25 Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix for the Family

Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Netflix, as always, comes to the rescue this Thanksgiving season. It’s simple to watch streaming Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.

Just choose something that everyone in the family will enjoy, press play, and then relax on the couch.  

Furthermore, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Thanksgiving movies on Netflix and TV episodes. Some of the films are truly about the holiday season (some are geared toward families.

Others for adults). Others depict great moments at the holiday table, or any table for that matter.  

Some people simply feel at ease at this time of year, when everything has an autumnal feel to it.

Then there are films and television series about food, such as cooking, eating, baking, and learning about where food originates from and why it tastes good.

They’ll inspire you to cook your next large holiday meal! 

1. Waffles + Mochi

Now here is a show that the whole family can enjoy! Two puppet buddies (and their occasional companion, Michelle Obama) tour the world learning about food and cookery in this show.  

Additionally, there are segments dedicated to potatoes, maize, mushrooms, herbs and spices, and salt, among other items found on a Thanksgiving table. 

2. Holiday Rush

When a widowed father loses his job just before Christmas, he must make changes that his four spoilt children may not like. Holiday Rush is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

But they all learn the same thing. However, it’s not so much what you have as it is what you have around you that counts. 

3. Holidate

Sloane (Emma Roberts) understands how difficult it is to invite a romantic interest into your home to meet your family.  

Furthermore, to dodge her family’s intrusive questions, she makes a deal with Jackson (Luke Bracey) to be on each other’s Platonic holiday dates for the entire year. Is such an arrangement, however, likely to last? 

4. Friendsgiving

Every year, holding a Friendsgiving is becoming more popular. Additionally, this comedy starring Malin Akerman and Kat Dennings is all too relatable in its depiction of how these get-togethers are seldom.  

5. Yes Day

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez play parents who prefer to be cautious and say no to their children. Yes, Day is one of the best family-friendly Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

However, they decide to say yes to their craziest ideas for one day, and an adventure ensues. This film is appropriate for the entire family, and it will likely inspire you to engage in some Thanksgiving Day hijinks of your own.  

6. The Little Prince

This brilliant animal film captures the spirit of the French novel while also adding a contemporary twist.  

However, The Little Prince’s story is recounted to a young girl who is trapped in an orderly world with no place for whimsy. 

7. Best Leftovers Ever

Everyone knows that the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. Best Leftovers Ever is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.

In this cooking challenge, creative chefs are charged with repurposing old leftovers into new delicacies.  

Additionally, they have to use holiday foods like glazed ham, apple pie, and green bean casserole in the third episode, so you might be able to pick up some tips. 

8. Always Be My Maybe

What’s the point of traveling home for the holidays if you don’t know if you’ll run into an ex or an old high school crush at the supermarket. or while getting coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop? 

If that’s ever crossed your mind (and who hasn’t?). You’ll love thismom.com written by Ali Wong and Randall Park. In which they play two high school friends who are reunited as adults.  

And wonder if it’s possible to rekindle the spark they had when they were fifteen, despite their very different day-to-day lives. 

9. Operation Christmas Drop

A political aide is trying to close an Air Force base but instead falls in love with an attractive Air Force pilot. Furthermore, the story is excellent, but the film is also worth viewing for the breathtaking filming locations.  

10. Fatherhood

Kevin Hart plays a single father who is trying to parent on his own. Fatherhood is one of the Thanksgiving movies on Netflix you and your family should watch. 

Besides, as you might expect, it’s more difficult—and even more rewarding—than he had anticipated.

However, after his wife died unexpectedly a day after their daughter was born, a father raises his infant child as a single father. 

11. Falling inn Love

Gabriela Diaz, a corporate executive, enters a contest to win an inn overlooking New Zealand’s countryside after a break-up.  

Furthermore, she discovers The Bellbird Valley Farm lacking in curb appeal after thousands of flight miles, but she is determined to renovate it. 

12. Home

Oh, a runaway extraterrestrial, befriends the last person remaining on Earth, a young girl named Tip.  

However, they team together to find Tip’s mother, although the enemy aliens are hard on their tail! A family-friendly trip that is both funny and heartwarming. 

13. Holiday in the wild

A woman flies to Africa alone after being dumped by her husband on the eve of starting on an African safari.

Where she meets an elephant conservationist. Holiday in the Wild is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

Furthermore, Kristin Davis portrays a newly divorced city slicker who enlists the assistance of Rob Lowe to support her on an African adventure. 

14. The Great British Baking Show: Holiday

Of course, any episode of The Great British Baking Show would be acceptable. but whipping out Thanksgiving sweets whetted the family’s desire for homey culinary creations. They’ll enjoy these particular holiday episodes. 

15. Otherhood

Parents who are finally finished with Thanksgiving preparations will enjoy this comedy about three mothers. Who surprised their sons with a weekend in New York City.  

Additionally, Carol (Angela Bassett), Gillian (Patricia Arquette), and Helen (Felicity Huffman), longtime friends, decide to go to New York City on Mother’s Day. To reunite with their adult sons, and in the process, they find their sons aren’t the only ones whose lives need to change.  

Besides: A quest for connection turns into a journey of rediscovery, forcing these women to rethink their relationships with their children, friends, spouses, and, most importantly, with themselves.

16. The Starling

Tune in to The Starling if you’re searching for a film that’s a little more cerebral yet still hopeful. The Starling is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

Additionally, following a couple that has suffered a significant loss, they work together to find ways to heal. With the help of a quirky starling and a therapist (Kevin Kline) who is also a veterinarian.  

However, McCarthy gives an outstanding performance, with a musical score by St. Vincent.

17. Salt Fat Acid Heat

If you want to improve your cooking skills, this four-part docuseries follows food writer Samin Nosrat as she looks into the four elements of a well-balanced dish.  

Besides Each episode focuses on a different element, and she visits Italy to learn about fat, Japan to learn about salt, Mexico to learn about acid, and California to learn about the heat. 

18. Beethoven

You’ll be able to commiserate with the family in this canine classic if you’ve ever had a stressful Thanksgiving due to your animal family member.

Furthermore, Beethoven is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

However, the Newton family acquires a lovely St. Bernard puppy (as they always do!) Only to discover that it grows to be larger than life and causes mischief everywhere.  

Regardless, they must safeguard Beethoven from a deranged veterinarian who is trying to kidnap him for his scientific experiments. 

19. August: Osage County

Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Margo Martindale, and Chris Cooper star in August: Osage County, which is based on a Tracy Letts play.  

We can’t claim it’s a joyous family reunion (or even a Thanksgiving one, though there is a large lunch with a hilarious around-the-table sequence), but there are plenty of acting skills on exhibit. 

20. The holiday Calendar

A struggling but skilled photographer inherits an ancient holiday advent calendar whose contents appear to foretell the future.

Furthermore, will she fall in love with the festive season thanks to this amazing calendar? 

21. Murder Mystery

In this funny comedy, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston rejoin for another hilarious comedy. Murder Mystery is a funny comedy Thanksgiving movie on Netflix.  

However, it’s about a normal couple who end up on a billionaire’s yacht during their much-anticipated European vacation. Furthermore, they had no idea they’d be solving a murder while on vacation. 

22. Silver Linings Playbook

Although it isn’t expressly about Thanksgiving. It contains all of the traditional Thanksgiving aspects, such as family, food, and football.

Silver Linings Playbook is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

However, Bradley Cooper stars as a man who has just been released from mental care and forms an odd connection with a young widow.

She agrees to support him, provided he joins her in a ballroom dance competition, putting her in conflict with his superstitious family of bookies. 

23. My Fair Lady

If your family appreciates both classics and musicals, serve this Audrey Hepburn classic with pumpkin pie and a bit “Rain in Spain, falls mostly on the plain… 

” Hepburn plays Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney working girl who is converted into a refined London lady about town by Henry Higgins, a confident and proud phonetics professor.  

Additionally, Will she, however, get swept away by the newfound society that suddenly seeks her out? 

24. Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert (Roberts) had everything a modern woman should aspire to – a husband, a home, and a great career – yet, like so many others, she was lost, confused, and seeking for what she truly wanted in life.  

Meanwhile, Gilbert, just divorced and at a crossroads in her life, takes a risk and risks everything to transform her life, starting on a journey around the world that turns into a search for self-discovery.  

Moreover, she discovers the true pleasure of sustenance via food in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and surprisingly, the inner serenity and balance of true love in Bali during her travels. 

25. Stardust

Do you want to read a great fairy tale that will have your entire family laughing? Consider the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short tale Stardust.

Stardust is one of the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.  

However, Tristan journeys into the fairy realm to reclaim a fallen star, who happens to be a lovely human named Yvaine.

Meanwhile, He must protect her from others who would seek to exploit her for their gains, such as kings seeking to keep their thrones and an evil witch seeking to preserve youth. 

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