Is Harry Potter on Peacock? 

Is Harry Potter on Peacock

The question for Harry Potter lovers is, Is Harry Potter On Peacock? Well, starting Oct. 15, you may see all of the Harry Potter movies on Peacock.

Subscription streaming choices for lovers of the “Harry Potter” film series are surprisingly difficult to come by.  

Additionally, the show usually switches between two major streaming services: HBO Max and Peacock. Furthermore, you can currently watch all eight films on HBO Max, but it’s unclear how long they’ll be available. 

Furthermore, the last time the Harry Potter movies were on HBO Max, they were only on for a month before returning to Peacock. However, it does not appear to be the case this time.  

The movies were only available for the month since HBO Max stated it ahead of time, but there is no such warning for September’s new additions, and they aren’t on the “last chance” list for the month.  

So, at the very least, Harry Potter will continue on HBO Max until October. However, all eight Harry Potter films will be coming to Peacock just in time for Halloween. Starting Oct. 15, you may see all of the films in the franchise. 

Furthermore, popular fantasy films are set in the Harry Potter universe, which includes both wizards and non-magical humans (muggles).  

Throughout the series, viewers follow the protagonist, Harry Potter, and his two friends, Hermione and Ron, as they grow up at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry meets allies and foes along the road, hones his powers, and discovers his destiny. 

Furthermore, Peacock, which is owned by NBCUniversal, has two premium tiers. One for $5 per month that allows you to view everything in its collection with advertisements; and another for $10 per month that does not.  

However, there’s also a free tier that gives you access to a limited number of titles in exchange for advertising.

Some Harry Potter on peacock films had previously been available in the free tier. It’s unclear whether that will be the case again this time. 

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