel race. It is one of the street racing games from Hutch games.

The game features realistic steering physics, turbos, and upgrades. A breath of fresh air for racers’ wannabes is definitely rebel Racing.

8. Drift Clash Online Racing

Drift Clash Online Racing

Unlike any other in the list of drag-racing games for PC, drift clash online racing involves real-time sailing with over 33 vehicles to choose from.

To make it more entertaining, the Drift Clash online Racing includes drifting with motorcycles, and this is one feat it has attained amongst other drag racing games for PC, do well to enjoy competing with themed-retro cars and show your driving skills that will give you what it takes to top the leaderboards.

9. Just Drift

Just Drift Drag Racing Games For PC

From the name just drift from Ali can, Ariel is one of the drag racing games for PC. While this game doesn’t have the best graphics compared to the competition, it has its spotlight. It boasts of a lightweight drifting experience with a sheer number of tracks, cars, and modes.

However, although it is not ultimately stunning like other street racing games, it still delivers well when it comes to drifting excitement.

10. Drag Racing: Streets

Drag Racing Streets

This is one of the drag racing games for PC, where you can compete to be the best drag racer of all time. The game has no actual car models but allows you to build your cars from scratch, which means different aspects of various car models are combined into one personalized vehicle.

 The reality that follows all parts gives you countless possibilities to build your dream race car. The Drag racing streets, which are from the game developer square, let you race with other players on various tracks and, of course, even on country roads.

11. Need for speed No limits

Need for speed No limits Drag Racing Games For PC

Electronic art is well known for its roster of breathtaking drag Racing games for PC. Need for speed No limits is another one from its list of the best arsenal. 

Although it shares similarities with the need for speed, the most wanted game from the NFS franchise, No limits version of the need for speed takes you to underground racing realistic worlds, where you can build your ride, show your style and take down the competition in the chaotic world of racing underground.

12. Redline Rush Police Chase Racing

Redline Rush Police Chase Racing

Do you think you can handle a speedy police car chase? You can test your driving abilities and luck in Redline Rush Police Chase racing which is one of the drag racing games for PC.

This game, published by Dogbyte, features visuals and a true-to-Life car chase. All you need to do is jump in your sports car, speed through the highway while avoiding raging traffic so you can outrun the police car behind you, and also avoid crashing into other vehicles while driving at full speed.


Have you been searching for the best ways to play your favorite drag racing games for PC? We’ve got you covered here.

There’s so much to love about these mobile games, mainly because they’re free or substantially cheaper to play on PC than the traditional games.

So since drag racing games on mobile have the limitations of the small screen, leaving many of us frustrated, do well to try it on your PC and enjoy the best gaming experience! Have an excellent time reading this article, and let us know how helpful it was.

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