21 Best Campaign Games for Switch

Best Campaign Games for Switch

This article discusses some of the best campaign games for Switch if you are a gamer that loves a continuous storyline or a set of adventures involving the same character.

The majority of Nintendo Switch’s games and content are geared toward families. There are occasions, though, when you don’t have friends or family by your side to enjoy the game.

It can be life-saving to have a single-player game available at such a moment that can offer both amusement and thrills.

Here are some of the best campaign games for the switch console. Please read on as we explain some of the captivating video games.

1. Skyrim

There will presumably be new versions of Skyrim released indefinitely. Almost every device under the sun has the game at this time. Although the Switch manages it reasonably well, there is still a demand for this game to be cross-platform.

The height of open-world fantasy role-playing game brilliance is Skyrim. Even though this game has been around since it was first released in 2011, players continuously find new dungeons, side quests, and regions to explore.

However, even if you finish the entire game, you can play it again from the beginning with a different class, and it will play just like a brand-new game.

2. Hollow Knight

The Metroidvania game Hollow Knight is frequently recognized as one of the best to be published. The game has won widespread praise from critics, who have praised its worldbuilding and soundtrack.

This is not to argue that Hollow Knight’s gameplay is inadequate. It feels slick and satisfying to move across stages and defeat adversaries. Additionally, the combat has depth for those willing to try to learn it while being simple to understand for beginners.

It’s incredible to watch how rapidly they can move from beginning to end in Hollow Knight’s speedrunning community, which is committed and full of tips and tactics for navigating the game environment.

Furthermore, as one of the best campaign games for Switch, Hollow Knight is an intense and evocative experience worth our time.

3. The Witcher 3

One of the most intricate and expertly crafted video games is Witcher 3. If you haven’t played this game yet, there are plenty of adventures in store for you. It is a single-player game full and through. 

Gerald’s main character is a lone monster hunter in this open-world action role-playing game. Also, you will come across various monsters and animals while playing the game.

It includes a sizable open environment that can be explored and filled with many experiences. You can move between cities, accept quests from NPCs, and discover your destiny as you go. 

You can acquire various skills and abilities that will strengthen you as you advance through the game. With the materials you’ve obtained from slaying monsters, you can also use them to create various pieces of gear and armor. 

The game’s outcome depends on the decisions you make and the pathways you take. As a result, you can play this game more than once and have a different ending each time. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

4. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You can choose how you wish to explore the world in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although there is a story mode, you can go through it however you like.

The gameplay is primarily centered on puzzle-solving and exploration. Along with riding horses, you can climb mountains, swim through oceans, and fly through the air. It boasts an abundance of transportation options.

Furthermore, you will learn many undiscovered secrets and mysteries of the earth as you explore its vast areas. You must hunt down enemies with various powers that you will encounter.

You’ll get the chance to reconnect with former friends as you read the novel and learn why the kingdom is in such bad shape.

5. Okami HD

Okami is a video game that takes great care in its graphics. Each battle in Okami seems like a painting since it employs brush strokes from traditional Japanese calligraphy.

When the game was initially published, it was terrific, but it is evident that you hadn’t yet realized its full potential due to the technological constraints of the time.

With Okami HD, we can finally appreciate the world and visual splendor of the game. Okami HD is a fantastic adventure, more like a work of art than a video game from beginning to end.

However, this is not meant to imply that the gameplay is subpar. The plot and action in Okami are still as entertaining as they were when it was initially released.

Okami HD is the game for you if you enjoy playing one of the best campaign games on switch solo in gorgeously rendered worlds. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

It is a recreation of the 1993 video game of the same name. A top-down view is used to play the action/adventure game Link’s Awakening. You’ll play as Link, stranded on an island, for most of the game as you look for a way out.

Most of the gameplay moves forward by exploring various parts of the island and solving riddles. Additionally, you’ll encounter many beasts and bosses that you must thwart to advance. You can explore dungeons and locate a variety of items there.

However, the game becomes increasingly challenging with each boss you defeat and dungeon you complete. You can find various objects that improve your skills and unlock inaccessible game areas.

7. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze follows the tradition of Donkey Kong Country as the go-to video game series for intense 2D sidescrolling action.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze can be played for various reasons, including its exciting and varied levels, challenging but fair platforming difficulties, and many items to keep you busy.

Furthermore, Donkey Kong Country has always been a well-liked franchise dating back to the SNES. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is the result of years of toil, considering all the years of the invention that have passed since.

Even other developers have decided to enter the fray in response to the franchise’s rise in popularity. This is one of the best campaign games for Switch you can jump on.

8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

One of the best JRPGs on Switch in recent memory, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expands on the solid foundation established by the first Xenoblade Chronicles.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the game for you if you appreciate single-player campaign games for switch with a seemingly limitless amount of content.

Like other JRPGs, this game has many things to accomplish, such as finishing the main story, completing every side mission, or just adventuring about.

You engage in real-time action-based warfare while battling against both humans and machines in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles’ gameplay has never been a problem, but like other JRPGs, the plot can occasionally become complicated and perplexing. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 does not disappoint if you love a rich and detailed narrative. Check it out.

9. Octopath Traveller

Great single-player JRPG Octopath Traveler draws inspiration from vintage pixel games like Romancing Saga. Eight different protagonists are included in the game; you can learn more about each one’s personalities, character arcs, and backstories as you play.

Players will experience the stories of each character as they travel and discover how they are all related. Since Octopath Traveler is effectively eight games in one, it’s a fantastic game for fans of single-player adventures, and it’s one of the best campaign games on Switch you can play.

Although some of these storylines have criticized fans for being too predictable, Octopath Traveler is still a beautifully original game with a compelling story and gameplay.

10. Pokemon Sword and Shield

When Pokémon Sword and Shield originally appeared on store shelves, reviews weren’t the best. Fans have mixed feelings about this game, as seen by concerns about the shoddy visual direction and the contentious “Dexit.”

We can affirmatively state that this duo of games is pretty lovely now that the immediate outcry has subsided. There are numerous current Pokémon annoyances in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Removing HMs is undoubtedly a blessing, but it is not worthwhile if it causes any problems.

However, the wild area was a step in the right direction, and it is now easier than ever to shiny hunt. This generation’s new Pokémon are all well-designed, especially the new regional variants. This is one of the best campaign games for Switch you can play.

11. Shin Megami Tensei V

This action role-playing game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. It is surrounded by angels and devils and takes place on the grounds of a Tokyo parallel universe. If you enjoy anime, this game is quite enjoyable and engaging.

The gameplay focuses on exploring the environment and accomplishing tasks to advance the plot. You can also take on a ton of side tasks to strengthen and develop your character. While studying, you can gather various objects and sell them at the store.

Additionally, you can buy products from them. You can fight a variety of demons. Additionally, you can create a party with up to three additional game characters.

12. Super Mario Odyssey

The original Mario games have been given a new spin in the 3D platformer Super Mario Odyssey, making it an open-ended action/adventure game.

The game’s primary objective, though, is still to save the princess from a man named Bowser and prevent him from forcibly marrying her.

You must fly across several realms on an odyssey to save the princess, gathering Power Moons—hidden objects. You must unlock other regions to use the Power Moons to power up your journey so that you may fly there.

Like in all Mario games, you can use different moves to explore the kingdom and defeat enemies. Coins that are concealed inside the boxes can also be found.

Furthermore, In this game, Cappy, your new friend, will travel with you and assist you along the way. You can utilize this person to control characters for your purposes.

If you enjoy adventure games, you should play this game right now because it offers a ton of elements you can only discover by playing, and it is one of the best campaign games for switch.

13. Luigi’s Mansion

The video game Luigi’s Mansion is a cult favorite. Luigi’s Mansion 3 needs to undertake damage control after the 3DS version of the game received mixed reviews.

Whether or not Luigi’s Mansion 3 is superior to Dark Moon is up for debate, but the game is still enjoyable from start to finish.

Something is charming about moving through different rooms and sucking up ghosts as the cowardly Luigi that can’t be compared to when playing as the green plumber in previous games (Super Mario Galaxy, for example).

Luigi is no longer playing second fiddle to his more famous brother because he is on his quest in this scene.

The game has received criticism for not being creepy enough and is often linear, but criticisms aside, it boasts a solid single-player campaign, making it one of the best campaign games for switch.

14. Hades

In the roguelike dungeon crawler game Hades, you take on the role of the god of the Underworld’s son. Also, your objective is to get out of the weird underworld, which is home to many monsters. If you enjoy roguelike games, you’ll find this one to be incredibly gratifying.

You want to get to Olympus to escape your father’s control. To do that, you will have to traverse numerous underworld areas and battle various monsters and creatures. It’s a risky game where you could pass away at any time. 

But don’t worry. You can repeat the run and receive all of your new bonuses. However, your objective is to use all the new skills and weapons you’ve gained to advance as far as possible. The environment changes as you replay the game after dying. 

Additionally, you can receive blessings from various deities and strong individuals. You’ll encounter several gods throughout the game who will either help you or try to stop you in your tracks. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

15. Metroid Dread

The first 2D Metroid game in a very long time is Metroid Dread. Strangely, this IP doesn’t get more attention considering that it created the Metroidvania genre.

Metroid Dread is a fantastic game despite being challenging. As you navigate the numerous game environments while being mercilessly pursued by cybernetic opponents, the horror aspects of this title come out in full force.

Like in any Metroidvania game, exploration is the game’s name in this one. The locations you’ll travel to are all exciting and consistent with the game’s theme, and the boss fights are a lot of fun.

There is a great campaign to be found here, but the game isn’t that welcoming to more casual gamers.

16. Bayonetta 2

Epic action/adventure game Bayonetta 2 immerses you in the world of supernatural beings while carrying on Bayonetta’s story. It contains several excellently animated cutscenes and voiceovers that give the gameplay even more depth.

Action-heavy gameplay requires you to use various skills to battle numerous angels and demons. It also has a decent plot and storyline, though. You can utilize a variety of weaponry and combo attacks on adversaries. 

However, when you get the opportunity, you can also use a variety of special moves. New elements in Bayonetta 2 allow you to restore health and do tremendous damage for a brief period. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

17. Celeste

In the platformer game Celeste, a girl attempts to scale a mountain while dealing with various issues like despair and anxiety. But it’s one of the hardest and most thrilling platformer games you’ll ever play.

You can only jump, dash, and run to move forward and dodge the obstacles. However, as you advance in this exciting game, you can find other varieties of them and some additional techniques. 

Furthermore, the difficulty of this celeste game increases as you advance. Again, new mechanisms and aspects are added as you play, improving the game even further. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

18. Fire Emblem Three Houses

There are undoubtedly many more admirers of Fire Emblem in the modern era. The games have thrived in the West since Fire Emblem Awakening changed the emphasis of the series to a more anime-like dating similar sim style.

This pattern is continued with Fire Emblem Three Houses, which condenses all the elements fans love about the new Fire Emblem into three separate adventures.

Furthermore, the tactical tile-based fighting from the first Fire Emblem games is still present and accounted for. To defeat enemies and save allies, players must move across the battlefield.

One mistake could cost you a firm friend in Fire Emblem because permadeath has always played a significant role in the game.

19. Dead Cells

In the roguelike platformer game Dead Cells, you play as a lone prisoner who must strive to flee the diseased island and kill its king. To explore inaccessible places, you’ll need to go back quite a bit in this Metroidvania game.

It has procedurally generated 2D environments with a variety of foes and bosses. You can find various tools and weapons to use against opponents as you explore the region. You can run, jump, and dash to go forward and launch different attack combos.

Furthermore, it is a rather painful and challenging game that may make you think of a soul-like game. It’s because, despite your might, the game’s bosses are tough to defeat and can swiftly end your life.

The most unpleasant aspect of this game is that it has permadeath, which means that if you die in it even once—which you will a lot—all of your progress and valuables are lost. This is one of the best campaign games for switch.

20. Dark Souls Remastered

This action role-playing game is both challenging and extremely rewarding. As a cursed undead character, you’ll explore a frightening environment filled with monsters and other creatures.

There are numerous areas in this game, each with its foes and bosses. Each of these bosses is extremely powerful, making things difficult for you.

Fighting the same creature or boss will also result in repeated deaths for you. But this also gives you a chance to understand your rivals better and devise a strategy to defeat them.

You become stronger as the game progresses. You can also upgrade your equipment and weaponry. However, Strong bosses will continue to arrive, though, and the current nature of the game ensures that you never get a chance to relax.

21. Hyrule Warrior: Age of Calamity

A hack-and-slash game called Age of Calamity mixes aspects of Dynasty Warriors and Legend of Zelda. This game has a ton of action and exciting locations to explore.

Most of the game focuses on battles in which you must engage an army of foes in 1vs.all combat. You can slaughter your adversaries mercilessly by using your various talents to send them flying.

The game also contains a compelling tale and plot that, in the end, links to Breath of the Wild’s story.

Furthermore, as you advance in the game, you can also make various resources and upgrade your weapons in addition to farming. Like in Breath of the Wild, you can fly through the air.

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