23 Extraordinary Movies on BET Plus to Watch in 2022

Movies on BET Plus

Here’s a rundown of the best incredible movies on BET Plus that are now available on the streaming service. BET Plus (an ad-free platform) collaborates between Tyler Perry Studios and BET Networks. Furthermore, Tyler Perry is the ideal BET Plus partner.  

Tyler brings to our joint venture a fantastic product for his extensive and passionate fan base, combining new, original shows with his massive library of popular movies, series, and stage plays.” Additionally, BET+ offers over 1,000 hours of ad-free television, including original programming, fan favorites, movies, and specials.”  

The cost of BET Plus is $9.99 per month. This works out to $119.88 for the year, barely under $120. Be one of the first to watch BET Plus on the internet!

Movies on BET Plus

Well, some of the extraordinary movies on BET plus are;

1. Holiday Heist (2019)

It follows the story of a man who was recently freed from jail. He must choose between a life of crime and a new beginning with a woman he meets while investigating a possible theft. The top cast includes Chaley Rose, Tobias Truvillion, Lucien Cambric, Simeon Henderson. 

2. Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)

Madea’s big happy family is one of the must-watch movies on BET plus right now. When Madea’s niece Shirley hears terrible news concerning her health, she leaps into action.

Shirley’s only desire is to gather her three grown children around her and inform them of the information.  

Furthermore, Tammy, Kimberly, and Byron, on the other hand, are too preoccupied with their issues: Tammy can’t control her unruly children or her shattered marriage; Kimberly is enraged and takes it out on her husband; and Byron, after serving two years in prison, is under pressure to resume drug dealing.  

In addition, Madea must get the clan together and put things right the only way she knows how: with a lot of fierce love, laughter, and the revelation of a long-buried family secret, with the help of the equally rowdy Aunt Bam.

The top cast includes Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, David Mann, Cassi Davis.  

3. Four Brothers (2005)

Four adopted brothers return to avenge their mother’s death in a heist at a grocery shop, which looks to be a random homicide.

However, the boys’ investigation into the killing uncovers additional shady activities, including one brother’s business contacts with a notorious local hoodlum.  

Additionally, two cops attempting to solve the case may not be who they appear to be. The top cast includes Terrence Howard, Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund.  

4. Precious (2009)

Precious is also one of the most inspiring movies on BET plus. The year was 1987, and I was in Harlem. Claireece Jones, who goes by Precious’s middle name, is sixteen years old and illiterate.  

She is expecting her second child, both of whom are fathered by her biological father, who has abused her since she was a youngster but whom she does not see.

Mongo, Precious’ infant daughter, has Down Syndrome and stays with Precious’ grandmother. Precious lives with Mary, who physically and emotionally abuses her.  

Additionally, Mary believes that schooling does nothing for Precious, who she would instead collect benefits if only to bring money into the household.

She does nothing except smoke, watches television, and collects welfare through fraud (since she never looks for work).  

5. Swag Inc (2019)

David and A.J. (both 29) are adorable, hilarious, and have more swag than they can handle. Their personal lives are filled with landing 20-something women and enjoying life.  

But as they approach their 30s and work dead-end jobs in pricey L.A., they need to step up their game and make money moves. David works as a waiter at a high-end country club, while A.J. works in a new software company’s mailroom.  

Our athletes have talent, but little money, which is becoming increasingly vital as time goes on. They don’t want to be the lonely and miserable O.G.s at the bar/club hunting for half-their-age women and coming up empty-handed. 

Furthermore, Until one day, following a two-minute “swagger” session, David successfully helps one of the country club members land a woman using his highly trained and fool-proof swagger tactics and receives $100 cash.  

In addition, David sees an opportunity. With the help of A.J. and a couple of the tech companies, they establish the ‘Swagger’ app/online business to let men acquire any lady (or numerous women) they desire.  

When the tech company president learns that his staff was instrumental in developing this phenomenally successful app/online business, he decides to take over the company. The cast includes Masika Kalysha, Erica Mena, TravQue, Elizabeth Ruiz, Black Thomas.  

6. Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

Why I get married is also one of the most extraordinary movies on BET Plus. Dr. Patricia Agnew, a psychologist, has published a best-seller about marriage, based on her own and the experiences of three other couples who take a week off each year to reflect on “Why did I get married?”  

One of those weeks has arrived, and all four relationships are strained: Patricia and her husband Gavin have the shadow of grief between them.

Terry believes that Diane has abandoned him for her career; Angela, who’s developed a great business, belittles her husband Marcus, who works for her; Mike is cruel to Sheila, his devout, overweight wife.  

Throughout the week, each person’s secret is revealed. Will these unions be able to withstand the test of time? The top cast includes Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, Tasha Smith, Jill Scott, Louis Gossett, Jr., Malik Yoba, Michael Jai White, Sharon Leal. 

7. Angrily Ever After (2019)

Tia Logan, the envy of every woman and the object of every man’s desire, is about to have it all. She is a week away from marrying Malcolm Wright, DC’s most eligible bachelor, in addition to obtaining the coveted morning news anchor post at WBX DC television station.  

Tia and her closest friend Jillian are running last-minute wedding errands in preparation for her wedding.

Furthermore, Tia notices her fiance’ going down the street, displaying a heavy PDA with another woman, while at her last dress fitting. Tia rushes outdoors in her bridal gown, and chaos ensues.  

However, Tia loses everything in 24 hours: her new fiance’, her job, and her home. Will she ever recuperate, and will she ever be able to find her way back? The top cast includes Jasmine Burke, Terayle Hill, Ta’Rhonda Jones, Tyrone Marshall.  

8. Redeemed (2021)

Next on our list of great movies on BET plus is redeemed. Angela Sylvester finds herself caught up in a ‘Kids for Pay’ prison scam engineered by her supervisor, Judge Cynthia Paulino, after becoming the state’s youngest female minority judge elevated to the court.  

She struggles, and her career spirals out of control, fearing her legal career and goal of becoming a federal judge is over. Fearful, she follows the advice of a close friend and turns to her faith for the strength she needs to atone for the sins she has committed.”

The top cast includes T.C Stallings, Shari Dyon Perry, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Cameron Arnett. 

9. Always A Bridesmaid (2019)

Corina is forced to be the bridesmaid for everyone. She fearlessly re-enters the dating scene after deciding to no longer be a lady-in-waiting.  

However, is she doomed to be a bridesmaid forever, or is the love of her life just around the corner? The top cast includes Javicia Leslie, Jordan Calloway, Yvette Nicole Brown, Michelle Mitchenor, Richard Lawson. 

10. Twice Bitten (2021)

Twice Bitten (2021) best movies on BET plus

Twice Bitten is also one of the must-watch movies on BET Plus. An undeniably gorgeous conman sets his sights on the widowed Monique for his newest con.  

However, his typical scam finds a snag when suspicion grows, and his strategy soon devolves into desperation, betrayal, and murder. The top cast includes Lisa Raye, Shanica Knowles, Ledisi, Nelson Hayne. 

11. Father’s Kingdom (2017)

Father Divine has been referred to be a brilliant businessman, a civil rights leader, a charlatan, a con man, and a liar. His devotees referred to him as God.

However, his religious movement claimed to have millions of adherents at one time.  

Additionally, only a few people remain today, living as an interracial family on a posh estate outside of Philadelphia, trying to carry on Father’s legacy. The top cast includes Father Divine, Mother Divine, Kristin Bedford.  

12. Throwback Holiday (2018)

In a hopeless marriage, Jacqueline is leading an empty life. After a fortuitous encounter with a former classmate, she rethinks her life choices and wishes she could go back to high school for a do-over.  

Additionally, Jacqueline reawakens as a high school senior with the power to change everything, just like a Christmas miracle. The top cast includes Rhyon Nicole Brown, Robert Ri’chard, Jennifer Freeman, Vanessa Bell Calloway, KJ Smith.  

13. True To Game (2017)

True to Game is next on our list of most great movies on BET Plus. Gena Hollins had a relationship with a drug dealer in the past.

Then he began abusing her. Gena has no desire to be anyone’s trophy again, no matter how much money he has, how lovely his automobile is, or how sweet his talk is.  

Furthermore, Gena now lives happily in an impoverished Philadelphia neighborhood with her adoring grandma, Gah-Git, who raised her when her mother died of a heroin overdose. 

Additionally, Gena is nearing completion of her bachelor’s degree in English, following which she plans to pursue a career as a writer. Her life isn’t exactly glamorous.  

But Gena knows that flash isn’t everything. Then, while clubbing with her wild child, Sarah, she encounters Qadir Richards, and he’s a narcotics trafficker.  

He’s a millionaire. His trip is enjoyable, as is his conversation. The top cast includes Columbus Short, Andra Fuller, Vivica A. Fox, Nelsan Ellis, and Jennifer Freeman. 

14. Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run (2017)

Mabel “Madea” Simmons is on the run from the law after getting into difficulty with the authorities.

However, with nowhere else to go, Madea moves in with her buddy Bam, recovering from surgery, but Bam has no idea that Madea is only “playing the concerned friend” to avoid the cops.  

The top cast includes Cassi Davis, Tony Hightower, Rhonda Davis, Maurice Lauchner. 

15. Holiday Heartbreak (2020)

After her chauvinistic father mistreats the wrong lady, a hopeless romantic is cursed with relationship issues. The top cast includes Kountry Wayne, Kenneth Wayne, Maryam Basir, A.J Johnson, Michael Colyar.  

16. The Christmas Lottery (2020)

The Christmas lottery is also one of the best movies on BET plus right now. The Davenport sisters have grown apart over the years, but when their father wins the lottery, all he wants for Christmas is to bring his daughters home.  

However, it’s a challenging endeavor to overcome years of resentment, but it’s put on hold when their mother, who has dementia, loses the ticket.  

Furthermore, they put their differences aside to help find the access, and in the process, they overcome their differences and learn to work together. The top cast includes Brave Williams, Asia’s Epperson, Candiace Dillard, Terayle Hill. 

17. A Boy, A Girl, A Dream (2018)

Cass, an L.A. club promoter, embarks on a thrilling and emotional journey with Frida, a Midwestern visitor, on the night of the 2016 Presidential election.  

Furthermore, she pushes him to rediscover his shattered dreams while he makes her find hers. The top cast includes Omari Hardwick, Megan Good, Dijon Talton, Jay Ellis.  

18. Never And Again (2021)

Kevin and Jasmine fall head over heels in love as two adolescents with a similar passion for each other’s aspirations – his for football and hers for music – but tragedy and one terrible lapse in judgment pull them apart.  

Kevin and Jasmine must trust one another once their paths meet again many years later. Is their first love still powerful enough to save them now? The top cast Includes Jackie Long, Denise Boutte, Master P, Christian Keyes, Ella Joyce.   

19. Perfectly Single (2019)

Perfectly single is also one of the most extraordinary movies on BET Plus. As a last-ditch effort to achieve happiness, a conservative and socially uncomfortable optometrist chooses to take a leap of faith in her search for fulfillment in a male companion at the suggestion of her friends.  

However, her challenging trek leads her to a potential young suitor, showing her down a path of self-discovery. The top cast includes Stoney Jackson, Omar Gooding, Dominque Perry, Torrei Hart. 

20. Dear Best Friend (2021)

Dawn Goldie is a painter who appears to have it all. Despite her successful gallery, loving husband Alex, and lovely 2-year-old son Lennox, she is constantly haunted by the tragic murder of her best friend Cori two years ago.  

Dawn receives a surprising gift, a novel, which quickly captures her interest on her birthday. Furthermore, Dawn’s fascination with the book causes her to disregard her work and personal life, which irritates Alex, who chastises her and tries to seize the book.  

Additionally, Alex, who has his plan, bombards Dawn with requests for funding for his latest business idea, but she resists, and Alex loses patience.

Dawn becomes increasingly interested in the novel, ignorant of Alex’s secret plans. The top cast includes Jeremy Meeks, Vernon, Davis, Asia’s Epperson, Andra fuller.  

21. My Online Valentine (2019)

Cozette “Cozi” Newton and Blaze Maddox meet on an internet dating site called blazedates.com and fall in love. But, just as Cozi is about to take a chance and date Blaze, her ex-boyfriend Ajax Booker reappears in her life with his plans.  

However, as Ajax devises his plan to lure Cozi back for Valentine’s Day, something unexpected occurs, changing the lives of Cozi, Ajax, and Blaze forever. The top cast includes Blue Kimble, Taja V.Simpson, Laila Odom. 

22. Keys To The City (2019)

Russell Savage, a widower from Bankhead, is running for Mayor of Atlanta as the city’s youngest ever. Furthermore, August King is his opponent, a guy who has reared Russell and his brother since childhood.  

Additionally, Russell finds himself struggling to keep all he’s worked for, including his campaign for Mayor and his life, when the lovely Avery Long joins the movement.

The top cast includes Isaiah Washington, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Stephen Bishop, Felisha Cooper.  

23. Back to the Goode Life (2019)

Last on our list of most great movies on Bet plus is back to the goodie life. Francesca Goode is a wealthy New York banker.

She goes from being a boss to being broke instantly after the Federal Reserve freezes all her assets after being wrongly accused of illegal banking activities.  

Furthermore, she’s forced to give up her well-earned, opulent lifestyle and return to her humble beginnings in a tiny Georgia town, where she believed she’d left her uniquely-hilarious Southern family.

However, it’s there that she’ll reclaim her self-worth, learn the true meaning of family, and rekindle old love. 

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