20 Must Play Zombie Games for Android

Zombie Games for Android

Zombie games for android are exciting and are a way to de-stress or occupy oneself while waiting or idle. Almost everyone loves games.

This includes video games that you can play on a video game console, phone, or other devices.  

Games are entertaining and exciting, and just like the movies, zombie games are more engaging, exciting, and fun.

However, there are tons of zombie games on the internet that can be installed on Android devices. But most of these zombie games for android are just a waste of your Device’s memory space and data.  

So, this article will share some zombie games for android that are worthy of your time, memory space, and data.

These games will keep you occupied during your free time. 

1. Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense

Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense is one of the best zombie games for android available. Besides, this game is a zombie killing, strategy, and village defense game.

You will become a legendary Samurai in a village whose job is to save the town from zombies in the game. 

Moreover, this game is exciting because you get to be strategic in setting up the village’s defense and also improving the defense.

Additionally, you will have to be allied with warriors, farmers, archers, and more to defeat the zombies.  

Lastly, there are rare opportunities in the game where you get to upgrade and power up yourself (the samurai) with unique weapons, defense, and even magical abilities. 

2. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is one of the best zombie games for android with a stunning first-person zombie shooter arcade and has over 26 million active users.  

Moreover, this game has fantastic graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects. Also, there are high-definition 3D characters, environments, background music, and audio.

Furthermore, the game contains modern lethal weapons and gadgets that can be used to kill zombies.  

There is an unlimited random mission with a good and engaging storyline. It means there will be no repetition of a storyline.

You have access to unlimited tasks and stories and will never be bored with the assignments.  

Additionally, a Dead Trigger 2 allows you to part-take in a real-time story in collaboration with other players across the world.

After completing the missions or crossing a deadly scenario, you will receive a reward and prize money.

3. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is one of the best zombie games for android. The game depicts a world full of zombies and terror, and the only chance of living and surviving is through killing the Zombie.

It is a world of kill or be killed. Thus, this game is on the list of the best zombie games for android.  

Besides, this game has a fantastic and intense gameplay mode with a stunning, elegant sound system and visual effects.

Moreover, you have to unlock the modern lethal weapons and gadgets to stay alive in the game. 

Additionally, there are several missions to engage in and smaller goals to accomplish. Furthermore, this game can be played first or with friends’ groups, thus creating an epic zombie-killing storyline.

4. Zombie Diary

This game is one of the best zombie games for androids as it depicts that the destiny and survival of the human race depend on the player.

Thus, you have to kill every Zombie you come across to save humankind.  

Besides, this game has endless modern arsenals that you can kill zombies with; it contains five fun playing roles with different features that you can use.

Also, there are various task modes and types of zombies, e.g., there is quick, strong, attack, remote and powerful zombie boss. Lastly, you earn coins and money after several achievements. 

5. Zombie Killer

This game is an FPS First per shooter game and one of the best zombie games for android. This game is about a deadly T-Virus which turns humans into zombies.

Besides, this game has stunning music, top-notch audio quality, and excellent graphics.  

Furthermore, the game is an interactive gameplay mode, and you can earn coins and money, which you can use to buy lethal weapons and power up. 

6. Zombie Smasher

This game is similar to Plants vs. Zombies, only that in this game, you only have to kill the Zombie to save your home. There are no plants involved.

Nevertheless, this game is quite engaging and is one of the best zombie games for android.  

Besides, it is pretty simple and easy to play. All you have to do is use your fingers to smash or kill the zombies.

Also, there are several special powers available on the game, and there are three gameplay moods: story, survival, and time.

Additionally, there are several types of zombies, and the visual effects and audio are of top-notch quality. 

7. Zombie Frontier

The next on the list of best zombie games for android is Zombie Frontier. Besides, the movie Resident Evil inspired this game.

The deadly T-virus breaks out, and everyone is turned into a zombie except the player.  

Furthermore, the game has impressive graphics, stunning music and audio, and various lethal weapons that could be used to kill different kinds of zombies.

Also, the game is quite challenging, and it would keep you occupied as you face challenging missions that must be completed. 

8. Dead Target: Zombie

Another zombie game for android you should check out is Dead Target: Zombie. Moreover, this FPS game involves saving your friends and making a safe route to leave a deadly zombie area.  

Besides, this game has detailed, stunning 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and music.

Also, there is about 500 incredible, jaw-dropping battle in zombie lands, and you have access to modern lethal weapons and gadgets to kill these dozens of zombies. 

9. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a popular, classic zombie game for android and is also one of the best.

To stop deadly zombies from destroying your garden, home, and eating your brain, you have to plant some vegetables that shoot at zombies.  

Besides, there are several vegetables with different abilities, so are the zombies. There are other zombies and bosses.

Furthermore, this game is quite engaging as you have to strategically plant these vegetables so that they defend you, your home and kill the zombies stepping into your property.  

10. Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers is one of the best zombie games for androids. It is centered around a peaceful town that zombies surround. The player, you, have to save the townspeople from the zombies.  

Besides, Buds and A.J., two wealthy businessmen in the town, will provide you will all the weapons you need to fight off the zombies.

Moreover, you have to build a food business empire for the townspeople and prepare tasty food for hungry people.  

Furthermore, you have to discover new territories where the people can live peacefully away from zombies.

Notwithstanding, you need to use a harpoon gun and sneaky traps to kill the zombies while securing parts for the people.  

Also, you have to unlock gadgets and weapons you can use to kill the zombies. This game has a colorful background and sound effects. 

11. Zombie Tsunami

This game is one of the best zombie games for android because it combines classic arcade games and zombies.

Besides, you get to build your team, and the fun has high-quality graphics that are compatible with Android devices.  

Moreover, you can control your team in the game with only one touch; the game offers several kinds of dead creatures that you can raise and use their powers, e.g., zombie birds.

Also, this game consists of over 300 missions to complete and 11 different in-game environment settings.  

This arcade-style game is worth the time as it features numerous game content, upgrade paths, and bonuses to unlock. 

12. Zombie Roadkill 3D

The story behind this game is fascinating, thus making it one of the best zombie games for android.

The story is about several zombies surrounding the player’s hometown, so the player (you) has to kill these zombies and save your people from them quickly.  

Besides, this game is an action-packed classic shooter game where you do not waste any time in killing the zombies, or you will be destroyed.

Moreover, this game has an inspiring soundtrack; there are ten exciting Zombie killing weapons you can choose from.  

Also, there are five different vehicles to use and seven different gaming modes to choose from.

Additionally, this game comes with a story mode and expertise, which makes the game more exciting. 

13. Zombie Hunter Sniper

This is an FPS shoot and kills zombie game for android. Besides, this game has a horror experience with apocalyptic settings.  

The player, you, get to be the hero and save the human race from zombies. Furthermore, this game has beautiful 3D graphics and an exciting storyline, and as you hunt and kill zombie henchmen, you will achieve marksmanship. 

Additionally, this game has both online and offline gaming mode, the in-game environment and apocalyptic battleground is fantastic.  

They are Several missions, survival campaigns, and power-up facilities with several lethal weapons and upgrade paths.

Also, you can change your settings and level up your sniper and hunter skills while hunting zombies in different places and settings. Download now

14. Stupid Zombies 2

Stupid Zombie is a casual game with high-quality graphics that can be played on a budget android device, and it won’t hurt the phone’s performance?

Besides, this game is a simple killing-off zombie game for android.  

You leap ahead in-game levels via cutting and shooting through an ocean of zombies. Moreover, this game has high-quality 3D graphics and an environment where you can cut and shoot the zombies using several weapons. 

Furthermore, you can choose to play the game as a male or female in over 600 levels and textures. Also, the game has many puzzles to solve, and it helps create that gloomy vibe. 

15. Zombie Hunter King

This is another action-packed zombie game for android. The task is to beat the zombies using lethal weapons and gadgets.  

Besides, you can defeat these zombies with the help of other users across the globe. Additionally, this game loads fast and has top-notch 3D graphics, which does not take massive space on your Device.  

Also, there are about 20 weapons, including shotguns, snipers, and rifles which you can use to kill these zombies, and the soundtrack of the game suits it perfectly.

Furthermore, joining events with other users makes the game more exciting, and you can go on different kinds of missions. Download now

16. Kill Shot Virus

Kill shot virus is an exciting, unique, survival, FPS shooting zombie game for android. The plot of the game is to stop the spread of zombies.

Moreover, the player, you, have to protect the general civilization from a zombie attack.  

Besides, the zombies in this game look horrible with dangerous looks, and there is a facility that allows you to chat with your friends on the game.  

Overall, the game graphics are high-quality, it looks realistic, and its audio is quite terrifying. Also, the story is mesmerizing, and you have access to several lethal weapons such as shotguns, snipers, and rifles.  

In addition, you get rewarded after a mission altogether, and many locked internal gaming activities have to be unlocked. 

17. The Dead Uprising: Mad Zombies

This game has several exciting features and a unique, controlling system. Besides, this is a shooting game that has over 200 offline missions you can complete.

Moreover, the primary purpose of this game is to kill the zombies using several weapons available.  

Additionally, different kinds of zombies will appear suddenly. The game has high-quality 3D graphics and sounds that cause terror and makes it realistic.

After you complete the missions, you will receive bonuses multiple times. This game has a flexible control system that is outstanding. Download now

18. Zombie Beyond Terror

Zombie Beyond Terror is one of the best zombie games for android available on the play store.

Besides, this game is an FPS survival shooting game where you have to survive in the U.S. against impossible zombies.  

Moreover, there are several weapons to kill these zombies that come in different appearance styles and looks.

Also, this game has an excellent display system with high-quality 3D graphics and realistic audio. 

Furthermore, there are several missions available to complete and over 15 zombie-killing weapons, you can use. Also, when you complete a task, you get to unlock achievements. 

19. Unkilled

Unkilled is the next FPS shooting game on the list of zombie games for android.

This game is centered in New York, where you can choose from 5 unique characters and join the team to protect the city from zombies.  

Besides, this game has several missions, and when you complete these missions, you will be rewarded. Moreover, this is an online game where you can join your friends in fighting or challenge them.  

Additionally, there are over 40 lethal weapons you can use to defeat these zombies, including M24 sniper and shotgun.

Also, there are five realistic zombie environments with crispy-sharp displays and audio. By the way, you can develop any or all of the five unique characters in the game. 

20. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is an FPS shooting zombie game for android that could be found on the play store. Besides, this game is a combination of zombie shooting and sci-fi.

The game takes the player to a spaceship filled with both zombies and monsters.  

Moreover, this game has a great control system and 3D graphics. Also, you have access to various weapons you can use to kill these zombies, including a katana blade. 

These are some of the zombie games for android you can put on your android device and use to waste your free time and keep you engaged and entertained. 

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