14 Best Hockey Video Games in 2022

Hockey Video Games

NHL (formerly known as Che) is a professional hockey video game series created by EA Vancouver and distributed annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports brand.

The National Hockey League (NHL), which allows the use of the league’s club names, stadiums, and colors in the game, and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), which allows the use of the league’s player names and semblance, are both involved in the development of the game.

Here is a list of the top hockey video games.

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1. NHL 21

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

This is one of the hockey video games where players can design their hockey player and start their career as a prospect in the Canadian Hockey League or the Champions Hockey League, or go undrafted and sign with any team in the National Hockey League as a free agent.

Players can choose their speech in media scrums when dealing with their coach or the hockey press.

A player’s dialogue options affect their teammates, management, and brand’s likability. The core hub of Be a Pro has been redesigned to reflect the new mode, allowing players to access all vital characteristics of their hockey player on one screen.

2. NHL 20

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Squad Battles in one of the hockey video games – Hockey Ultimate Team are among the new game types in NHL 20.

Play-by-play man James Cybulski and chief color commentator Ray Ferraro are part of a new commentary team for the game. Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk, who Ferraro worked with on earlier NHL video games, are replaced by Cybulski and Ferraro on NBC’s NHL.

As a result, the NHL on NBC framework and score bugs have been deleted, and a generic EA Sports graphics package and score bug have been installed in their place. 

3. NHL 19

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

New game modes in NHL 19 as part of the hockey video games allowed players to play on skating rinks and online.

Thanks to new gaming technology, sports also said that skating featured more speed, action, pace, and responsiveness than prior iterations. The new “World of Chel” feature in NHL 19 lets players explore multiple modes while keeping their character growth.

In the “Ones” option, participants compete on a frozen pond in a 1 versus 1 game, bringing the action to life more concretely.

4. NHL 18

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NHL 18, one of the hockey video games, introduces several new features, the most notable of which is the NHL Threes mode, which simulates NHL overtime rules with 3-on-3 hockey.

The pattern gives a more arcade-like look at hockey, with a smaller rink, more significant impacts, and even a new announcer. In this mode, you can also play as NHL team mascots.

NHL 18 also includes a brand new Defence Skill Stick, which allows players to directly target their stick to prod check the puck away from opposition or block passes, giving them more versatility in playing defense.

5. NHL 17

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NHL 17 is one of the hockey video games developed by Electronic Arts and powered by the Ignite engine. The game is presented in the format of the NHL on NBC, with Mike Emrick (play-by-play), Eddie Olczyk (color), and Ray Ferraro (ice-side reporter) providing commentary, as well as the network’s score bug appearing on-screen.

The game has five levels of difficulty: “Rookie,” “Semi-Pro,” “Pro,” “All-Star,” and “Superstar.” When the player manually controls one of the goalies, all schemes have specialized goalie controls that are the same.

6. NHL 16

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NHL 16 includes several game modes, including “Be a GM,” in which the player controls the general manager of a team of their choosing, “Be a Pro,” in which the player controls their custom player and progresses through his career, Hockey Ultimate Team, in which the player collects real-life player cards, builds a team, and then competes against either other players online or AI teams, and EA Sports Hockey League, abbreviated as EASHL, a multiplayer-only mode in which players

7. NHL 15

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

NHL 15 integrated NHL on NBC presentation across all modes to increase the game’s realism, including on-air graphic elements on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and separate deals, the lead analysis team of Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk, with TSN analyst Ray Ferraro as an ice-level analyst. Emrick and Olczyk were also filmed in full-motion video, allowing them to be digitally integrated into pre-game introduction videos.

According to lead producer Sean Ramjagsingh, Ferraro was picked to appeal to a Canadian audience because he resided in Vancouver, making it easy for him to visit the EA Canada facilities to record dialogue reflecting events during the NHL season.

8. NHL 14

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Based on previous EA Canada sports games, two-game engines in NHL 14 have been revamped; the same basic technology that powers the FIFA Player Impact Engine powers collision physics.

The game uses the new Enforcer Engine from the Fight Night series for more realistic fighting. Furthermore, the True Performing Skating engine has been improved, and the game now features a new deking system.

Off-the-ice interactions now play a role in the game’s Be a Pro career mode, determining the player’s overall legacy. NHL 14 also includes a modernized version of NHL ’94 called NHL ’94 Anniversary mode, which has updated lineups and graphics to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

9. NHL 13

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

True Performance Skating faithfully simulates today’s NHL skaters’ explosiveness, momentum, and top-end speed, thanks to real-world physics and over 1,000 new gameplay animations.

With the addition of a new layer of creativity in-game, along with the control provided by the Skill Stick, you now have access to an NHL player’s whole toolkit.

Thanks to a revamped AI system, players are now fully aware of others on the rink, resulting in faster, smarter, and more realistic decision-making.

EA SPORTS Hockey IQ also has the most comprehensive and adaptable collection of real-world hockey systems and methods ever created.

10. NHL 12

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Experience the skill and aggression of hockey like never before, from shattered glass and flying helmets to knocking players over the boards and into the bench.

If you slam the goalie into the crease too hard, the net will come off, and the goalie goes flying. Earn every shift on the ice as your created pro with amazing performance, powerful hits, and spectacular goals.

Simulate the action for your next transformation, so you’re really on the ice as you pursue the Stanley Cup throughout your career.

Your goalie will stonewall your opponents with great desperation saves as he covers every angle and smashes through screens and flying opponents in front of the net.

11. Bush Hockey League

Platform(s):PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The game was inspired by the 1977 film Slap Shot, according to executive producer Mike Torillo and took place in the imaginary Bush Hockey League in the 1970s (BHL).

There is an exhibition mode and a story mode in Bush Hockey League. It has some control schemes, featuring simplified two-button controls and a “beer mode” that uses one hand. There are ten teams to choose from in the game. Matt Baker provides game commentary.

12. Super Blood Hockey

Platform(s): PC

Super Blood Hockey is primarily concerned with the more challenging aspects of hockey. It is graded “Mature” because it features excessively exaggerated blood and violence.

It is heavily influenced by the Nintendo Entertainment System game Ice Hockey and incorporates many of its mechanics.

There are eight countries to choose from. In a brutal, dystopic world of no-rules, fast-paced, arcade-style ice hockey action, you can create and manage your team.

13. Hoser Hockey

Platform(s): PC

Hoser Hockey is a classic arcade hockey game set on Canada’s icy lakes. Create your teams and compete against the AI or your friends in fast-paced shinny combat. Hoser Hockey is a multiplayer game that supports up to eight local and online players.

Hockey in a retro arcade! Create your squads and compete against the AI or your friends in fast-paced shinny combat. Hoser Hockey is either played locally or online with up to eight players. 

14. SLAPSHOT Rebound

Platform(s): PC

Slapshot: Rebound is a physics-based multiplayer hockey video game in which you play a game of hockey in an arcade manner. There’s no shot button, no puck adhesive, and random number generator.

It’s up to you and your teammates to gain possession of the puck, pass it around, shoot it, and outsmart your opponents. Play with your buddies or form a multiplayer group with other Slapshot enthusiasts!

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