Where Was Home Work Filmed?

Where Was Home Work Filmed

When you think of home renovation shows, the first thing that comes to your mind might be the picturesque transformation of old and outdated properties into stunning, modern homes.

One such show that has gained popularity is “Home Work,” featured on Magnolia Network.

If you’re curious about where this eye-catching series was filmed, you’ve come to the right place.

Home Work” was filmed in the beautiful state of Utah, where hosts Candis and Andy Meredith worked on transforming a historic 20,000-square-foot school into their dream family home, all while managing various projects for clients and ensuring the smooth functioning of their blended family with seven kids.

The filming began at Bennion’s home in October 2019 and wrapped up in March 2020, just before the global pandemic disrupted everyone’s lives.

So, now that you know where “Home Work” was filmed, you can enjoy watching this captivating renovation show with the picturesque backdrop of Utah while learning valuable tips and tricks to apply in your own home improvement projects.

Where Was Home Work Filmed?

“Home Work” is a popular home renovation show that features stunning house transformations.

If you’re someone who loves fancy houses, then you might be curious to know where this show was filmed.

The show is primarily filmed in Utah, where the hosts, Candis and Andy Meredith, are based.

Featuring various renovation projects across the state, the series showcases their ability to turn outdated houses into dream homes.

As you watch “Home Work,” you’ll notice that the show highlights diverse locations throughout Utah.

From charming bungalows to classic farmhouses, each renovation features a unique and beautiful setting.

Some episodes take place in picturesque towns, while others are set in more urban areas.

Utah’s stunning landscapes serve as a perfect backdrop for the show and contribute to its visual appeal.

In addition to the beautiful settings, “Home Work” provides you with a wealth of renovation ideas and inspiration.

Candis and Andy blend modern design elements with timeless techniques, yielding results that emphasize functionality and style.

As you immerse yourself in their work, you’ll find plenty of ideas to keep your own creative juices flowing.

So next time you tune in to watch “Home Work,” take a moment to appreciate the incredible locations and filming sites the show has to offer.

And who knows — you might even feel inspired to embark on your own home renovation journey in beautiful Utah!

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