7 Vanitas Anime Characters

Vanitas Anime Characters

The anime tv series The Case Study of Vanitas is based on Jun Mochizuki’s manga series of the same name. There are a lot of amazing Vanitas anime characters to watch out for.

The plot revolves around the youthful Vanitas, who holds The Book of Vanitas and utilizes it to heal cursed vampires.

Vanitas is joined in his mission to save cursed vampires by the vampire Noé Archiviste.

The following are some of the Vanitas anime characters:

1. Vanitas

Vanitas is the fictitious protagonist and titular character of Jun Mochizuki’s manga “The Case Study of Vanitas.”

The character was given the name Vanitas of the Blue Moon, designating him as a vampire with ties to the Blue Moon clan. 

The Book of Vanitas, a grimoire held by Vanitas, is capable of reviving vampires whose names have been corrupted into “curse-bearers” with unbridled bloodlust. 

In his mission, he recruits the vampire Noé Archiviste (a vampire who is fascinated by the book and decides to join forces with him). 

Vanitas was created as a vampire character by the anime’s author, Jun Mochizuki, during a trip to France, but she changed her mind after speaking with her editor. 

Considering how he cures vampires, the character was developed to contrast with Noé’s attitude, and his actions are meant to underscore the series’ concept of identity.

Among the Vanitas anime characters, he appears to take nothing seriously and has a humorous grin on his face virtually all the time.

Most of the time, he behaves rashly, and his plans are usually risky. Vanitas exudes a naughty aura.

Noé’s unusual reactions to things greatly amuse him. However, he is capable of displaying seriousness as well as wrath when the circumstance calls for it.

He is quite flirty, as evidenced by his behavior around Jeanne. Vanitas is a twisted man who despises both vampires and humans, but he detests himself more than either.

Vanitas despises being vulnerable in front of others, refusing to sleep with anyone he doesn’t trust. He likes heights and is frequently seen on rooftops.

2. Noé Archiviste

Noé Archiviste is a central character of Jun Mochizuki’s The Case Study of Vanitas.

He is a Vampire raised in the small French village of Averoigne. Later on, he was taken to Paris for the first time to finish a school assignment. 

When he is tasked with finding The Book of Vanitas and determining its “real character,” he meets Vanitas, the human owner of the Book and a self-proclaimed “Vampire medical specialist.”

Although he detests Vanitas, he volunteers to accompany him on his journey to cure Malnomen, intending to continue his research on the Book.

He is the narrator of the anime, and the entire series is made up of his recollections of the events leading up to his murder of Vanitas.

He is sometimes compared to a child by others because of his propensity to become lost and quickly sidetracked.

Considering his frequent forgetfulness, he frequently abandons his cat, Murr, who regularly bites Noé in vengeance for being forgotten. 

Noé is also incredibly kind, as evidenced by his readiness to assist Amelia during her imprisonment and execution and his usual concern for other people’s welfare.

3. Johann

The Case Study of Vanitas by Jun Mochizuki features a supporting character named Johann. Johann does not belong in either human or vampire culture because he is a Dhampir. 

Therefore, he earns a living by working as a data broker alongside Dante, Riche, his coworkers, and brothers.

He occasionally helps Vanitas and Noé in their mission to track down and heal every curse-bearer by selling them information on them.

Among the Vanitas anime characters, Johann frequently exhibits a flamboyant attitude, evidenced by his lively facial expressions and taunting and flirty talking patterns. 

When speaking with someone, he frequently brushes up against them or puts his arm over them.

Even when he worries about Riche or gives warnings, he hardly ever shows any sign of seriousness, although he is very perceptive.

4. Nox

Nox is a vampire in The Case Study of Vanitas by Jun Mochizuki. She works as Count Parks Orlok’s protection alongside her brother, Manet.

Among the Vanitas anime characters, Nox is shown as an imposing woman having silky dark hair, a harsh look, and thickly lashed eyes. 

She frequently wears a long, black dress with several bows and frills, not unlike a maid’s uniform.

To protect Orlok, Nox must be extremely watchful of intrusions and distrustful of strangers. 

She gets easily irritated by any display of rudeness or conceit, like when Vanitas entered Orlok’s quarters in the Galerie Valentine without knocking.

5. Manet

One of the Vanitas anime characters is Manet; he is a vampire that serves as Count Parks Orlok’s personal protection alongside his sister, Nox.

With blonde hair, broad shoulders, and crimson eyes, Manet is a taller vampire. 

He is dressed in lighter pants and a cravat concealed behind a black button-up formal coat.

Among the Vanitas anime characters, he exhibits a calm and composed air but is a little uncomfortable and easily agitated.

6. Danet

One of the supporting characters from the Vanitas anime characters is Danet. Dante was born to a vampire mother and a human father.

It has been reported that he was separated from and had little contact with his parents. 

Dante spent his whole childhood shunned by both vampires and humans, and he had no place in either. Dante, as a Dhampir, has no place in either vampire or human society.

As a result, he earns a living as an information trader alongside his coworkers and brothers, Riche and Johann.

Vanitas is one of his most frequent customers, to whom he buys information about curse-bearers and related incidents.

As a result, Dante is mainly where Vanitas and Noé find their direction in their endeavor to heal every curse-bearer they can.

Dante is generally lighthearted when dealing with Vanitas; however, he is easily irritated by his partner and employer, especially when Vanitas refers to him as “Baldy.”

The two frequently take fun digs at one other, even though they love each other’s company.

On the other hand, Dante takes on a much more serious, parental-like position in connection to Riche.

While he is ready to accept her attempts to distance herself from an infantile perception, Dante frequently condemns Riche when she engages in a more hazardous activity.

7. Riche

Béatrice, better known by her nickname Riche, is a Vanitas anime character. Riche, as a Dhampir, has no place in either vampire or human society.

As a result, she earns a career as an information broker alongside her coworkers and brothers, Dante and Johann. 

She will occasionally sell curse-bearer information to Vanitas and Noé, assisting them in their endeavor to identify and cure every curse-bearer they can.

Riche, one of the Vanitas anime characters, appears as a young lady with circle-lensed glasses, wearing the same uniform as Johann and Dante, giving her a look that is fairly masculine. Her hair is pulled back with a light ribbon. 

She is an educated and passionate woman who often gets distracted when discussing her passions.

She also apologizes quickly after imparting her knowledge, as she is self-conscious of her tendency to ramble and overshare. 

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