10 Thanksgiving Horror Movies You Should Watch

Thanksgiving Horror Movies

Do you enjoy Thanksgiving horror movies? We, I’ve got you covered!

Most people believe that horror is only found at summer camps and on Halloween, but as an ardent fan will tell you, horror exists all year.  

Besides The autumnal season is the ideal time to conjure up some scares, especially when October approaches and the cold sets in.

Additionally, after all, on Halloween’s Eve, Americans prepare for Thanksgiving, the most important holiday of the year.  

This month, movie characters face awkward family gatherings and frantic Black Friday sales, just like they do in life. But, to my horror, there’s a greater danger on the horizon.

So put the carving knife away and double-check the cranberry sauce because we’ve ranked ten of the best Thanksgiving horror movies.

1. The Intruder

A young couple bored with city life buys a country cottage from an eccentric surviving spouse who can’t seem to go on with his life.  

The man’s wife feels sorry for him and even invites him to come. Her spouse, on the other hand, is skeptical, believing the former owner had ulterior motivations for befriending the couple.  

Furthermore, The Intruder is influenced by classic domestic thrillers. Although it settles in and preserves the current furniture, it does not renovate the dwelling.

Nevertheless, the performances are quite strong despite Dennis Quaid restrained himself when he could have played things crazier. 

2. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

This comic musical, by Troma Films (Toxic Avenger. It is one of the best Thanksgiving horror movies of all time.

The Class of Nuke ‘Em High, and others), is set in a New Jersey fast-food restaurant named the American Chicken Bunker.  

Which is situated on a hallowed Native American burial ground. Furthermore, people are stuffed into meat grinders; a man engages in sexual activity with an uncooked chicken carcass; a man hatches an egg, and undead chickens sing and dance.  

In addition, The film isn’t exactly about Thanksgiving, but it’d be entertaining to watch after a turkey dinner as the tryptophan kicks in. 

3. Kristy

After a friend’s unexpected change of plans, Justine finds herself alone in the dorms for Thanksgiving break, unable to afford to fly home for the holidays.

She settles in for a calm week on her own, but what she gets is far from tranquil.  

However, Justine swings by a neighboring supermarket on Thanksgiving night to stock up on goodies for the long weekend, only to be followed home by Violet, a mystery girl who belongs to a cruel cult that ritualistically follows and murders women they choose “Kristy.” 

4. The Oath

One family has an incredible Thanksgiving dinner during a time when the country’s citizens are “asked” to sign a loyalty oath to the President.

Furthermore, the gathering is hampered by the looming oath-signing deadline, which drives Chris and his relatives apart.  

When federal officers arrive and try to get Chris to sign, things get heated. Besides, Bad things keep happening, and this fractured family is forced to make a terrible, life-altering decision.  

Additionally, The Oath isn’t a traditional horror film, but it does capture the genre’s devouring fear. It’s not easy to see this black comedy since it’s so cruelly on the nose about today’s political climate.

But what better holiday to watch Thanksgiving horror movies? 

5. ThanXsgiving

A knock at the door interrupts four individuals who are sitting down for a pleasant, quiet Thanksgiving dinner.

Besides, they meet an eager young man who appears to be in difficulties and show him some Christmas hospitality by allowing him inside.  

which turns out to be a major mistake because he’s a deranged killer. In only 20 days, this short film was developed, written, cast, directed, shot, edited, and released. 

6. Pilgrim

A mother hires Thanksgiving history re-enactors to stay with them at their home while they prepare to offer them an authentic Thanksgiving experience in an attempt to bring her remote family closer together.  

initially enthralled by their dedication to their roles and extensive knowledge, things turn sour as their refusal to break character becomes menacing.  

However, what is supposed to be informative family fun turns into a horrifying lesson about the perils of welcoming strangers into your home in this video created for Hulu‘s holiday horror series Into the Dark. 

7. ThanksKilling

Thankskilling is one of the best Thanksgiving horror movies on our list.

The film was made on a shoestring budget of $3,500 when filmmaker Jordan Downey and friends were hanging out at a Blockbuster video store. They ponder on how to make a comedy about a killer turkey.  

Meanwhile, A topless lady is slain by a tomahawk-wielding, anthropomorphized turkey who cries, “Nice t*ts, bitch!” The film begins in 1621, and a topless woman is killed by a tomahawk-wielding, anthropomorphized turkey who shouts, “Nice t*ts, bitch!” 

8. Home Movie

Reverend David Poe and his psychiatrist wife have moved from New York to an exquisite country home.

Which is the ideal setting for 10-year-old twins Jack and Emily to run, play, and imagine.  

However, David resolved to videotape every holiday and special family event to document this lifestyle transformation.  

Besides, to Poe’s dismay, their home movies expose their children’s growing malice and depravity, and from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. The children have evolved into a bloodlust for human prey. 


Séance is one of the best Thanksgiving horror movies of all time. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone but five students in an old Manhattan building that has been converted into a college dormitory return home.  

Roommates Lauren, Melina, and Alison, as well as her boyfriend Diego and Grant. A loner in a room down the hall is staying on one floor.

Besides, Lauren has been seeing things in her bathroom, including a six-year-old quiet child.  

Additionally, Diego has written a parapsychology paper, so he arranges a séance for the skeptical co-eds. Something goes wrong, and the students’ lone defender is a grizzled college cop named Syd.

However, what is the secret of the silent ghostly girl, and can Alison figure it out before it’s too late? 

10. Black Friday

Black Friday is the last on our list of Thanksgiving horror movies. It is a new horror-comedy musical about the dreaded Black Friday shopping day.

Besides, when the Tickle-Me Wiggly, the hottest new toy for the holiday season, hits the shops, the Hatchet field goes mental over it.  

Furthermore, that’s when Tom Houston, Lex Foster, Becky Barnes, and a few other familiar faces are forced to fight their way through a sea of murderous mall-goers to save humanity from an interdimensional being with a taste for chaos.

However, will the world survive Black Friday when Piggly Wiggly comes to town? 

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