How to Improve Gaming Performance on iPhone?

The handheld gaming market has since seen a spike because of the flooding of smartphones into the market. There is something for everyone and for everything, and some of these games depend on the resources of your phones.

While high-end Android devices were built to perform well, the iPhone despite its many advantages is not well known for its gaming capabilities. But this does not mean that iPhone users cannot get the most out of their phones.

I have listed the best ways to get the most out of their devices in terms of gaming experience below:

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1. Check for Updates

Installing the latest OS (operating system) might slow down an old iPhone but if you think your phone can handle it, you will need to go through the Settings >> General >> Software Update to check whether you have any pending update.

Installing the latest version can fix a lot of outstanding issues and it can also speed up your slow iPhone.

2. Closing all Background Apps

To see your background apps, double click on the Home button and the close the unnecessary apps that might run in the background. Some apps can vary depending on your device resources.

It’s advisable to close all non-essential apps before playing any game is a good way to make sure you can play the game.

3. Turn off automatic app updates

Similar to an Android OS, older iOS updates apps automatically. The process usually runs in the background and always check for app updates.

However, turning off the automatic app updates is a good way of boosting your phone’s performance and freeing up space. To turn off updates, go to Settings >> iTunes & App Stores and then turn off ‘Updates’.

4. Restrict Apps from using the GPS

Apps that use your location can be a problem for performance. Except for a handful of apps like Maps and Weather apps, while others do not need your location to be turned on. So limiting your apps access to your location can contribute to a better gaming experience.

To do this, head to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services to see the apps that have access to your location services and then turn the ones you don’t use often.

5. Turn Down the Graphics

iPhone comes with a lot of visual effects. These effects can affect gaming performances. Turning off these unnecessary visual effects can do a lot to improve your gaming experience.

To gain control of your graphics, head to Settings >> General >> Accessibility. There, you can find and enable the ‘Reduce Motion’ option.

6. Clear Your Storage

This is another way to improve your gaming performance. By freeing up your storage from time to time. This applies to not just iPhone devices but also to Android users. You can get rid of unimportant text messages, junk files, photos and videos, etc. to free up your storage.

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