What Is Backseat Gaming?

backseat gaming

Backseat Gaming is a term used in gaming, whereby someone who is already familiar with the game play keeps talking, distracting and directing your every move like a backseat driver.

You game May have seen a backseat driver in movies and those annoying commercials in simple terms.

Backseat gaming is when the person not playing the game wants to play the game for the person acting as the mouth and ear piece of the game.

Backseat gamers see themselves as knowing it all, because of them familiarizIng themselves with the game play and process.

How to deal with a backseat gamer?

in other to deal with a backseat gamer you need to know what counts as backseat gaming; you can ask for advice in cases where it’s needed and will be helpful to you during your game play.

If you are a victim of backseat gaming, the first thing you have to do is block the backseat gamer, otherwise you’re up for some annoying experience during your game play.

If you can’t block them, have a chat with them, or your next best option is to wait for them to leave or you stop playing the game.

That is all for backseat gaming; let me know what you think in the comment section below and your experience with a backseat gamer.

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