How to Sell Your House in GTA V?

How to Sell Your House in GTA V

Whether you’re playing GTA V’s story mode or GTA Online, doing your thing, being a gangster or what not.

You might be thinking of selling your house to make some extra cash to do some important things.

You can buy a very wide variety of assets, and properties in GTA V, but can you sell your house for instant cash for something else?

Is there a way to sell your house in GTA V story mode? Well, no. You can only buy properties, like houses in the GTA V story mode; you cannot sell them.

This might be quite literally what makes the story mode less desirable. Although there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

GTA Online is an online version of GTA V. It basically encompasses the same thing, which means the same city, map, even design.

It’s basically the same game, but has a little difference or two when it comes to properties. this time there’s a way to sell them, if you want to.

How To Sell Your House In GTA V Online

So now that you’ve realized there might be an actual way to sell your house in GTA V, you might be getting all happy, but there’s still a catch.

Even in GTA V Online, you cannot just sell your house directly to earn cool cash in return. The only form of selling you are going to get is what we call swapping.

You can swap your house for a different one. So what you do is select a high valued house and trade it for the cheapest on the GTA market, then the difference in value will now be transferred to you.

Pretty cool right? Well, you aren’t really selling directly for money, but it’s still a pretty decent way to collect an amount for your property.

But there’s still another catch, for you to swap your house and any other property you need a maximum of six properties.

I know it’s  pretty frustrating; I don’t know why Rockstar Games made it this way, but it’s better than nothing.

So, how exactly do you trade your house and properties? So what you do is relatively easy. We can do this operation with the use of the Dynasty 8 website.

First of all, visit Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s official website and select the property you want to swap (you have to select a cheaper one, though).

Then confirm it and the difference in value will now be transferred to your account automatically; this means that you’ll still own a cheaper house and some money.

Yes, we both understand it’s not a direct sale, and there’s really no way to direct way to do this. Yes, it’s pretty annoying and sad, but I really don’t think it’s changing anytime soon.

It has been this way since its official release in 2013, and that’s 8 good years ago. Why did they decide to keep it this way? We don’t exactly know why.

For the GTA V story mode, there’s literally no way to sell your house and properties. Yes, that means not even swapping.

GTA V Online, which is basically the same game except you can now swap out your houses by swapping them for a cheaper one, then getting the difference paid directly into your own account.

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