18 Best Kdrama Apps for Android to Watch Korean Dramas

Kdrama Apps For Android

With each passing day, the popularity of K-drama grows, and this blog will be talking about some of the best Kdrama apps for Android.

If you’re interested in Korean dramas but don’t know where to find them, this site is for you. This blog compiles a list of the best apps for watching K-dramas.

Many people prefer to download K-dramas rather than stream them, while others prefer to watch them online. We’ve compiled a list of several sites where you may observe and download K-dramas.

The best part is that all of the apps are entirely legal. You don’t need to consider other options for watching K-dramas. However, this list lists the most legitimate ways to watch K-dramas.

The number of Korean show enthusiasts does not decrease year after year. However, Korean films and television series are gaining in popularity.

Every day, new premieres are released, which have drawn millions of Asian TV show viewers to the screen for years. Everyone will discover their preferred genre.

After all, Korean television dramas cover a wide range of genres. Romantic melodramas and young comedies, colorful fantasy with a twisted plot, complicated detective adventures, and criminal intrigues are among the films included.

Please read on as we discuss some of the best Kdrama Apps for Android devices.

1. Hooq.tv Korean Drama App

Hooq.tv Korean Drama App is a paid subscription service—both the website and the mobile app function flawlessly. The app’s subscription cost is not prohibitively high.

The app offers a choice of subscription plans to suit the demands of different customers. You may download the app via the Play Store on an Android phone.

Also, the software is available on the App Store for iPhone users. Hooq. Tv is a website that may be visited using any browser.

2. Netflix

Such a simple software, but Netflix is now a massive organization that produces every second TV show, and to be honest, those movies and shows are pretty fascinating.

This corporation has recently decided to expand into the Asian market, which is why you can find a plethora of excellent Korean films and episodes on Netflix.

Furthermore, you must be living in the stone age if you haven’t heard of this streaming service. You must first download the app and set up an account to gain access.

The app will recommend a subscription package after verifying your age and personality. Also, it’s highly advantageous to split a shared plan among friends or family, as it costs nearly nothing.

Even if you sign up for a single-person plan, you’ll get a free month of Netflix. Take that time to browse the platform for the most interesting Korean films and series.

By the way, Netflix also produces the recent Korean show “Squid Game,” which has shattered all records and can be viewed here.

In addition, By typing the titles of movies and shows into the search field, you can find them. After some time has passed, the app will begin to provide recommendations based on your interests.

Also, You can choose the language of a movie or a show while watching it (including the original), add subtitles, and adjust the quality.

3. Viu.com Korean Drama App

Viu is one of the most popular apps for watching Korean dramas. The app’s advantage is that you may download the dramas to your smartphone. This app is quite popular among Drakor fans. English subtitles are also available in the app.

The dramas are subtitled in English so those non-Korean audiences can enjoy them. Viu’s best feature is that it is entirely free.

Furthermore, you can watch movies and dramas for free if you watch the commercials. You can upgrade to the paid plan if you don’t want to see the adverts. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Kdrama Apps for Android devices.

4. Viki: Korean Drama, Movies, And Asian TV

If you enjoy Korean dramas, movies, and Asian television, the app Viki: Korean Drama, Movies, & Asian TV is for you. With this mobile app, you will always have access to your favorite shows with this app.

Viki: Korean Drama, Movies, and Asian TV are among the most popular online cinemas for Korean programming. You can have fast and convenient access to an extensive library of the top films and television shows here.

Korean cinema’s major genres are represented in the application catalog. You can, for example, watch your favorite drama or look for a new release of a music program. Every week, the content is refreshed.

A sophisticated application algorithm will assist you in selecting your favorite films and television shows. After then, you can include it in your collection.

Moreover, the application’s search function makes it easy to find the information you need. It merely takes a few seconds to locate the appropriate program.

Furthermore, the app is compatible with any smartphone. As a result, you’ll be able to get things done without glancing up from your favorite show. You may also put a video in the “view later” category. So you may go back to watching in your spare time.

In addition, You may also download movies and TV series to your device and watch them offline if you don’t have an Internet connection.

5. Iflix.com Korean Drama App

Another excellent app for watching Korean dramas and series is Iflix. You may watch Korean dramas and movies by downloading the app, installing it, creating a new account, and subscribing.

6. iQIYI Korean Drama App

Another app that is recommended for streaming Korean dramas is iQIYI Korean Drama App. Users can access their viewing history through the application.

This is one of the best Kdrama Apps for Android. The user can check their viewing history to see where they need to start watching the current drama.

Another plus is that the application provides consumers with high-quality content. There are also download choices in the application. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

7. Korean Tv

Korean TV is a unique app with thousands of high-definition Korean episodes. There isn’t any intrusive advertising. With various subtitles and video quality options, you can watch your favorite TV series, TV shows, and movies.

There are also content downloads accessible for viewing without access to the Internet in the app. The application offers a helpful recommendation system.

Watch movies, TV series, and other shows, then rate or review them. This will aid the program in curating an engaging video selection for you.

Also, You will never miss your favorite TV show or the premiere of a new series with the Korean TV app.

Furthermore, For individuals who want to stay up to date on the most recent events, the application provides a “live” category. Include exclusive live concerts and television show broadcasts.

You can find exclusive footage and the latest news from Korean shows on the Korean TV app. Every day, the catalog is refreshed.

In addition, this application is solely for Korean television programming. All of the characteristics of this application will appeal to fans of this genre.

There isn’t a single thing that isn’t necessary. Also, the application considers all of the wants and desires of Korean show viewers.

You can install the app on any device and use it for free. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Kdrama Apps for Android devices.


KORTV is a smartphone application for fans of Korean television. Thousands of high-quality movies, TV series and programs are available here.

Pick your favorite show and begin watching it. The application keeps track of how many times you’ve viewed something.

This feature will assist you in writing a review for your favorite show. Aside from that, the software allows you to divide TV shows, films, and shows into genres.

While watching video material, you can turn off advertisements. Some of the premiere shows can be seen on Korean television channels ahead of time.

Furthermore, the program can be used anywhere globally, even if there is no Internet connection. In the application, create a profile for yourself.

It will save your choices and recommend new videos based on them. Korean film premieres and original TV shows and the most anticipated hits are available here.

9. WeTV Free Korean Drama App

For watching K-dramas, the app includes a lot of useful functions. Many people suggest using the WeTV app to view Korean dramas and films.

WeTV is widely regarded as the best platform for viewing Korean dramas, films, and series. English subtitles are available for all episodes and movies.

The application is available for free. To watch your shows for free, all you have to do is view a few advertisements. However, these advertisements might be upsetting at times.

10. Drakor. id Korean Drama App

Drakor. id Korean Drama App is one of the most recent apps for watching Korean dramas and flicks. The application is available for free download.

The good news is that it takes up very little space. The application is relatively small. The application’s native language is Indonesian.

Also, The good news is that Google Translate can simply translate the language. This is one of the best Kdrama Apps For Android.

11. FluentU

FluentU is one of the most popular language-learning apps available today. It encourages people to learn languages by watching videos and movies with native speakers, either with or without subtitles.

As a result, it will be even better for individuals who only know Korean but still want to watch Korean dramas – with this app, you will receive English subtitles with the video, making it simple to enjoy the episode.

Furthermore, the selection of videos available here is very diverse, ensuring that everyone will find something to their liking.

Another benefit of FluentU is that you can study the language while viewing Korean videos, dramas, TV series, and movies – you can pause the film at any time, open the subtitles, and look up a word or phrase that you don’t know – FluentU includes a dictionary right under the videos.

Also, in general, this is not the best app for keeping up with the latest Korean TV shows and movies, but it does feature a lot of material from the nation, and, more importantly, it helps you learn the language.

12. KBS World TV Kdrama App

KBS, a Korean television channel, created the app. The app is compatible with Android devices.

You only need to download the app and create an account to get started. Apart from all K-dramas, the app also has a popular music program called Music Bank.

It’s also a free application. You may simply watch high-quality Korean dramas for free on the internet.

13. Dramot+

Dramot+ program is also helpful for people who wish to watch free HD dramas online. The application is available for free. You may use the app to watch Korean dramas in HD quality.

The application’s best advantage is that it has a simple user interface. Simply download and install the app, sign up with your email address, and begin watching in HD.

14. OnDemand Korean

Fans will undoubtedly like the diverse selection of Korean series and films. The entire service is entirely legal, and you’ll also find an extensive archive of popular stuff from previous years.

As soon as fresh content from any Korean TV show is made available online or on television. Almost every film and television shows are available in both English and Korean.

By the way, if you want to be able to resume viewing an episode from where you left it each time you open the app, you’ll need to register an account for more convenience. OnDemand Korean is one of the best Kdrama Apps for Android.

15. Hulu

Hulu is another fantastic app for watching Korean dramas and films and various other national dramas and movies. Several Korean dramas and flicks are available for free on the app. The software offers high-definition streaming options.

Also, the application’s user interface is incredibly user-friendly. The app provides free high-definition streaming of Korean dramas.

16. SC Korean Drama and Movies

Another popular website for watching Korean dramas and flicks is SC Korean Drama and Movies. The website also has several filters. Filters such as humor, action, and suspense are available.

The app supports only Android-based systems. Downloads are also available through the application. The app is suitable for high-quality streaming. The program also offers a highly user-friendly layout.

17. Viewstar

Viewstar is another popular application for streaming high-quality Korean dramas and films is the app. The application also has English subtitles.

The app also provides free access to various anime and Korean dramas. Chrome Cast is also an option in the app. This option allows viewers to watch high-resolution content on a large screen.

18. DramaFever

One of the top sites for Kdrama apps for android available is DramaFever. The application offers a variety of download options for Korean dramas and flicks.

Streaming in HD resolution is also available through the app. Other native Chinese, American, and Taiwanese dramas are also available.

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