15 Games Like Age of Empires

Games Like Age of Empires

While waiting for Age of Empires 4, these games like Age of Empires should have you balling like a boss.

There are many countries here to conquer with your flair for military maneuvers, resource management, and city planning skills, whether you choose a historical or fantastical flavor to your strategy. 

One of the most well-known videogame franchises is Age of Empires.

It’s unusual to come across a gamer who hasn’t heard of this title, but it’s nearly impossible to come across a fan of Real-Time Strategy games who haven’t heard of it.  

Furthermore, Age of Empires is a classic that lets players choose a civilization.

Then gather resources, create technology, and progress through the most pivotal eras of human history.

While micromanaging everything from logistics to research to war, all in real-time as the genre’s name implies.  

Additionally, Since the original Age of Empires game was released in 1997, the series has dominated the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game genre.

The game spans periods ranging from the harsh Stone Age to the cruel colonial times of North and South America.

Some games like age of empires are;

1. Age of Mythology

Age of mythology is one game like the age of empires. It was created by the same people who made Age of Empires and Age of Empires 2.  

To understand what to expect in the Age of Mythology, take the gameplay you enjoy from the franchise and add centaurs, minotaur’s, gods, and other mythological creatures.  

Furthermore, Players must still gather resources, construct structures, train units, and do everything else that we’ve come to expect from the age of Empires and most RTS games.

However, don’t be surprised if a furious cyclops breaches the walls enclosing your structures. 

2. Battle For Middle-Earth

This game was released to coincide with the debut of The Lord of the Rings films, but it was far more than the typical poor movie game that most gamers are used to.

Battle For Middle-Earth is, in fact, a surprisingly competent Real-Time Strategy game.  

Furthermore, To the most beautiful fantasy setting out there, add the experience of plotting the growth of your defenses and armies, precisely deploying your troops, and managing resources.  

The combination of this series and the Real-Time Strategy genre was a fantastic match that resulted in an even better sequel, which is one of the best console RTS games ever. 

3. Empire Earth

Empire Earth is one of the games like age of empires. It was designed by combining the core mechanical base of AoE with the long-term design aims of Civilization. 

You can start a game in the prehistoric age and progress to the near future in this significant counterweight to Ensemble’s monster.  

In addition, While the more focused periods may take away some of the richness and intricacy of Age of Empires, you’re still essentially playing a game of Civ in real-time, which more than makes up for it.  

Empire Earth 2 added a new twist by dividing the continent into sections that you had to control before fully developing.  

Additionally, this increased the map’s strategic value, especially as critical late-game resources became available.  

4. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

The real-time strategy icon blends a bit of history with a flair for the bizarre and FMV performances. From Tim Curry and George Takei, making it an excellent series for a reason.  

The plot is time-traveling lunacy, and you can play as one of three factions: the Allies, the Soviet Union, or the Empire of the Rising Sun.  

In addition, Psionic schoolgirls, armored war bears, Vacuum Imploders, Proton Colliders, and nanoparticle shields are among the weapons. 

5. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is also one of the games like ages of empires. It expands the game that provides even more gameplay and features.

Players in Warcraft III can choose from four races (each with their campaign).  

Humans, orcs, zombies, and night elves are among these races as you follow the tale across an entire game world.

Gameplay takes place in various places, making the game feel incredibly genuine. 

6. Northgard

Vikings are famous right now unless you haven’t prepared for winter, in which case they’ll all perish.

In this indie game, you’ll be in charge of your clan as they establish a colony and gain notoriety through commerce, conquest, and lore.  

Furthermore, Northgard, unlike most historical simulations, isn’t hesitant to embrace Norse mythology, with gods playing a prominent part and undead warriors roaming the forests.  

Just keep an eye on the weather forecast, for a hard winter is just as likely as a band of marauders to put an end to your story. 

7. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is one of the games like age of empires. Although Rise of Nations was released in 2003, it remains one of the most popular and successful real-time strategy games of all time. 

However, the game manages to provide a lot of strategic depth while also being incredibly approachable to players, which is something that not many RTS games have managed to do afterward.  

Rise of Nations was created by Big Huge Games, which are also working on an expansion pack (Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots) and a spin-off game (Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends). 

8. The Settlers

Fans of Age of Empire will recognize this franchise. In general, it’s a city-building game with fighting mechanics.

Players must construct structures, conduct research, gather and manage resources, and do everything else that the genre is known for.  

Although it is not as historically accurate as Age of Empires, The Settlers is a fascinating franchise with a medieval-like backdrop and excellent gameplay and campaigns.

Age of Empires fans who are looking for a similar game will be satisfied. 

9. Star Wars: Galactic Battleground

Galactic Battlegrounds is an often-overlooked footnote in the history of Star Wars games because Ensemble also developed it.

It was released in 2001, just a few years after the studio’s hugely successful Age of Empires II.  

Furthermore, the short version is that it’s simply Age of Empires with a Star Wars skin on top of it.   

In addition, even with the expansion centered on the Clone Wars, it’s hardly the best Star Wars-themed game ever.

Because the pair were released around the same time as Episode II in theaters, it never benefited from much of the fine work done with the setting in the post-prequel era. 

10. Frostpunk

Frostpunk has you covered if you prefer your strategy games to be as grim as an episode of HBO’s Chernobyl.

As the governor of the planet’s only surviving city, you must maintain your citizens alive and happy in this frozen, cruel world.  

This entails the construction of infrastructure and dwellings. Additionally, there’s also the issue of moral problems to consider.  

How will you deal with those who break the law? Will you try to persuade people to practice religion to make them happy and docile?

None of the options are simple or obvious, and when things become rough, it’s all too easy to slide from kind dictator to child labor tyrant. 

11. Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals is also another game-like age of empires. In the six-game styles available in Circular Empires Rivals, you will battle your way through randomly generated circle battlefields to pursue ultimate victory.  

There’s a treasured wealth of strategy, laughter, and difficulty waiting to be discovered behind its deceptively simplistic graphic style.

At the same time, incorporating the simple to learn, a lifetime to master the concept of a good strategy title. And keeping track of your stats at all times.  

12. Littlewargame

Have you ever wished you could play a decent real-time strategy game right in your browser?

That’s precisely what Littlewargame’s simple (but highly pleasant) browser-based RTS attempts to achieve.  

Littlewargame is all about getting you into a game as quickly as possible.

Allowing users to play with a guest account and be playing a single-player game in under a minute. Up to four players can play at the same time in some games.  

Furthermore, there are maps built for 1v1, 2v2 and accessible for all engagements, and the games may handle up to 4 people.

This wide map diversity means that you won’t run out of possibilities anytime soon, regardless of your preferences. 

13. Dawn of Man

If progressing your Civilization through different periods of history is your favorite part of the Age of Empires.

Dawn of Man will keep you busy. It would be best to lead your people from the Stone Age to the Iron Age by hunting mammoths and wooly rhinos.   

Because your technological tree is still a few years away from adding radiators, you’ll need food and clothing in your businesses to keep your little people from turning into pink popsicles.  

In addition, If you do well, you’ll be able to build Stonehenge-style monuments; if you do poorly, you’ll be single-handedly dooming humanity. Fun! 

14. Tooth and Tail

It’s a civil war, but one with a lot more fluff than we’re used to.

As a general in one of four factions, the Longcoats, Commonfolk, KSR, and Civilized – you command the action on the battlefield, including attacks, retreats, scouting, and construction, all at breakneck speed.

Despite the strange, dark 1980s cartoon-like visuals, this game has a steep learning curve and will test even the most battle-hardened RTS gamer. 

15. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War is also one game-like age of empires.

In one of the most bizarre settings ever developed, explore the map and micromanage your units.

Warhammer 40K is a well-known franchise that needs no introduction.  

The future setting that contains space orcs, space marines, and so on is attractive on its own.

Suppose the excellent gameplay and unique features aren’t enough to entice you to this Real-Time Strategy game—the diverse races with unique combat styles and gameplay.  

This is ideal for anyone who likes Age of Empires but wants to play in an over-the-top science fantasy environment. 

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