17 Family Movies Like Playing With Fire

Movies Like Playing With Fire

If Movies like Playing with Fire appeals to you, then Comedy and Family films with firefighters, adult kid friendship, games, fire department, siblings, children, and sibling-sister connection themes are what you will enjoy watching.

You’ve come to the right place if you want movies like Playing with fire. The following are the Movies like playing with fire.

1. Playing with fire (2019)

  • Director: Andy Fickman
  • Cast: John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo, Dennis Haysbert, Brianna Hildebrand, and Judy Greer,
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.1/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 33mins

Three siblings (Brianna Hildebrand, Christian Convery, and Finley Rose Slater) were in the path of a wildfire and needed help.

Straight-laced fire superintendent Jake Carson (John Cena) and his elite team of expert firefighters (Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo, and Tyler Mane) quickly realize that no training could prepare them for their most challenging job yet.

The firefighters’ lives, careers, and even their fire depot are turned upside down when they can’t find the parents of the kids, and they quickly discover that kids are just like fires—wild and unpredictable.

2. Dora and Lost City of Gold (2019)

  • Director: James Bobin
  • Cast: Isabela Moner, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Peña, Eva Longoria, Benicio Del Toro, and Madelyn Miranda
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.1/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 42mins

Movies like Playing with fire are full of life, and this is one of them. Nothing could have prepared Dora for her most opposing journey yet—high school—despite spending most of her life adventuring in the jungle with her parents.

Always the explorer, Dora soon finds herself in charge of a motley crew of teenagers—including Boots, Diego, and a mysterious jungle dweller.

Dora also found himself on a live-action quest to save her parents and unravel the incredible mystery of a long-lost Inca empire.

3. Spies in Disguise (2019)

  • Director: Troy Quane
  • Cast: Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, and Masi Oka
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 42mins

Scientist Walter Beckett and superspy Lance Sterling are almost opposites. Lance is slick, stylish, and dapper.

But Walter isn’t. Walter makes up for his lack of social skills with intelligence and ingenuity, designing the unique tools Lance utilizes on his daring adventures.

However, when things take an unforeseen turn, Walter and Lance are forced to depend on one another differently.

The entire world is in danger if this strange duo cannot learn how to work together. This movie is one tremendous addition to the list of movies like playing with fire.

4. Parental Guidance (2012)

  • Director: Andy Fickman
  • Cast: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott, Bailee Madison, Joshua Rush, and Kyle Breitkopf
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.0/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 45mins

When it comes to movies like playing with fire, Parental guidance is one movie you should look forward to seeing.

Artie Decker, a sports analyst for the independent Fresno Grizzlies, lost his job because of his old-fashioned speech and disregard for modern media.

When his daughter Alice and son-in-law Phil go for an entrepreneur exhibition, he and his ready-to-please wife Diane agree to watch their three grandchildren Harper, Turner, and Barker in Atlanta.

Their parenting techniques clash with Alice and Phil’s helicopter parenting, which causes issues.

They attempt to become the kids’ new best friends after learning about their various problems, such as Harper’s high achievement syndrome, Turner’s stutter, and Barker’s imaginary friend Carl.

5. The Boss Baby (2017)

  • Director: Tom McGrath
  • Cast: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Miles Bakshi, and Tobey Maguire.
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.8/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 37mins

Tim Templeton, age 7, has always had an overactive imagination. However, his life has been perfect for the past seven years, and he has received nothing but love and support from his devoted parents.

However, after the sudden arrival of Boss Baby, a new brother is clothed in a black suit, tie, and briefcase. Tim gradually realizes that the adorable newcomer has taken over the entire house and stolen his happiness.

Tim and the new boss in a diaper will eventually have to put their differences aside and work together.

Although, a cunning plan involving the head of Puppy Co. threatens to tip the scales in favor of their slyly charming furry adversaries.

Now, only two days remain till the following pet convention. Loving movies like playing with fire means you can also adore this great film, the boss baby.

6. Your mine ours (2005)

  • Director: Raja Gosnell
  • Cast: Dennis Quaid, Jerry O’Connell, Sean Faris, Rene Russo, Katija Pevec, Dean Collins, and Tyler Patrick Jones
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.8/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 30mins

As his final tour before perhaps being promoted to lead the Guard, Admiral Frank Beardsley comes to New London to oversee the Coast Guard Academy.

Frank is a widower with eight kids who captains a loving but disciplined ship with charts and salutes.
The kids yearn for a stable household.

The ten children of handbag designer Helen North, a widowed free spirit, live in loving anarchy with sporadic group hugs.

Afterward, It’s love at first sight when she and Frank, high school sweethearts, cross paths again at a reunion.

They get hitched right away. The difficulties arise when the two groups of kids—the rebellious free spirits and the obedient preppies—coexist. The feuding factions consent to cooperate in dissolving the marriage.

When you speak of movies like playing with fire, you can also place this movie on that list.

7. Game Plan (2007)

  • Director: Andy Fickman
  • Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Madison Petts, Kyra Sedgwick, Roselyn Sanchez, Morris Chestnut, Hayes MacArthur, and Brian White
  • IMDb: 6.1/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 45mins

Football player Joe Kingman is a significant star. He has money, ladies, and a successful career. For him, everything is perfect.

Then, one day, Peyton, an 8-year-old girl, knocks on his house and claims to be his child from a prior relationship.

When he finds evidence that she is telling the truth, he tries to “parent” but fails terribly.

He has issues to cope with, like his fast automobile with no back seat, which made her not leave by 3 in the morning. When it comes to movies like playing with fire, this is one of the best.

But eventually, she has him (and his football squad)under her control. Joe wants her to move in with him after she has a near-death experience, and he learns that Susan, her mother, passed away early that year.

However, her Aunt Stella refuses and takes her to her house. Peyton gets him back on the field when Joe is injured, and things don’t look good for him. Joe has to play the game of his life.

8. Sextuplets (2019)

  • Director: Michael Tiddes
  • Cast: Marlon Wayans, Bresha Webb, Molly Shannon, Michael Ian Black, Grace Junot, Glynn Turman, and Debbi Morgan
  • IMDb Ratings: 4.4/10
  • Running time: 1hr 39mins

Russell, a brother Alan never knew he had who is now helping him discover their status as sextuplets, appears as an expectant father.

Alan, who grew up believing he was an only child, looks for his birthmother (all played by Marlon Wayans).

They embarked on a journey to find the other four siblings, but not before Alan muses over whether researching his ancestry was a grave error.

9. Tag (2018)

  • Director: Jeff Tomsic
  • Cast: Jake Johnson, Ed Helms, Hannibal Buress, Annabelle Wallis, Isla Fisher, Rashida Jones, Jon Ham, Jeremy Renner, and Leslie Bibb
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 40mins

Since they were nine, beginning in 1983, Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy, Bob Callahan, Randy “Chilli” Cillian, Kevin Sable, and Jerry Pierce have been playing tag together throughout May.

Since then, the group’s main game rule has been that “it” is the last person to be tagged until the following season.

Hoagie, who was the last to be tagged the year before, enlists Bob, the CEO of an insurance business, Chilli, and Kevin for one more try to tag Jerry.

Jerry was tagged because of his superior athleticism and intelligence, he appears to have never been organized.

He informs them that Jerry intends to retire after this year’s game due to his impending marriage. A Wall Street Journal reporter covering Bob joins them and decides to write an article about the friends. Rebecca Crosby Anna, Hoagie’s wife, is also with them.

They locate Jerry at the Spokane, Washington country club, where he will get married once they get there, but they are blown away by Jerry’s talent. Then Jerry presents Susan, his fiancée.

However, Jerry was aware that he would most likely be tagged or, at the very least, targeted throughout the ceremonies. But the others expressed their disappointment at not being invited to the wedding despite their close friendship.

Although, In exchange for invites to the wedding, they consent to refrain from participating in the game during any wedding-related festivities.

Nevertheless, the group attempts to tag Jerry before and after wedding-related events. When it comes to movies like playing with fire, this is one movie that is rated high by lovers of a similar genre.

10. Dolittle (2020)

  • Director: Stephen Gaghan
  • Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen, Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, and Selena Gomez
  • IMDb Ratings:6.6/10
  • Running Time:1hr 45mins

After his wife passes away, eccentric, well-known veterinarian and doctor John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) withdraws to Dolittle Manor’s fortified walls with his animals for company.

Dr. Dolittle is to embark on an epic journey to a mythical island in search of a cure for Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley) as the queen becomes ill.

As he overcomes old foes and comes across amazing creatures, Dolittle regains his wit and courage.

11. Baywatch (2017)

  • Director: Seth Gordon
  • Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, and Jon Bass
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.5/10
  • Running Time: 2hr 1min

The energetic Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon and Baywatch, his elite group of hand-selected and flawlessly tanned lifeguards, defend Emerald Bay to keep beachgoers and sunbathers safe.

This summer, however, two eager recruits and a disobedient former Olympian swimmer will join the rigorous life-saving program.

However, They will all be required to demonstrate their abilities on the lifeguard towers just as the flakka, a new synthetic street drug, starts to infest Emerald Bay.

This place needs some severe clandestine coordination as the superheroes in spandex to search the beach for dodgy newcomers and evil businesspeople with hidden intentions.

Can Mitch’s band save the Bay? If you admire movies like playing with fire, this is one movie that you should respect.

12. The Change-Up (2011)

  • Director: David Dobkin
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman. Leslie Mann, Alan Arkin, Olivia Wilde, Mircea Monroe.
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 53mins

In Atlanta, Dave Lockwood is a capable and committed lawyer who anticipates promotion to partner at the law firm where he has worked for ten years following a merger operation.

Dave is also a devoted family man who did marry the stunning Jamie Lockwood and is the father of three kids.

Although, his closest friend is aspiring actor Mitch Planko, unemployed, single, reckless, and a quitter who never finishes what he starts.

However, Dave and Mitch walk to a fountain to pee one night after having a lot to drink, and they each simultaneously wish they could live the other’s life.

When they awaken the following morning, they find that their bodies have changed. After they arrive back at the square, they discover that the fountain exists.

As a result, Mitch must take charge to prevent his friend Dave from losing his job and getting promoted.

At the same time, Dave realizes how difficult it is for him to date his lovely and seductive coworker Sabrina McArdle.

Sooner or later, they discover more about who they are and find that other people’s lives are not as good as they had thought.

13. Good Boys (2019)

  • Director: Gene Stupnitsky
  • Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, Keith L. Williams, Molly Gordon, Midori Francis, and Lil Rel Howery
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.7/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 30mins

Good boys are one of the most exciting movies when it comes to movies like playing with fire.

Max, 12, asks his closest buddies Lucas and Thor for some much-needed advice on how to pucker up after being invited to his first kissing party.

Max decides to use his father’s drone to spy on the adolescent girls who live next door once they reach a dead end.

When the lads misplace the drone, they skip class and devise a scheme to find it before Max’s father realizes what has occurred.

14. Vacation (2015)

  • Directors: John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
  • Cast: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, Beverly D’Angelo, Chris Hemsworth, and Chevy Chase.
  • IMDb Ratings:6.1/10
  • Running time: 1hr 39mins

Rusty Griswold is a hard-working family gentleman who loves to spend time with his wife, Debbie, and their two sons, Kevin and James.

Clark Griswold, the man with a vision in National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), the man with a dream.

Rusty intends to surprise his family with his suggestion for an extraordinary journey across the country in their leased Albanian SUV.

However, the thought of returning to the fascinating Walley World, the location of his vivid childhood recollections, keeps popping into his head.

But as the Griswold family sets out on the road for some genuine family bonding, this proves to be more complicated than it seems, and Rusty’s romantic intentions seem to be for naught.

Can Rusty’s attempts to create the ideal family vacation be derailed by a few little mishaps?

15. Yes Day (2021)

  • Director: Miguel Arteta
  • Cast: Jennifer Garner, Édgar Ramírez, Jenna Ortega, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla, Tracie Thoms, and Fortune Feimster
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.7/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 29mins

When Allison and Carlos first met and later fell in love, they tended to answer “YES” to everything. However, after having three children and moving to the suburbs, their lives turned into a series of NOs.

Katie, their 14-year-old daughter, is denied permission by her mother to attend a concert with friends.

Additionally, Carlos rejects requests from Icarus Technologies staff members. Allison tried to reenter the workforce but withdrew from the job interviews.

Allison and Carlos saw a video about Katie’s project at Katie’s school. “Mommy Dearest” is compared in the video to Stalin and Mussolini.

Later, the teacher, guidance counselor, etc., offers insight into why he is so at ease despite having six children.

On a particular day, he and his wife say “yes” to everything while adhering to a few ground rules. After viewing a photo of her skydiving from more than 15 years ago, mom consents to a 24-hour yes/fun day.

Will it be post-apocalyptic, as Allison initially thought, or will the five have a wild and enjoyable adventure?

16. Ted 2 (2015)

  • Director: Seth MacFarlane
  • Cast: Mark Wahlberg, MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Jessica Barth, John Slattery, and Morgan Freeman
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 56mins

Ted and Tami-marriage Lynn’s seemed to be going in the same direction months after John’s divorce. He and Tami-Lynn decide to produce a child with John’s assistance to mend their relationship, but their futile efforts backfire horribly.

He explicitly loses all of his civil rights after the government declares him to be their property.

Now, Ted was to engage in a seemingly pointless court struggle with a young, inexperienced attorney to reclaim his legitimate legal standing.

Ted’s endeavor is unfortunately doomed to failure due to his ineptitude, while intoxicated evil powers are hoping to take advantage of him. If you are looking for movies like playing with fire, this is the precise one.

17. Blockers (2018)

  • Director: Kay Cannon
  • Cast: John Cena, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, Gideon Adlon.
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.2/10
  • Running Time: 1hr 42mins

Lisa Decker, a single mother, delivers her little daughter Julie to kindergarten. She observes as Kayla and Sam, two more girls, join Julie.

However, Mitchell, Kayla’s father, and Hunter, Sam’s father, meet and become good friends after observing the closeness between their children.

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