6 Useful Tips to Improve Gaming Experience on Your Mac

Useful Tips to Improve Gaming Experience on Your Mac

The Mac might not have the same popularity in the market compared to its competition when it comes to gaming.

But even though making fun of your MacBook’s prowess might be the favorite sport that your friends who use PC like indulging in, fear not, because there are different ways can get the most out of your system by using a MacBook.

There are some great hardware and a good number of tweaks available out there that will allow you to squeeze out the most out from your MacBook.

Let us take a look at the options that are available to make happen:

1. Get a controller

In addition to being compatible with some wired and wireless controllers, there are also a lot of console controllers and other generic options that you can use.

Although a keyboard and a mouse might be a better and more suitable option for shooters and strategy games, a controller is great for platformers or racing games.

So if you already have a game console, there is a good chance you can pair its controller to your Mac.

  • PlayStation 4: you can pair your Dual Shock to your Mac 4 by just using either a USB console or a Bluetooth.
  • Nintendo Switch: Pro Controller work over Bluetooth and the Nintendo’s Joy-Con.
  • Xbox: you have to install an app called ‘360 Controller’ to use an Xbox controller because of Microsoft’s proprietary controller interface.

However, if you don’t already have a controller and are yet interested in a third-party device, then the Steam Controller from Valve is your best bet.

2. Use an eGPU (External Graphics Processing Unit)

If your Mac compatibility with the Thunderbolt 3 is standard, then investing in an eGPU, or External Graphics Processing Unit will be the smartest move to make.

This graphics card, added to your internal video processor, will amplify your device’s graphics power, the eGPU sits in a frame outside your computer.

Furthermore, the eGPU acceleration can increase the performance of your games and then allow you to use certain external monitors along with your machine.

It also enables you to use great graphics-related accessories like VR headsets.

3. Different Game Clients

Even though the Mac App Store does have a great collection of games under a sidebar labelled Play, however, the selection has a lot of indie games to choose from as well, the lack of discounts makes buying it from the Store a choice to think about.

The most extensive library of Mac-compatible games can be found on Steam, Valves gaming marketplace.

All you are required to do is download the desktop app, create a free account, and you are good to go.

Humble Bundle is another platform that allows you to purchase games at a discount.

4. Tweak your software

There’re a few things you can do to optimise your macOS settings.

  • Check your HDD space
  • Use activity monitor
  • Disable login items
  • Switch off automatic graphics switching

5. Adjust Graphics Settings In-Game

Optimising your macOS graphics settings can be optimised in-game.

  • Play around with screen resolution settings.
  • You can use presets for Low, Medium or High graphics to monitor the relative power of your graphics card.

6. Use Boot Camp to Run Windows

Take vantage of the hardware capabilities of your Mac, and you can make use of Boot Camp and install Windows on your Mac. All you have to do is to bot it up, install Steam and then start gaming.

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