15 Fun Racing Games for Mac in 2023

Racing Games for Mac

Getting good racing games for Mac is quite tricky because a great game on Windows might suffer from abysmal MacOS performance or even a broken Mac Version.  

Thus, the selected racing games for Mac listed in this article is excellent and have proper MacOS support.

Also, do not worry we know everyone has different tastes in games, so this list contains games of different styles and sub-genres.

Some of the racing games for Mac are;

1. DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally is one of the best racing games for Mac, and it is the successor to DiRT 3. However, this game is way better than DiRT 3.

It is more sophisticated, risky, and has better graphics. Some people have referred to it as the most excellent rally game ever released.  

Besides, it is very entertaining to choose either a challenging and precise simulation or a fun and casual racer.  

This game has a fantastic graphic with realistic cars competing at top speed in spectacular environments like snowy forests, deserts, or plains.

Also, this game can run smoothly on a wide range of machines, including older Macs with integrated graphics. 

2. F1 2017

F1 2017 and DiRT Rally are both on top of the list of best racing games for Mac.

Besides, F1 2017 is more challenging than DiRT Rally with its screaming V8 engines, extreme handling, and chess-like strategy.  

However, if you put in the effort and time, you will enjoy the game. Moreover, this game features every car and circuit from the official F1 2017 season. 

Furthermore, there is a career mode, invitational events, and a new gameplay mode. It contains everything an F1 fan would want.

Unlike DiRT Rally, F1 2017 is quite demanding and cannot be installed on any device. This is due to its sophisticated graphics, which make it a top-notch game. 

3. Absolute Drift

Well, as the game implies, this game is uniquely all about drifting. All you do is drift in the game, and it is one of the best racing games for Mac.  

Nevertheless, the game provides you with a variety of cars and challenges to keep drifting interesting. Besides, there are large open worlds on the game that is open when achievements are completed. 

Also, there are three challenge modes which are Driftkhana, Mountain Drifting, and Drifting.

And each challenge method has 34 levels and six different cars that drift in different ways.  

In addition, you would not run out of areas to explore and float as there are also free-roaming areas you can sail, including airports and dockyard. 

4. GRID: Autosport

This racing game for Mac is a combination of a racing and arcade game. This game provides something and everything for everyone, from open-wheel to endurance, street racing, and more.  

You can live out your motorsport championship dreams on the game. Besides, the game has a massive career mode that allows you to mix and match your series and styles. 

Furthermore, you can decide to focus on only one type of race or play them all. You can move from team to team, from teammates to opponents with other players.  

Besides, you can win races or sponsors races so you can upgrade your cars. Finally, this game will satisfy all your urges concerning racing games and could be played as a single-player or online multiplayer. 

5. Road Redemption

Road Redemption is one of the best racing games for Mac and is the successor to the 1990s Road Rash game.

Even though it is a successor to an old-school game, the graphics are pretty good and look even better on medium settings.  

However, this game is quite taxing on older machines, mainly the models with integrated graphics.

Besides, this game tells the player’s story of leading his motorcycle gang on a fantastic journey across the country.  

Along the way, they compete in races, assassinations, and robberies, and the money earned or looted is used to upgrade the game character, weapons, and bikes.

Also, this game can be played in a multiplayer mode where you can work with your friends or play against them. 

6. Horizon Chase Turbo

This is another good racing game for Mac. Racing games from the 1990s inspired this game.

Even though this game is not really like F1, it is fun and has bright colors, basic controls, and crashes do not slow down the car.  

Besides, this game is all about old-fashioned arcade fun with four players in a split-screen multiplayer mode.

However, the game also has an extensive single-player mode. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to unlock 31 cars and 109 tracks in 48 cities across the globe.  

Besides, the Horizon Chase Turbo soundtrack is Barry Leitch of Top and Lotus Turbo Challenge fame. Also, the system requirements for this game are modest.  

7. Race The Sun

Race The Sun is a special kind of racing game for Mac. Instead of racing against competitions, you have to run your solar-powered craft against the sun.

The sun is your death timer in the game. As the sun sets, your vehicle’s power turns off, and it is over.  

Although the sun will eventually develop, you have to avoid obstacles furiously and catch speed boosts to reverse the sun to delay the sun from setting.  

Additionally, the game controls are pretty simple and basic, which allows you to fly at an insane speed for as long as possible.  

Also, the graphics of the game is sleek and straightforward. Since everything in the game is geometrical with little or no texture, the game does not require much from the operating system.

So, no matter the model of macOS you are using, even older ones, Race the Sun can be played on it.  

8. Distance

Distance is another arcade game on the list of racing games for Mac. This game is filled with insane tracks and flying cars. Also, this game’s graphics is drool-worthy.  

The vehicles can do amazing stunts to get through laser fields, spike attacks, and more.

Simply put, this game is futuristic as the car can be driven upside down on buildings, walls and even fly to discover shortcuts.

Besides, this game has an online multiplayer mode for up to 12 players and a split-screen, guaranteeing hours of fun.  

However, an adventure mode can help you learn the basics of the game and round up things for single players. Even though this game is still in development, you can buy it and play it from Steam Early Access. 

9. BlazeRush

Next on the list of racing games for Mac is BlazeRush. This game is a combat racing game that involves split-screen multiplayer.

Moreover, this game is an online multiplayer with up to eight players with sixteen cars to choose from and dozens of tracks to race through three different arenas.  

Besides, along the route, you get to pick up weapons that you can use to shoot your competition to reach the finish line first.

Additionally, this game has light system requirements. 

10. Gravel

Gravel is a racing game for Mac in which the race is done off-road.

Moreover, Gravel provides various races and tracks across four different modes: Wild Rush, Speed Cross, Stadium, and Cross country, which can be played as a single or multiplayer.  

Although Gravel is more arcade than simulation, the car settings can be tweaked to look more realistic and give a more simulation-like experience.

Also, the graphics of Gravel looks good at a price. 

11. AudioSurf 2

AudioSurf 2 is the sequel of Audiosurf and is a racing game for Mac that focuses on music. The game uses your music library to create a unique experience for each player.  

Moreover, in the game, you navigate using a levitating vehicle to collect blocks that appear in sync with the music.

The closer you get to the song’s most significant moments, the more the game adapts and adds new layers of strategy to challenge you. 

Furthermore, this game has an in-game leaderboard, high-quality graphics, the ability to search for music in your music library, and has over 500 player-created mods and skins on Steam Workshop.  

Also, this game featured a wakeboarding mode that allows you to distort the songs, pull off tricks and jump a piece.

Music and rhythm game lovers would love this game. Besides, this game has low system requirements as it focuses on stylish graphics rather than realistic graphics. 

12. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a racing game for Mac that is realistic and even free. Besides, this game is all about gaining territory.

You have to beat the gang and the gang leader in a race and take over their side of the city until you own it all.  

Moreover, this game has excellent graphics with tons of cars to choose from, including Ford, GM, BMW M3, Chevy Corvette, etc.

Also, these cars can be customized using turbos, nitrogenous injection, and aerodynamic tweaks so they can move faster.  

Furthermore, this game looks perfect in retina displays that are available in the recent generation of Macs. 

13. Motorsport Manager

This game is next on the racing games for Mac. This game is very detailed and is one of the best racing games for motorsport fans.  

Besides, the game allows you to hire, build the car and embed yourself in the world of racing. This game is very realistic. Every single detail will be considered for you to win the championship title. 

Moreover, you have to make split-second decisions on the race track, make careful pre-race plans, build and customize your car and racing tactics.

All these will either make you win or lose. It involves managing your motorsport team, as the name depicts. 

14. FlatOut 2

This racing game for Mac involves crashing into your opponent’s car to give yourself a racing advantage.

It would help if you flatted out the other computer-controlled vehicles to win.  

Besides, this game is not for careful drivers rather. It is for reckless drivers.

Furthermore, the game’s goal is to win the race using racing skills and aggressive driving skills to run off the other cars.  

In addition, this game is a lot of fun as rival drivers fly out through their windscreen, the music is pumping, and the car engine sound is powerful.

Also, there are many tracks and cars to choose from, and the game’s graphics are pretty satisfying. 

15. RC Mini Racers

Last on this list of racing games for Mac is RC Mini Racers. This fast-paced, explosive racing game includes over 20 remote-controlled mini cars, lots of missiles, and mines.

Besides, turbos are used to boost cars along with complex rock music.  

Moreover, these cars can be pimped in the car pimp shop with customized wheels, antenna, and color.

Also, there are 24 tracks featured in the game, separated into circuit races and sprint races.  

Additionally, there is a coin racing mode where you can race and collect coins for the in-game store.

Besides, this game has an excellent mixture of tracks where you can shoot and bomb your opponents from the ways to win the race.  

Furthermore, there is four difficulty mode in the game: easy, medium, hard and insane. Moreover, every action during a race gets you in-game cash.

This means you earn money for crashing other cars, causing explosions using missiles, etc.  

This cash can be used to unlock different tracks or converted to coins to use in the car pimp shop. This game is plenty fun and is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours 

Well, are you still reading? Why have you not gone to download these racing games for Mac? Get these games and start racing! These games are tons of fun and will keep you occupied for hours. 

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