15 Movies Like Girl, Interrupted

Movies Like Girl, Interrupted

There are more movies like girl, interrupted focusing on psychology as mental health and disorders gradually lose some of their stigmas. 

Movies that explore the experience of being in a mental institution span various genres, from psychological dramas to horror or science-fiction, and are powerful and emotionally charged. 

These movies also provide a more thorough examination of how society perceives and handles those in need and a reassuring reminder that things may improve with support. 

In these movies, the main protagonists are usually imprisoned and confronted with new structures of power, authoritarian rules, and mental shifts.

Below is a list of movies like girl, interrupted.

1. Shutter Island (2010)

  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, Michelle Williams, and Patricia Clarkson
  • IMDb rating: 8.2/10

The movie “Shutter Island,” which Martin Scorsese directed, is a neo-noir psychological thriller.

It follows two U.S. Marshals who visit Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane on Shutter Island to look into the disappearance of a patient and murderer who has escaped the facility. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo play the characters. The movie, based on the 2003 book of the same name by American author Dens Lehane, is supported by Robert Richardson’s unnerving photography. 

Additionally, Scorsese’s skillful touch makes translating the book to the screen simple.

Also, the performances by the dependable trio of DiCaprio, Ruffalo, and Ben Kingsley only heighten the movie’s class.

This is undoubtedly one of the best movies like girl, interrupted.

2. Unsane (2018)

  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Cast: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple, Sarah Stiles, Marc Kudisch, and Amy Irving
  • IMDb rating: 6.4/10

“Unsane” is a psychological horror movie co-written by James Greer and Jonathan Bernstein and directed by American director Steven Soderbergh. 

The movie centers on Sawyer Valentini, a young lady who is forcibly confined to a mental hospital and is portrayed by Claire Foy.

Her worst fear confronts her there, and her sanity is questioned. The fact that “Unsane” was captured on an iPhone 7 Plus is one of its most distinguishing qualities. 

The movie itself departs from Soderbergh’s typical storylines. That is strange and unpleasant. Foy takes charge of skillfully carrying out Soderbergh’s vision.

Unsane is undoubtedly one of the movies like girl, interrupted, you should see, even though it wasn’t well-liked by other horror movie fans.

3. Manic (2001)

  • Director: Jordan Melamed
  • Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Bacall, Zooey Deschanel, Don Cheadle, Maggie Baird, Blayne Weaver, and Lydell M. Cheshier
  • IMDb rating: 7.2/10

Manic by Jordan Melamed, a lesser-known movie about mental facilities, is not one to pass up.

It should be praised instead for its honest efforts to depict adolescent sadness and the relationships that may support them in trying times. 

Manic, directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, emphasizes the value of group therapy.

It follows the newly institutionalized Lyle, who joins introverted people in therapy under the direction of Dr. David Monroe (Don Cheadle).

Manic was captured with handheld cameras, giving it a documentary-action look.

This method forces viewers to follow the story as if it were occurring in real time, boosting the dramatic tension. 

Manic is one of the movies like Girl, Interrupted, but from the viewpoint of much younger characters.

4. American Beauty (1999)

  • Director: Sam Mendes
  • Cast: Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Wes Bentley, Mena Suvari, Peter Gallagher, and Allison Janney
  • IMDb rating: 8.4/10

Sam Mendes’ drama “American Beauty,” released in 1999, stars Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, and Thora Birch. 

The plot of the movie centers on Lester Burnham, a middle-aged man who decides to change his life by quitting his job, getting in touch with his daughter, and going after love.

The movie is a narrative on the hollowness of the American Dream and financial achievement. 

Both Spacey and Bening provide terrific performances that effectively convey the frustrations and aspirations of their characters.

Alan Ball’s writing for the movie explores themes of mortality, desire, and beauty in a way that is both darkly comic and deeply moving.

The movie “American Beauty” will get you to consider what’s essential in life.

It is a powerful commentary on the quest for meaning and the significance of appreciating the beauty in everyday experiences. 

Five Academy Awards were given to the movie, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Kevin Spacey. It was a critical and financial triumph. 

“American Beauty” is worth seeing if you’re seeking movies like girl, interrupted that will make you reevaluate your ideas of what it is to be happy and what the American Dream is all about.

5. It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

  • Director: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
  • Cast: Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, Dana DeVestern, Lauren Graham, Jim Gaffigan, and Karen Chilton
  • IMDb rating: 7.1/10

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a wonderful coming-of-age movie that follows the life of a mentally ill man who finds meaning in his trip to hospitalization.

Its heartwarming narrative contrasts with the more somber aspects of mental illness and psychiatric treatment. 

The comedy-drama is based on Ned Vizzini’s book of the same name, in which Craig (Keir Gilchrist), a 16-year-old suicidal boy, actively seeks treatment for his depression. 

Craig learns the importance of surrounding himself with caring and supporting people through interactions with various people, such as Bobby and beautiful Noel. 

It’s Kind of a Funny Story portrays a brief stay in a mental facility as a therapeutic process where a hesitant man understands his genuine thoughts toward the future instead of what is expected of him.

This is one of the amazing movies like girl, interrupted.

6. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

  • Director: Milos Forman
  • Cast: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Michael Berryman, Peter Brocco, Dean R. Brooks, Alonzo Brown, and Scatman Crothers
  • IMDb rating: 8.7/20

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is widely regarded as one of the best movies like girl, interrupted ever made. 

It is the result of the efforts of director Milo Forman, actors Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher, and screenwriter Lawrence Hauben, who helped the “Big Five” win the Academy Awards. 

The movie is an adaptation of the 1962 publication of the same name by American author Ken Kesey.

It centers on Randle McMurphy, a newly arrived prisoner in a mental hospital who decides to lead a revolt against the domineering Nurse Ratched. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a comedy-drama examining authority, love, and compassion themes.

7. Black Swan (2010)

  • Director: Darren Aronofsky
  • Cast: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder, Barbara Hershey, Benjamin Millepied, and Ksenia Solo
  • IMDb rating: 8.0/10

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological suspense movie “Black Swan,” from 2010, features Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, and Vincent Cassel.

The ballet-themed movie tells the story of ballerina Nina Sayers, who is chosen to play the lead in a production of “Swan Lake.” 

Nina starts to have hallucinations and delusions that blur the boundary between reality and imagination as she gets increasingly absorbed by her part and the need to perform flawlessly.

The movie explores the themes of obsession, perfectionism, and mental illness visually and emotionally stunningly.

As Nina, Portman gives a strong performance, vividly portraying the character’s fall into lunacy. 

Top-notch choreography, stage design, and cinematography combine to make “Black Swan” a feast for the eyes.

The movie “Black Swan” is dramatic, dark, intense, and emotionally stirring. 

It is a powerful commentary on the demands of perfectionism and what happens when you can’t manage them.

The movie was a critical and financial success, winning several accolades and nominations, including an Oscar for Natalie Portman’s portrayal. 

“Black Swan” is a must-watch if you’re seeking movies like girl, interrupted that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. Harvey (1950)

  • Director: Henry Koster
  • Cast: James Stewart, Wallace Ford, William H. Lynn, Victoria Horne, Jesse White, Cecil Kellaway, and Charles Drake
  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10

The comedy-drama “Harvey” centers on Elwood P. Dowd, played by James Stewart, who thinks he has an invisible, six-foot-tall rabbit called “Harvey” for a best friend.

His story begins with his family sending him to a sanatorium after he is diagnosed as insane. 

The Henry Koster-directed comedy “Harvey” is wacky and funny. The movie, well-received by critics and audiences, was an adaptation of the 1944 Pulitzer Prize–winning play by American writer and journalist Mary Chase. 

Although Josephine Hull won “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” prizes at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, the main actor received a few nominations for his performance.

Harvey is one of the best movies like girl, interrupted.

9. Lady Bird (2017)

  • Director: Greta Gerwig
  • Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, and Lois Smith
  • IMDb rating: 7.4/10

Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, and Tracy Letts feature in Greta Gerwig’s 2017 American coming-of-age comedy-drama “Lady Bird.”

Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, a high school girl growing up in Sacramento, California, is the movie’s main character. 

She dreams of leaving her hometown and going to college in New York.

The movie paints a heartwarming and amusing picture of youth and the struggles of growing up. 

Both Ronan and Metcalf provide powerful performances that effectively convey the complicated and sometimes controversial relationship between a mother and daughter.

Gerwig’s crisp and insightful writing for the movie explores themes of familial ties, friendship, and self-discovery.

Everybody who has suffered from the difficulties of growing up will be able to relate to the movie “Lady Bird.”

It is a delicate and heartfelt ode to the difficulties of familial connections and what binds them. 

Five Academy Award nominations were given to the movie, including Best Picture and Best Director for Greta Gerwig. The movie was a critical and financial triumph. 

“Lady Bird” is worth seeing if you’re seeking movies like girl, interrupted which will make you smile, weep, and think back on your upbringing.

10. Brainstorm (2000)

Brainstorm (2000) Movies Like Girl, Interrupted
  • Director: Laís Bodanzky
  • Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Othon Bastos, Cássia Kis, Dani Nefussi, Jairo Mattos, Altair Lima, and Lineu Dias
  • IMDb rating: 7.7/10

This is a drama about Neto, played by Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, who is sent to a mental institution when his father learns he is a marijuana addict.

“Brainstorm” is based on the 1990 novel “Canto dos Malditos” by Brazilian author Austregésilo Carrano Bueno. 

Neto suffers severe abuse and torture after being accepted. The movie details his gruesome encounters.

The story, written and directed by Luiz Bolognesi, covers the issues of abuse, isolation, and the demanding father-son relationship. 

The atmospheric photography and resonant background soundtrack make “Brainstorm” a great and compelling movie, despite the mixed reviews it received from international critics.

11. Thirteen (2003)

  • Director: Catherine Hardwicke
  • Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, Nikki Reed, Vanessa Hudgens, Brady Corbet, Ulysses Estrada, and Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
  • IMDb rating: 6.8/10

In 2003, Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed released the American indie drama movie “Thirteen.” Nikki Reed, Holly Hunter, and Evan Rachel Wood are the actors in the movie. 

The narrative centers on Tracy Freeland, a 13-year-old who starts to rebel against her family and friends as she discovers her sexuality and growing independence.

The movie gives a strong and honest account of teenage life and the challenges of maturing.

Strong performances from Wood and Hunter capture the complicated and often turbulent relationship between a mother and daughter. 

Based on Reed’s experiences, the movie’s narrative is forthright and honest and explores issues of peer pressure, drugs, sex, and self-harm.

Anybody who has suffered from the difficulties of growing up will be able to relate to the movie “Thirteen.” 

It serves as a sobering reminder of the risks associated with failing to recognize the challenges of puberty and the value of having a caring family and community.

Both viewers and reviewers applauded the movie for its honesty and unfiltered passion. 

“Thirteen” is worthwhile viewing if you’re searching for movies like girl, interrupted, which will make you reevaluate how you think about growing up and the difficulties of puberty.

12. I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay (2006)

  • Director: Park Chan-wook
  • Cast: Lim Soo-jung, Rain, Kim Byeong-Ok, Seong-hun Cheon, Hee-jin Choi, Joo-hee Eun, and Yoo-rang Joo
  • IMDb rating: 7.0/10

A young girl named Park Il-soon in the South Korean romantic comedy “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s okay” believes she is a “combat cyborg.” 

She connects with other psychotic patients after checking herself into a psychiatric institution, where she develops feelings for one of them who believes he has the power to “take people’s souls.” 

The ludicrous idea is infused with wit and humor in this South Korean movie directed by Park Chan-wook and co-written by Lee Chun-yeong and Chan-wook.

Despite the movie’s poor box office performance, it is one of the best movies like girl, interrupted. 

13. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Cast: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, and Josh Lucas
  • IMDb rating: 8.2/10

Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, and Jennifer Connelly were the main actors in Ron Howard’s biographical drama A Beautiful Mind, released in 2001.

The movie is centered on the biography of John Nash, an economist and mathematician who won the Nobel Prize. 

It follows his journey from his early years at Princeton University to his later years as a professor at MIT.

The movie gives a compelling account of Nash’s life and his battles with schizophrenia. 

His inability to operate in society results from his mental disorder, leaving him with hallucinations and delusions.

Crowe portrays Nash with brilliance, vulnerability, and tenacity in a memorable performance. 

The movie’s script, written by Akiva Goldsman, explores themes of love, friendship, and the effects of mental illness on a person’s life. It is both moving and thought-provoking.

“A Beautiful Mind” is a movie that will motivate you because it shows a man who persevered in the face of adversity.

It is a powerful reminder of the value of tenacity, resiliency, and the assistance of those around us. 

Four Academy Awards were given to the movie, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Connelly. The movie was a critical and financial triumph. 

“A Beautiful Mind” is unquestionably worth seeing if you’re looking for movies like girl, interrupted that will inspire you and remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

14. Man Facing Southeast (1986)

  • Director: Eliseo Subiela
  • Cast: Lorenzo Quinteros, Hugo Soto, Inés Vernengo, Cristina Scaramuzza, Tomas Voth, David Edery, and Rúbens Correa
  • IMDb rating: 7.6/10

In the science fiction drama Man Facing Southeast, directed by Argentine director Eliseo Subiela, Hugo Soto plays Rantés, a patient in a mental institution who believes he is an alien.

The movie examines the reality of his claims by delving deeply into them. 

Eliseo Subiela wrote the movie’s script. “Man Facing Southeast” is masterfully performed based on an absurdist idea. 

Man Facing Southeast was nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” at the Academy Awards; it is certainly worth seeing if you love movies like girl, interrupted.

15. Beautiful Boy (2018)

  • Director: Felix van Groeningen
  • Cast: Steve Carell, Maura Tierney, Jack Dylan Grazer, Oakley Bull, Christian Convery, Timothée Chalamet, and Amy Aquino
  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10

Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet feature in Felix van Groeningen’s 2018 American drama Beautiful Boy.

The movie is based on the true stories of journalist David Sheff and his son Nic Sheff, who battled methamphetamine addiction.

The movie paints a vivid and heartbreaking picture of addiction and its effects on families.

Carell and Chalamet have great performances that perfectly capture the complexities of the father-son bond and the emotional toll of addiction. 

The movie’s narrative, written by Luke Davies and van Groeningen, explores themes of love, optimism, and the strength of rehabilitation in an open and heartfelt manner.

You’ll cry while watching Beautiful Boy, a movie that will help you comprehend the difficulties addiction victims encounter.

It is a powerful reminder of the value of getting assistance and the effectiveness of love and support in overcoming addiction. 

Both viewers and critics gave the movie favorable reviews, praising its frank and emotionally charged performances.

It’s worth seeing Beautiful Boy if you want to have your ideas about addiction and the strength of love questioned.

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