15 of the Best 2014 Video Games

Best 2014 Video Games

2014 is a massive year for video games lover. Many exciting video games were available to be played in the year 2014.

This year is the first full year Playstation 4 and Xbox were on the market. Nintendo console matures, releasing two of its best games ever.

Nintendo released the new Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart for Wii U. Furthermore, other video games like Threes and Monument Valley.

Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, Dragon Age, Call of Duty, Titanfall, Far cry, and others made the year an exciting year for video games lovers.

Read on as we discussed some of the incredible games that made 2014 an exciting year. You can try some of the 2014 video games.

1. Titanfall

Platforms: Xbox One

This is a first-person shooter game. Titanfall has an outstanding design, and the originality of the 2014 video game is top-notched. Titan is one of the 2014 video games.

This video game offers many unpredictable and fun moments chaotically—chaotic ways like running along walls in a parkour-style and shooting an enemy with an invisible pistol.

Furthermore, despite the game looking complex, a novice can get something out of it, Making it an exciting video game to look out for as one of the 2014 video games.

This 2014 video game called titanfall can keep you on your seat for hours. Have you ever gotten tired when playing a game and decided to have some rest, but the game keeps nagging at you?

Titanfall is a perfect example of a video game that will keep you going back to your tv immediately after switching it off to start playing the game again.

2. Dark Souls ii

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Dark soul ii is one of the exciting 2014 video games. This exciting game invites players to quest in darkness; the player’s progress rate into another level depends on how careful the player is and the player’s fighting skills.

Furthermore, this game is one of the most challenging games to play, you can be in one level for several days, but the joy of winning overshadows the difficulty, making it one of the most rewarding.

This video game gives the player minimal items to fight with, facing strong monsters and eventually getting the player killed again and again. This difficulty always means that your victory will taste so sweet.

In conclusion, if you are born a never give up being, this is a perfect game for you to show your character. Try this beautiful video game and enjoy the joy of winning after lots of losing.

3. Far Cry 4

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Far cry 4 is one of the 2014 video games. This video game is an adventurous action movie. This video features Ajay Ghale, who wants to fulfill his mother dying wish of scattering her ashes in Kyrat.

This young man has to end a civil war between the min’s force and the golden path to accomplish his mission.

This 2014 movie game is a first-person shooter game that allows you to kill as much as you want; you will get tired of killing enemies in this movie game—killing and hiding the enemies’ bodies in the shadow.

Furthermore, in this video game, you will come across all different kinds of enemies trying to kill you. The gameplay is hilarious and, at the same time, marvelous.

In conclusion, on Far cry 4, you have access to the various military arsenals. You get bombarded by your enemy with heavy artillery, High-grade military helicopters, and even a rampaging elephant serving as a biological weapon.

This video game is an exciting 2014 video game.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox 360

Dragon Age is one of the interesting 2014 video games; the inquisition is the most popular dragon age game. This movie game is very captivating; it has so many memorable characters.

Furthermore, the movie game is about saving the world from peril. As the leader of an inquisition, your job is to grow your army and expand your territories in the world.

However, you must also know this is a Bioware game, and every action and choice that you make will have its consequences on you and your army.

In conclusion, this captivating movie game will always make you keep thinking about the game even when you are not playing the game.

5. Mario Kart 8

Platforms: Wii U

Mario Kart 8 is one of the 2014 video games. The video game is an animated, action, and family video game. You are Mario, and you have to race against the rest for the gold cup.

Finally, Nintendo now understands what downloadable content should be. They manage to put the iconic racing series to good use this time around.

Furthermore, this video game is s a colorful series with new and unique vehicles and absolutely a wide range of movie game characters to choose from, giving nostalgia and offering much more in visuals and gameplay.  

Look out for this game, and I can assure you will have a very captivating time playing this video game. Mario kart 8 is undoubtedly one of the gripping 2014 video games that you should try.

6. Destiny

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Destiny is one of the 2014 video games. The video game is a fantasy adventurous action movie.

The movie feature years in the future with a group of space-born human fighting to remove the Aliens that have invaded the earth.

This video game will provide weeks of enjoyment, committing you to end the aliens invading the earth.

Furthermore, this video game will always give you weekly updates and subsequent missions, which will keep you close to the game and keeps you playing the game.

7. P.T.

Platforms: Playstation 4

P.T. is one of the most captivating 2014 video games. The video game is a horror video game. The player navigates a series of hallways to solve hiding puzzles, and the game does not give any hint to solve these cryptic puzzles and also being hunted by a hostile Lisa.

The 2014 video games are a stepping stone for a much larger game the following year; the video game is one the most straightforward and most beautiful games ever produced.

Furthermore, the game redefines what is known as a horror genre; Players don’t die in this game, but the beautiful thing is that you will be so desperate to escape the horror and the madness embedded in this video game.

Look out for this game, and I can assure you will have a very captivating time playing this video game. P.T is undoubtedly one of the gripping 2014 video games that you should try.

8. Super Smash Bros

Platforms: Wii U

Super Smash is one of the 2014 video games. The 2014 video games are exciting.

Aside from The Mortal Kombat, I want to believe this video game is the next in line to take the honor as the best fighting game ever produced. This game is a lot better, which has many chaotic occurrences.

Furthermore, this video game has got lots of playable characters you can choose from in the game. Characters include the classic mascots from Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom.

If you are a lover of fighting video games, I want to assure you super smash bros is a good video game you should try and experience the fun.

9. Bayonetta 2

Platforms: Wii U

Bayonetta 2 is one of the video games of 2014; the video game is a fantasy adventurous action video game. The character of Bayonetta in the video game is one of the best characters ever in a video game.

Bayonetta is a witty, funny, butt-kicking witch with lots of spells and powers at her disposal. Moreover, she is also super confident.

Furthermore, the video game is about Jeanne’s soul dragged to an inferno after a demon summoned her soul.

Bayonetta, who happens to be her friend, is set up for the dangerous quest to rescue her friend from the hell the monster is dragging her to before it gets too late.

Also, this exciting video game is among the interesting 2014 video games that you should play.

10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Platforms: Xbox One

Halo is one of the 2014 video games. This video game is a sci-fi adventurous action video game.

The original Halo was a first-person shooter video game back in 2001; 13 years later, Microsoft released The master chief’s collection.

Furthermore, The video game looks stunning and worthy of release adding to the Microsoft collection of a first-person shooter game.

This video game is fascinating; I am very sure you will like the video game if you give it a try.

11. Disney infinity: Marvel super heroes

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Disney infinite is one of the 2014 video games. This video game is an action series produced by Disney; this game happens to be Disney’s second charge into the toy-game space.

Each character in this series restricted their playsets to each character. And the toy box mode allows players to forge into their mini-worlds.

The tool is now more interface friendly, unlike the other marvel game, making the game a lot easier to get on.

Furthermore, players can play in the playsets or decide to use the revolutionary toybox to play with the Marvel superheroes and Disney’s all-time favorite.

12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Middle earth is a fantasy adventurous action game of 2014; this series gives the biggest surprises of 2014. This series is the most interesting ‘Lord of the ring games’ in the past three years.

This video game is about the family of Talion, a ranger of Gordon whose family was killed. Talion set out to avenge his family, but in doing so, you have a massive task of passing through the army of the orcs.

This army is looking to kill you, and you have to fight your way through Mordor and reveal the truth of the spirits.

Furthermore, no two adventures are the same in this series, which means you have to be strategic to take out your enemies.

13. Alien: Isolation

Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Alien is one of the 2014 video games. This exciting video game is a horror series, well designed with stealth experience in its own right.

This series features a Giger’s monster Alien, and for the first time, you will see a monstrous alien in a video game like you used to see in a movie.

Furthermore, these Aliens are formidable, but Sega took a chance on the game, using guns as a last resort.

Furthermore, I believe the thinking of this game started because no game has ever featured the originality of an alien monster like this 2014 series. The game captured the spirit of the original movie.

14. The Evil within

Platforms: Playstation 4. Playstation 3, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360

The evil within is one of the 2014 video games. This movie is a horror series directed by the creator of the resident evil series.

To some extent, this series didn’t leave life up to expectations because it is more or less like the resident evil with the devastating shotgun, game plots sounding awkward, and an unstable supernatural force.

Furthermore, the idea of subverting survival horror conventions by slowing the pace, limiting access to ammo is ridiculous.

15. Grand Theft Auto V

Platforms: Playstation 4. Playstation 3, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360           

Grand theft is one of the video games of 2014. This game is a first shooter game series. The game was initially released a year before, but rockstar remastered and re-released the game in 2014 for next-generation consoles.

Furthermore, in this series, the first-person shooter perspective mode makes us see the game differently.

These changes make this video game a lot more exciting and captivating. So, I will recommend the game for you to try.

This article is all about some of the video games of 2014, not in any order; Although, we still have a lot more exciting video game that was captivating and was not in this article.

Loads of games are available during the year. Furthermore, I can say with all my mind that 2014 was a fantastic year for video games lover all over the world.

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