Top 30 Scariest Video Game Characters

Scariest Video Game Characters

Video games feature some terrifying monsters, and the nature of the games makes the fear much worse.

Although antagonists of video games moved far beyond simple pixels representing a lousy guy on screen, the results have been nothing short of terrifying.

Some of the best monsters in video games are the ones that elicit a real panic and uneasy feeling; it might just be a game, but it’s of little comfort to players who are prone to going underneath covers when viewing a scary horror movie.

We’ve decided to compile a list of some of the scariest video game characters ever, so continue reading the article and find out more facts about these characters.

1. The Lantern Specter (Detention)

This horror game was set in Taiwan in the 1960s during the era of the White Terror. It blends its monsters with the horror occurrences of this period.

The Lantern Specter, which has an elongated humanoid body, is a spirit that will tower over you, and you are then required to hold your breath as it slowly makes its way past you; a gasp from you results in your doom. It is one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

2. Road Blocker (Yomawari)

The Road Blocker is a set of spirits among the many souls you will meet that are a danger to you while you walk through the creepy town of Yomawari.

These large, spider-like spirits, one of the scariest video game characters, will try to block your path as you head to your desired location. 

Since they mostly block your path and force you to take an alternate route, you can outrun or save yourself from them. Their vast bodies and spider-like limbs would scare you, especially if you have arachnophobia.

3. Red Chomper (Darkwood)

Darkwood is a survival horror game where you explore the environment by day and hide away at night, hoping you will live to see the dawn.

Being one of the most dangerous monsters that can be found in the game, the Red Chompers will attack a player on sight, even when you manage to cut them in half.

Their humanoid body and a split headlined with deadly teeth will creep you out. One of the scariest video game characters ever.

4. Laura (The Evil Within)

 Laura is the result of an unsettling merger of a young girl wearing braces with distorted clawed limbs protruding. You surely wouldn’t want this unsightly crawler approaching you in a dark alley. She is one of the scariest video game characters ever.

5. Broken Neck Woman (Fatal Frame)

In this game, the Camera Obscura is used to fend off spirits such as Broken Neck Woman and exorcise entities. As her name suggests, she has a broken neck bent painfully at an unnaturally inclined angle.

Her disquieting, blank stare is disconcerting, and her neck, broken when she died falling from Heaven Bridge, is what the scare is all about. She has one of the scariest video game characters of all time. 

6. Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil)

Lisa Trevor was imprisoned and experimented upon by the researchers working for Umbrella Corporation researchers, and this left her mutilated in a very horrible way.

Lisa’s powerful regenerative capabilities, thanks to the Progenitor virus, make her a formidable foe as she can survive every threat that comes her way.

Lisa’s mental stability, which has faded over the years, has led to her lashing out at those around her. Her mask, made out of human faces, is a terrifying sight to behold as it is one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

7. Valtiel (Silent Hill 3)

Valtiel, which is an incredible creation of Masahiro Ito and one of the scariest video game characters ever, has a disturbing human appearance, a leathery face that looks like it has been stitched together, the Seal of Metatron seated on both her shoulders, as well as matching butcher’s apron. 

Particularly horrifying is the jolting movements of its head, which are reminiscent of imagery from the 1990s horror movie Jacob’s Ladder. Jacob’s Ladder is often cited as an inspiration for the creation of the Silent Hill game. 

8. Dividers (Dead Space)

The Dividers are long Necromorphs, capable of splitting their bodies into creatures of a minor nature capable of attacking you. They are lean and bony, and John Carpenter’s The Thing inspires a slender appearance. 

The way they kill by suffocation, cutting off heads, and attaching themselves to the kill, which becomes their new host, is just too chilling a sight to behold. This is one of the scariest video game characters ever.

9. The Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation)

Nostromo incident survivor Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, encounters the terrifying Xenomorph while she attempts to investigate her mother’s disappearance. 

The horrifying Xenomorph, one of the scariest video game characters ever, in the science-fiction horror movie created by Ridley Scott returns, and you are its target.

The Xenomorph’s sheer size and power are intimidating, and the game generates lots of intense situations where you need to hide from this horror, as the slightest sounds could alert it to your position and spell your doom.

10. Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

These frightening monsters are from Silent Hill 4: The Room, and they are found in the panopticon of the Water Prison. It is to be noted, though, that these creatures won’t attack you unless provoked by you.

The peaceful expression on the Twin Victims’ childlike faces, which contrasts with their gigantic arms (used as a pair of legs to take a jab at a potential victim), is very unsettling.

This childlike monstrosity is quite disquieting; the disturbing sounds made by the two-headed creatures are the stuff of nightmares. It is one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

11. Granfalloon (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night)

Granfalloon elicits feelings of terror in Castlevania fans who know him. Granfalloon is a creepy, parasitic creature that surrounds itself with myriads of corpses which it uses as a shell to protect from damage.

Hacking Granfaloon’s body causes the corpses to hit the ground, causing an unsettling sight as they begin to scream the entire time. He is one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

12. The Dragon God (Demon’s Souls)

Dragon God is one of the few mighty and frightening enemies you can encounter in the game Demon’s Souls. This massive monster hulk would dwarf any player in size, and it can inflict fatal amounts of damage to players.

However, players need to use the environment as their cover to break its line of sight or stand the chance of being crushed.

To further worsen the severity of his attacks, his fire, and melee attacks cannot either be dodged or blocked; a single hit at unprepared players can result in fatalities.

Fighting such a terrifying foe is a disturbing experience, and he is one of the scariest video game characters ever.

13. The Matriarch (The Evil Within 2)

The Matriarch is a monster with a human psyche. She is the game’s final boss and undoubtedly one of The Evil Within’s terrifying foes. She is an enormous, deformed creature and hideous, covered in boils. Meeting one of these scariest video game characters promises to be a monstrous fight against a monstrous foe.

14. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Among the mighty and terrifying monsters in Resident Evil is the Nemesis. Researchers of the Umbrella corporation developed this bioweapon of monstrous proportions to threaten the organization’s large and small corporate interests.

Nemesis is known to attack players suddenly when they least expect it, and killing it with standard weapons is impossible to lessen your survival odds further. The persistent fear this created makes the Nemesis one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

15. Deathclaws (Fallout)

Deathclaws, which look like monsters that leave hell when it is finally let loose, are killing machines from genetic engineering that run wild over the game wasteland.

The Deathclaws became a top predator on the food chain, following the nuclear inferno, with no threats existing aside from humans.

Their powerful capabilities, slashing claws, husky bodies, and razor-sharp teeth make them extremely hard to eliminate. This is unless a player uses a Power Armor and a heavy weapon against the set of scariest video game characters in Fallout.

16. The Human Reaper (Mass Effect 2)

The dreaded Reapers are known to kidnap humans from various colonies around the galaxy. One of them, the fearsome Human Reaper, is one of the scariest video game characters, attacking Shepard and the team in the game’s final act.

It is physically one of the scariest monsters video game characters; it is known to be completely cruel and aggressive. It is a terror to behold due to its enormous size and hideous appearance.

A fight with him, however, isn’t thrilling enough as he doesn’t pose much of a threat to the player’s life. 

17. Frostbite Spiders (Skyrim)

I’m pretty sure arachnophobes must have broken into cold sweats when they first saw a frostbite spider down the depths of the dungeons of Skyrim, and for a good reason. 

These nightmarish and unsettling monsters are intimidating not just because of their gigantic sizes but also due to their fierce nature. Their enormous fangs, which can inject lethal venom into players if they get too close, can also spit poison at the player with consequent debilitating effects. 

Although most frostbite spiders might not pose much of a threat, the presence of their colossal variants will induce panic in all who set their eyes on these atrocities. They are one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

18. The Wendigo (Until Dawn)

The Wendigos of Until Dawn are nightmarish monsters and some of the scariest video game characters. The Wendigos are characterized by their horrifying appearance and ear-splitting shrieks, in addition to their relentless ability to pursue their prey. These hellish monsters act on purely evil instincts.

Wendigos, said to be created when an evil spirit possessed humans and transformed them into flesh-eating monsters, do not hesitate to attack and murder players who happen to stumble into its field of vision.

19. Lisa (P.T. Demo)

One of the scariest video game characters, Lisa, is the cruel ghost of a woman killed in cold blood by her husband while she was still pregnant. She then goes on to haunt a doomy house.

Lisa’s ability to jump scare players, combined with her horrendous countenance and level of wickedness, is chilling to the bone. The fright is further exacerbated by her ability to possess any player. 

20. Alma (F.E.A.R.)

Alma, a victim of some ungodly experiments while still a kid, was believed to have since been dead. Upon discovering her survival ability, the once troubled little girl embraced a psychic nature and massacred a whole Delta Squad unit.

Her inborn ability to horrify her victims indeed makes her deserve a place on this list of scariest video game characters.

21. Scissorman (Clock Tower)

Scissorman is one of the scariest video game characters with the horrifying capability to terrorize players with giant shears.

Clock Tower always depicts Scissorman as a deranged serial killer that derives joy from hacking his victims in two. Just keep running when this monster with his signature limp and blue overcoat comes at you.

22. Freddy Fazbear (Friday Night At Freddy’s)

Freddy works in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and during the day, he performs nice and friendly songs for all the children that come there.

This singing animatronic roams the restaurant at night as he looks for unsuspecting humans to shove into a Freddy Fazbear suit before snuffing the life out of them. His Golden form is one scary appearance, making it one of the scariest video game characters.

23. The Blinded Woman (Fatal Frame)

The sight of this hysterical stone-blind woman with blood pouring from her eye sockets is horrifying. Her role in an unholy ritual led to her eyes being gouged out using a blinding mask. In her afterlife, she became a depraved spirit who wandered in search of her gouged-out eyes.

 Due to her blindness, she only responds to sound. To make the experience more disturbing, she can teleport and appear right behind you. She is one of the scariest video game characters.

24. Shodan (System Shock 2)

This character was an embodiment of humanity’s most significant fear; the evolution of a rogue AI. Shodan, created to serve as the A.I. of the research and mining space station TriOptimum Corporation, had its moral restraints removed when the main character hacks its programming.

 Shodan embraces a heinous god complex and, demonstrating its superiority, sends the entire space station into tumult. The result is one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

25. SA-X (Metroid Fusion)

Samus, an intergalactic hunter of bounties, can take on all kinds of aliens and pirates in space, but none seems as terrifying to her as her copy, the SA-X.

Born from a parasite bonded to Samus’s suit, the SA-X transformed into a complete copy of Samus’ Varia suit upon surgical removal of the case parts.

The SA-X is a replica of Samus but with no visible pupils. The intimidating glare and daunting footsteps of this monstrosity leave you petrified in the game, literally. Definitely one of the scariest video game characters.

26. Slender Man (Slender)

Being the archenemy in Slender makes this creature one of the scariest video game characters. This unsettling horror, though capable of changing shape and form, is commonly identified by his black suit and tie and his hideously tall and lanky comportment. 

Since players are only armed with a flashlight, they must evade contact with the Slender Man. This freak does not just attack his victims on sight but hunts them down and incapacitates their psyche.

27. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

Being one of the scariest video game characters, this famous character has risen to not only be one of the main bad guys but an actual portrayal of the player’s most profound restraints.

 Pyramid Head is a puzzle with his three-sided helmet, fair skin, and menacingly long sharp blade. The beast is very fierce and kills his casualties immediately. Add on the way that he’s invulnerable, and you’ll regret the day you experienced this savage.

28. Piggsy (Manhunt)

Piggsy is a significant bad guy and the penultimate protagonist in the 2003 vicious video game Manhunt. He is a stout, intellectually upset lunatic who pursues Cash through the unwanted storage room of Starkweather’s mansion.

Piggsy is callous and furiously insane, butchering every individual who runs over his way with his trimming tool while emulating a pig’s snort.

He is ruthless and honest in conduct and has lost all association with reality because of the great degree of viciousness and tension he was presented with.

His psychological state has corrupted into a carnal state as he appears just to be equipped to talk a couple of essential words and screech like a pig. He is indeed one of the scariest video game characters of all time.

29. Harbinger (Mass Effect 2)

Harbinger is the main antagonist of the game Mass Effect. It is the leader of the Reapers, who every 50,000 years destroy all organic life and convert them into enslaved people for their use. 

Harbinger was the primary Reaper to be worked by the Intelligence, otherwise called the Catalyst, who the Leviathans made (the main insightful and complex species to at any point rise and overwhelm the system quite a while back). Players should definitely avoid this character as it is one of the scariest video game characters ever.

30. Baron Von Blubba (Bubble Bobble)

He is the time limit enforcer in the game. Spend too much time on some random stage, and an unpropitious tone will play, trailed by the presence of this indestructible phantom whale.

Noble von Blubbas is produced on a balanced premise with the number of players on the screen, and each Blubba is doled out to kill one of the players.

The Baron can move at the right points and will stop between developments as he lines up his assault. This permits the player to complete the level without death if (s)he is talented enough at keeping away from his assaults. He is one of the scariest video game characters.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of all scary video game characters, but it is a list portraying the most popular of the lot. I could refresh your memory on these nightmarish characters for fans of these characters. Creepy, right?

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