22 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix in 2023

Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

As October 31 approaches, one of the most customary things to do is to watch a handful of the best Halloween movies on Netflix.  

And then spend the next week sleeping with every light on in the house.

Thankfully, there are plenty of scares to go around with this Netflix collection of Halloween movies, and they’ll appeal to a wide range of audiences.   

Furthermore, Halloween is a holiday, not a day. It’s the start of a new season.

And there’s no better way to keep the thrills, chills, and horrors flowing than by hosting a month-long Halloween movie marathon.

However, the job is done for you if you have Netflix. These Netflix Halloween flicks provide all the scares you’ll ever need. 

Additionally, not all Halloween movies need to be scary to be entertaining. The best Halloween movies on Netflix will make you laugh, gasp, or hide your head behind the nearest pillow.

Below is a list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix to watch this Halloween. 

1. His House

The horror genre has a horrible habit of rehashing what has already been done brilliantly, but His House completely breaks this trend.  

Additionally, the film follows a South Sudanese couple who flee the horrors of living in a war-torn country. Only to find themselves in an English village with its sinister qualities of the supernatural variety. 

2. Fear Street Trilogy

Based on the R.L. Stine books, the best Halloween movie on Netflix is a trilogy that explores the village of Shady side. Ohio has been plagued by the bad juju of a wronged witch for decades.  

Additionally, Fear Street 1994, Fear Street 1978, and Fear Street 1666 are all set in various periods. 

3. The Conjuring

This film may be considered a classic by certain horror aficionados. Additionally, The Conjuring is the first of three films about Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators who try to heal people who have been possessed by demons.  

Furthermore, in the first film, set in 1970, the pair help a family whose farmhouse is being harassed by a terrible spirit. 

4. Hubie Halloween

This Halloween movie is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix for the whole family. If you’re seeking a movie that you and your kids will both enjoy, this new Adam Sandler Halloween film is it.  

Hubie, a community volunteer in Salem, Massachusetts, who is frequently the brunt of his neighbors’ jokes, is thrown into the position of preserving Halloween just before things are about to get very nasty. 

5. Things Heard and Seen

Things Heard and Seen is a haunted house film that follows a young mother and her family as they relocate from the city to the country.  

In addition, she begins to see and experience weird things, but is it just her loneliness, or are the house’s previous residents revealing themselves to her? 

6. The Ring

The Ring stars Naomi Watts as a newspaper reporter on the hunt for a cursed videotape that is claimed to kill anyone who watches it within seven days.  

However, for a simple and instantly memorable Halloween costume, dress up as the girl from this film with a white dress and a long black wig.

The Rings is one of the scariest movies ever made. Hence, also one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix.   

7. Winchester

A haunted home is the epitome of Halloween, and the Winchester mansion is the pinnacle. The Winchester is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix in 2021.  

Sarah Winchester, the heiress to her family’s firearm fortune, spent her life creating a never-ending maze of stairways. And secret rooms to keep the ghosts of those slain by Winchester weapons at bay. 

8. Army of The Dead

“This year, I’m going to put something on every streaming site,” Zack Snyder remarked. The survivors of a zombie apocalypse trek to a Vegas quarantine zone in search of supplies.  

Furthermore, Dave Bautista is the reason for your visit. Keep an eye out for Tig Notaro. Oh, and don’t touch the undead. 

9. The Babysitter

For a little boy attempting to spy on his babysitter, the events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worse. However, it is one of the scariest Halloween movies on Netflix.  

In addition, nothing is more terrifying than a pubescent guy reaching puberty and discovering he has a crush on his babysitter.

Unless the babysitter is a member of a wicked cult that sacrifices strangers in your parents’ kitchen. 

10. In the Tall Grass

Fans of Stephen King will undoubtedly enjoy this film. However, the harrowing narrative of a brother and sister who hear a small child pleading for aid in a field is told in this film, which is based on Stephen’s novel of the same name.  

Furthermore, they quickly learn they can’t leave the field, and something far more deadly lurks within as they fight to save the youngster. 

11. The Silence

This film, like A Quiet Place, includes monsters that chase sound. However, The Silence is one of the most popular Halloween movies on Netflix.  

A mystery cult emerges as a family fight for survival, with plans to exploit their deaf daughter’s (Kiernan Shipka) heightened senses.  

In addition, now, not only must the family endure the beasts threatening their lives, but also an unsettling cult and its leader. 

12. The Roommate

Sara befriends her roommate, Rebecca, when she first arrives on campus.  Oblivious to the fact that the girl is becoming dangerously obsessed with her.  

Furthermore, Christian E. Christiansen directs this picture, which stars Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. 

13. Sabrina

There’s something about stories about dolls coming to life that appeals to the Halloween industry and horror movie fans both.

Sabrina is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix. People who (*raises hand*) have an irrational fear of dolls coming to life are probably not.  

However, if you can handle it, this 2018 film is about a toy manufacturer and his wife. Who are terrorized by their niece, who attempts to summon her late mother’s spirit?

Furthermore, Sabrina, a cursed doll, begins to stalk the household soon after.  

In addition, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is not to be confused with Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the funny or the scary one). 

14. Rattlesnake

Here’s a conundrum: this film follows a mother whose daughter is saved by a mysterious stranger after being bitten by a rattlesnake.  

The stranger then demands that she return the favor by taking a life. Carmen Ejogo plays a mother who finds herself in an untenable situation. 

15. The Invitation

One of those cliches that never get old is the dinner party gone wrong. The Invitation is one of the most cliched Halloween movies on Netflix.

In addition, when a man attends a dinner party at the house he used to share with his ex-wife, he realizes there’s more to it than a three-course meal and a few toasts to health and happiness.  

Furthermore, the couple is still mourning the death of their young son, which was the catalyst for their divorce. However, That’s not a promising start to a fun night of entertainment. 

16. Bird Box

Bird Box portrays Sandra Bullock as a woman who must save herself and her children from an ominous force that kills all victims who view it, similar to A Quiet Place with a twist.  

In addition, their only means of escape is blindfolds, which are a frail defense against danger. 

17. It Comes at Night (2017)

A bizarre apocalypse forces a family to remain in their remote cottage in the woods. When a man arrives with his wife and son, things take a turn for the worst.  

However, the two families create an alliance and bond over their shared trauma. They quickly find that something terrible is lurking behind their safe sanctuary. 

18. Fractured (2019)

Ray Monroe, played by Sam Worthington, is a father who has to rush to the hospital with his wife after his daughter fractures his arm after stopping at a gas station.  

In addition, he falls asleep at the hospital and wakes up to discover his wife and daughter have vanished. 

However, when the hospital claims they have no recollection of his family, he suspects the hospital is concealing more information than the state. 

19. Vampire Academy

This young film, based on a series of romance books, will transport you to St. Vladamir’s Academy, a school for human and vampire hybrids.  

Rose Hathaway, the protagonist, must prepare for her role as the defender of mortal vampires. 

20. Head Count

What, you’ve never mistakenly summoned the supernatural while on a weekend getaway? Headcount is one of the movies on Netflix. 

Additionally, that’s where the college students in Headcount find themselves, and it’s merely the start of a downright lethal vacation. 

21. Truth Or Dare

No, it’s not as entertaining as the version you remember from your childhood. On Halloween, a group of teenagers leases a haunted mansion and finds themselves trapped in a gruesome game. 

22. Cult of Chucky

Last on our list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix. In this sequel to the 1988 film that started it all, Chucky returns to hunt down a new family.  

Furthermore, Chucky returns to harass his human victim, Nica, who is incarcerated in a mental institution.

Meanwhile, with the help of his former wife, the killer doll has some old enemies to deal with. 

In conclusion, Netflix has a library of goosebump-inducing movies to stream for people infatuated with all things scary and scream-inducing.

We have compiled a list of Halloween movies on Netflix for the Halloween season. 

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