14 Thrilling Western Series on Netflix Right Now

western series on netflix

How many western series on Netflix can you list? Many people have a romantic notion of the American Old West as a lawless and chaotic place, epitomized by the gun-toting, horse-riding cowboy stereotype. Contemporary media fostered the rise to prominence of the American West. 

Along with the widespread English colonization of the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries (encouraged by President Jefferson) and the persistent sensationalization of the media, this helped catapult the genre into the mainstream. 

As the American frontier faded into the past, the West’s mythology had a tight grip on the imaginations of people throughout the globe, owing to innumerable and repeated renderings in comic books, films, and children’s toys.

As a result, major streaming services like HBO, Amazon, and Netflix continue to invest heavily in Western films. In addition, some shows, riding the wave of the genre’s recent resurgence, are digging further into Western themes. 

The ‘Otherness’ in the great plains and deserts is mapped out by the genre’s reoccurring characters and story structures, which uphold the period’s lawless, harsh, and untamed signs.

This story has many people, including outlaws, assassins, Native Americans, bandits, gamblers, and more. 

The soundtrack regularly features examples of American and Mexican traditional music, such as country and rancher.

In addition, a growing collection of Western films and TV shows is in Netflix’s online catalog. We’ll check over some excellent Western series on Netflix right now. 

1. From Dawn till Dusk: The Series (2014-2016)

Robert Rodriguez is the man behind the creation of this series. Did you know, on the other hand, that he was also the director of the cult classic eponymous picture that served as the basis for this television show?

This installment of the horror series, titled “From Dawn to Dusk: The Series,” takes on a more traditional Western setting than its predecessors. Both Seth and Richie Gecko have made their way back. 

Despite this, the FBI and Texas Ranger Freddie Gonzalez are searching for the brothers after a heist that resulted in the deaths of several individuals.

So the Fuller siblings go to the Mexican border to abduct Jacob Fuller, a former minister, and the rest of his family. Their goal is to regain their freedom.

They ultimately find themselves in a bar that is managed by vampires, which is something they were completely unaware of before.

The narrative that is going to follow is one about surviving. Jesse Garcia portrays the role of the Texas Ranger, chasing after the Gecko brothers, who are portrayed by D. J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz, respectively. 

The storyline serves as the film’s driving force and is an amalgamation of elements drawn from the Western and horror genres. Therefore, if you seek an experience that is unlike anything else, keep this concert in mind.

2. Damnation (2017-2018)

Damnation is one of the western series on Netflix that is worth your time. Seth Davenport has a violent past. But he poses as a preacher to encourage a revolt against avaricious and dishonest local industrialists and organizations. On the other side, Creeley Turner is there to thwart his efforts. 

The community residents are ignorant that Seth and Creeley are estranged siblings. Dramatizing the American labor conflicts of the 1930s, “Damnation” takes place during the Great Depression. 

The series, one of the popular western series on Netflix, stars Logan Marshall-Green, Sarah Jones, and Killian Scott.

Even though the series was discontinued after just one season, fans have demanded a continuation of this grim story.

3. Cowboy Bebop (2021)

Christopher Yost’s Cowboy Bebop, one of the western series on Netflix, is a science fiction western based on the anime series of the same name. Christopher Yost developed Cowboy Bebop.

Fans of programs set in the West should give this series a go even if it doesn’t adhere to the western genre in its entirety because it incorporates several other genres. 

The protagonists of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ are bounty hunters tasked with tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. The 2021 western series on Netflix is one of the best in the 21st century.

Spike Spiegel leads the ragtag team, and together they undertake a range of dangerous missions. In their work, they usually end up rescuing the world; however, they will only do so provided they are compensated well.

4. Hap and Leonard (2016-2018)

Joe R. Lansdale created the characters on which the main heroes are based. In several novels, the author chronicled the exploits of Hap and Leonard, two amateur detectives who operate out of the made-up hamlet of LaBorde in East Texas. The closest friends give it everything they’ve got to figure out the gruesome killings they come across.

Michael Kenneth Williams and James Purefoy portray the roles in the TV show. The 1980s provide the setting for “Hap and Leonard,” a collection of stories featuring various issues. The heroes must balance a hidden treasure, a seductress, and a group of crazy assassins. 

There is violence, humor, action, and drama in the fascinating tales that were not picked up for a fourth season, disappointing viewers.

Please take this into account for times when you desire something that pays homage to Old West tales but does it less conventionally. 

5. Godless (2017)

Major publications have recognized the Emmy-winning “Godless,” a Netflix original production created by Scott Frank, an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, as one of the ten best TV shows of the year. 

The first episode of this seven-part series was produced in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in September 2016. Michelle Dockery, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Scoot McNairy, Jack O’ Connell, Merrit Wever, and Sam Waterston were among the cast members of the miniseries, which received positive reviews. 

Roy Coode, a wounded bandit on the run from his old employer, the infamous criminal Frank Griffin, finds sanctuary in a secluded mining community where the majority of the residents are women. This western series on Netflix is filled with action and makes for a fascinating watch.

6. Heartland (2007)

‘Heartland,’ which debuted well over a decade earlier, has amassed a passionate fan base. The script was inspired by Lauren Brooke’s novel of the same name.

The Fleming sisters are introduced, as is Jack Bartlett, their grandfather, as they confront several hardships while dwelling on the farm. 

So, what about the series that lends it such a Western flavor? Admittedly, it could be said that it greatly depends on drama to progress the story.

However, rather than a certain sort of on-screen person, we feel that the genre’s foundation is found in the subjects it explores. We don’t deny that the booted-up cowboy conjures up thoughts of the Old West. However, it is also necessary to grasp the plot’s underlying meaning.

7. Luke Cage (2016 – 2018)

Cheo Hodari Coker produced the superhero neo-western series, Luke Cage, with Alfre Woodard, Mike Colter, and Rosario Dawson all starring.

The story revolves around the main character, whose life takes a dramatic turn after a faulty experiment culminates in his receiving superhuman powers. 

Luke attempts to remain under the radar when he goes to Harlem but is gradually drawn into a fight over the city. The show follows his private life along with his heroic misadventures. If you are a fan of western movies on Netflix, Luke Cage is definitely worth seeing.

8. Longmire (2011)

Longmire is a contemporary Western crime show made in the United States by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin. It is based on Craig Johnson’s greatest ‘Walt Longmire Mysteries series of novels.

Walt Longmire, the title character, is a sheriff in fictitious Wyoming, Absaroka County, and the story focuses on his major solving crimes in his region. 

The show’s first three seasons were broadcast on ‘A&E,’ and it quickly became the network’s top television series. Netflix came in to salvage the fourth season when the network declined to renew it. You may view episodes from all six seasons online on the portal above.

9. Supernatural (2005-2020)

‘Supernatural’ will likely go into the history books as one of the decade’s most influential and popular series. The show revolves around the Winchester brothers as they confront evil and supernatural entities such as demons and ghosts. 

The program’s core provides a well-crafted tale about how the protagonists grow while they face evil entities. While it is categorized as a psychological thriller, the narrative is identical to that of a Western.

However, instead of facing the guilty party in the Old West, they pursue their foes throughout the country. Furthermore, the brothers’ ’67 Chevy Impala, which they ride in while listening to rock music, may be seen as a modern-day counterpart of the classic.

The narrative is incredibly gripping, and the performances of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are fantastic, making this program a must-see.

10. The Ranch (2016-2020)

Westerns are recognized for being emotionally charged, aggressive, and confrontational. The RanchRanch, on the contrary hand, is a sitcom. However, we feel that this is what distinguishes the program. 

It follows the Bennetts as they live on the RanchRanch and try to take advantage of their situation. On the surface, it looks to be simply another comedy program. However, we feel that ‘The Ranch’ revitalizes the Western genre greatly. 

After all, the genre is connected with the most recognizable image of a cowboy when urbanization reduced rural villages to their knees. Although it lacks the original’s look, it retains many of the same elements as the Old West stories.

11. The Walking Dead (2010)

The Walking Dead, a Frank Darabont zombie apocalypse neo-western drama, is based on the same-named comic book by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.

The narrative centers on a group of fortunate survivors who must battle for their lives while evading an existential threat in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

These survivors, whose lives are on the line, must battle against other factions willing to do all it takes to ensure their survival. If you are looking for some western series on Netflix to watch, waking dead is a great choice.

12. Thieves Of The Wood (2018)

The plot centers on Louis Paul Boon’s book ‘De Bende van Jan de Lichte,’ The cinematography is not typical of a Western. However, the storyline combines various genre elements, notably in action.

So, what is the show’s storyline? ‘Thieves of the Woods,’ on the other hand, follows Jan de Lichte, a war hero who later becomes a robber and criminal leader. 

He is, however, more than he appears to be at first glance. Consider the main character to be someone who helps those who are less privileged. He has a similar appearance to Robin Hood.

13. Wynonna Earp (2016)

This drama series brilliantly integrates magical themes with a healthy dose of terror to produce a unique Western product. Interestingly, it is centered on a comic book series by Beau Smith.

Wynonna Earp is also one of the western series on Netflix. The narrative includes Wyatt Earp’s great-great-granddaughter. (For those unacquainted with him, he is a nineteenth-century historical figure well known for starring as a gambler, sheriff, and vice marshal in the Old West.)

On her 27th birthday, Wynonna realizes she possesses remarkable talents that enable her to return rouges to Hell. Unfortunately, these animated corpses are often those murdered by her illustrious ancestor. To lift her family’s curse, she must also contend with a multitude of mysterious occurrences. 

14. Frontier (2016)

Frontier is a Discovery Canada and Netflix historical period drama that heavily draws from the Western genre. It features our very own Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa, and tells the story of Canada’s North American fur trade in the late 1700s. 

He plays a part-Cree, part-Irish outlaw who opposes the Hudson Bay Company’s hegemony over the corrupt fur trade. Because of its compelling narrative and great actors, the musical ranks quite high on our list. 

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