29 Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

strongest hunter x hunter characters

This article presents the strongest hunter X Hunter characters. Like Berserk, Hunter Hunter is one of those anime programs whose breaks are more known than the show itself.

And although Berserk is moving ahead, Hunter Hunter’s future is still extremely unknown, which is a shame considering it’s one of the finest shonen games we’ve come across.

Hunter Hunter’s personalities and talents make for fascinating discourse. To aid you in future discussions, we have compiled a list of the strongest Hunter X Hunter characters, ranked according to their skills, capabilities, and powers.

1. Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov, one of the best strongest X hunter characters, plays music through wounds on his body while dodging assaults with elegance and joy. His martial arts skills are unknown, and he has never committed a physical assault.

The “Bap” is a member of a group often referred to as “dancing warriors,” so he has some fighting chops.

There’s no telling whether he fights while wearing boxing gloves or only wears them to hide the wounds on his hands.

He may have been motivated more by rage than skill when he waited for the Chimera Ant to wear out before killing him during their combat.

2. Leol

Leol has all the privileges of his racial group. His lion ancestry gives him powerful jaws that can easily crush an adult female’s upper body in one bite. Specialization is his nen type, and with Shaiapouf’s help, he learned the skill in three days.

3. Shoot McMahon

The shoot has shown remarkable physical fighting abilities, taking on opponents far stronger than him, including Yupi, and winning despite receiving deadly wounds. He’s often written off as a coward since he lacks confidence in his skills.

As one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, his rapid defeat at the hands of the Royal Guard Chimera Ant, despite his wounded, demonstrates that he is capable of steely tenacity and unbreakable will.

He uses a blend of martial arts and Nen in his combat technique and doesn’t appear to miss his arm. He is also adept at adapting his approach to account for the strengths and weaknesses of his adversary’s weapons, workforce, and skills.

4. Knuckle Bine

Knuckle’s physical prowess has been displayed, as he has defeated foes far larger and stronger than himself.

Potclean is the name of the power that gives him the ability to increase his opponent’s health points, making him one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

However, if Bine takes enough damage, he may cancel off the Nen ability by returning the hit credit. It’s been reported that Gon’s compassion is his biggest weakness and that if he hadn’t been so kind, he would have been vanquished after only two blows from him.

5. Uvogin

Uvogin has the strongest physical strength of the group and fights using close-quarters fighting. Although he hates to acknowledge it, he is at his best in battle when he has someone to defend.

As one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, his skin is so resilient that he can withstand shots from weapons and even anti-tank missiles without feeling any pain.

He can also spit out hard items (like a chunk of bone) with the power of a bullet, and his cries are loud enough to kill anybody in the room.

He isn’t trained in martial arts since he mainly uses heavy strikes. This attribute ranks him as one of the best hunter X hunter characters.

6. Shalnark

Since Shalnark, one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, was born in Meteor City, he is not included in any official records, making it very difficult to learn anything about him.

Because Shalnark is a Gen’ei Ryodan, he is ninth in terms of strength and can hold his own in a fight. Furthermore, he is much too intelligent to hack into systems and provide information to the Brigade.

7. Phinks Magcub

If you compare Phinks to Uvogin, you’ll see that he’s the second-strongest member of the Phantom Troupe.

In addition, he is an expert at fighting with no weapons at all, which ranks him among the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

His apparent method of choice is martial arts, emphasizing swiftly and secretly breaking or twisting the necks of his adversaries.

He has yet to demonstrate the full extent of his talents. He is both more effective and quicker than Uvogin in close-quarters battles.

8. Nobunaga Hazama

Killua admits that he could not get closer to Nobunaga without being slashed in half by the master swordsman. While he has yet to demonstrate Hatsu, he seems competent with Nen.

He needed a split-second to decapitate Squala, who had just begun to sheathe his blade. He had reached the speed necessary to slam into Franklin in a flash.

9. Morel Mackernassey

It’s clear that Morel, one of the best hunter X hunter characters, is a skilled tactician and a formidable opponent.

Due to his extensive training in Nen, he can utilize his pipe as a weapon in close quarters despite its weight, and he does it with just one hand. But he believes that his talents are best used in supporting roles.

10. Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi, an assassin for the Zoldyck family and one of the strongest Hunter X characters, has been groomed for the role from infancy.

According to Hisoka, Illumi scored 95 on the strength scale, making them more powerful than Zodiac sign inhabitants.

His extensive training has given him formidable strengths, including immunity to poison and lightning, enhanced speed, agility, and strength, and proficiency in conventional and unconventional warfare methods.

Before they could respond, he slaughtered a whole squad of expert hunters. He can also mimic various voices, making him a talented actress.

11. Kite

All the perks that come with being a hunter are available to Kite. Only a few years into his hunter career, he has uncovered 68 previously unknown species.

Because of his expertise, he was able to guide both novice hunters like Gon and Killua and seasoned veterans like Killua and himself.

As one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, he knows a lot about biology since a corporation hired him to do a crucial scientific assessment on Kakin.

It was far more potent than the pair when it was first presented. It could easily defeat top-tier species like Chimera Ants (which I had never seen before) and even inflict a few superficial wounds on the infant Neferpitou with a single arm before killing him.

12. Nanika

When the circumstances are right, Nanika may connect to another creature and live within their body, eventually taking control of them.

All of his physical prowess is contingent on the capabilities of the body he now occupies. For the time being, he is at the power level of a typical young kid.

Alluka is able to read Nanika’s feelings because of their empathic bond. But her wish-granting power sets her apart, and the Zoldycks think it’s endless.

Even though Killua warned Nanika not to grant any more wishes, it is unclear whether she still has this power.

13. Yorkshire

As President of the Hunters ‘ Association, Cheadle has tremendous power over his subordinates, political sway, and access to top-secret secrets.

While we have yet to learn much about her fighting or Nen skills, we may assume that being a member of the Zodiacs and a Triple Star Slayer, she is a formidable opponent and an equally formidable Nen user.

Nonetheless, in the 13th president’s runoff election, Pariston bluntly claims that Cheadle doesn’t have the combat qualities needed to be commander-in-chief. Cheadle’s credentials as a lawyer and a doctor imply that he is well-versed in law and medicine.

Because of her ground-breaking research in the realm of viruses, she has been recognized as a Triple Star Virus Hunter and one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

14. Kurapika

Kurapika has all the privileges a Hunter is entitled to. Zodiacs are second only to the President of the Hunter Association, and his influence extends well beyond that.

Light Nostrade’s trusted lieutenant had considerable influence inside the clan; he now leads Light’s new organization. The story advances, and so do Kurapika’s abilities.

Hisoka was the first to recognize its potential, including it on a list of “green fruits” with high expectations. His Nen talents allowed him to surpass Killua’s strength during the Yorknew City Arc, despite starting weaker.

Just like Hisoka and Silva, he is one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters to have taken out a member of the Phantom Troupe, and the one he murdered was no pushover.

15. Biscuit Krueger

She has made significant contributions as a Two Star Treasure Hunter. As far as I can tell, she is a gemologist.

Her fellow Hunter Association members must very well think of her since she advanced to the fifth and final round of voting.

One of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, She has defeated Binolt and Bara without much effort, even though she hasn’t exhibited her full strength.

Killua, herself, has felt its terrifying power. Most of her adversaries underestimate her because of her youthful look. She is powerful in her body, and her mind and life experience are formidable.

She has been a liar her whole life. Therefore she can easily spot another liar. She can sleep with a significant portion of her brain active.

16. Razor

Razor is one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters. Even Hunters will flee from his presence.

Although his combat skills remain a mystery, you can be certain that he is a formidable adversary who will not hesitate to utilize his tremendous strength to obliterate his foe.

When Phinks, a member of the Phantom Troupe, and his friends learn his might, they flee the island rather than confront him, suggesting that he may be even more formidable.

Even at its most benign, baseball may be fatal for most of its opponents; only Biscuit and Hisoka have a chance (Hisoka broke his fingers just because he decided to return the ball Razor had thrown, though the match could be won without his intervention).

17. Feitan Portor

Feitan is one of the strongest members of the Gen’ei Ryodan due to his ranking as the fifth strongest in arm wrestling.

Both in his duel with Zazan and during the carnage in Yorkshin City, he displays the speed that makes him the Ryodan’s quickest fighter.

A significant boost to his velocity occurred when he learned to build a wall of several afterimages, allowing him to sneak up behind an opponent quickly.

They would be quickly dispatched if a few ryodan tried to peep at his skill. He’s such a superb swordsman that he can easily parry most of Zazan’s quick strikes with his own.

However, little we know about him indicates that he is a very dangerous opponent because of his lightning-fast speed, enormous strength, and potent Nen powers. This attribute qualifies him as one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

18. Killua Zoldyck

Killua is enjoying all the perks of his assassin career. In contrast, he has access to a great deal of money as a member of the Zoldyck family; however, as one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, he must first get his dad’s or pop’s approval before spending any of it. People aware of his circle of friends are understandably terrified by his surname.

Killua has been groomed from infancy to become a lethal weapon, and he is widely regarded as the most skilled assassin in the Zoldyck family’s long and illustrious history.

He took the Hunter test once and scored higher than any other candidate (after Gittarackur and, by his admission, Hisoka and Hanzo).

He developed superior skills in armed and unarmed fighting and stealth at an early age, thanks to his training and innate resistance to poison and lightning.

Equally impressive are his mind and extraordinary analytical abilities; he often outwits and defeats opponents who are stronger or more experienced than he is by using strategy.

In addition, he can move silently and keep a larger portion of his brain active when sleeping, allowing him to evade strikes even while asleep, even if his attacker is armed with a weak weapon.

19. Hesoka Morow

Hisoka’s combat style was elegant, brutal, and crafty, and he proved lethal. His exact skills are unknown, yet he is eager to take on opponents with a reputation for fearsome strength.

For instance, he has contemplated engaging in a deathmatch with Irumi (whose strength has been rated 95 points, greater than 3 Zodiacs), and he has even desired to take on Ging Freecss and Isaac Netero. He does not use martial arts techniques in his fights.

20. Shaiapouf

One of the four strongest Chimera Ants and one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters, Shaiapouf serves as a Royal Guard.

But he isn’t a grunt; he prefers to outwit his foes with the help of his extraordinary wits and deft hands. Since he carries the butterfly’s DNA, he can use his wings to fly.

Shaiapouf and Neferpitou have been familiar with the idea of Nen since they were little children. He can easily change between different sorts and is skilled at manipulating them.

On the contrary, he is the sole user of Hatsu among the Chimera Ants and one of the few proficient in it.

21. Ging Freecss

Ging was honored by his peers for his outstanding contributions to society with the title of “double hunter,” elevating him to the ranks of the most accomplished hunters.

He is so highly confidential that Kurapika says he has the power of a world leader and wealth beyond imagination.

His Zodiac Hunters code name was “boar,” and he is one of just two members of the team who did not alter their looks. He is also one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

22. Menthuthuyoupi

As a Chimera Ant Royal Guard member, Menthuthuyoupi has tremendous strength. He battled Knuckle, Shoot, Morel, and Meleoron, killing them with little damage to himself.

He’s strong and resilient and possesses a ton of aura that he can use in his attacks and shapeshifting, making him one of the most formidable characters in the series.

His rage fuels his strength, allowing him to level almost the palace. Anger at Knuckle’s tactics in the fight made him more formidable and sparked the concept of a formidable Nen ability.

23. Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo is the head of the Phantom Troupe and is widely regarded as the group’s most formidable combatant.

He could hold his own against two highly trained assassins, Silva and Zeno Zoldyck, simultaneously without giving Silva any opportunities, although he did little to no damage to them since he was trying to steal their skills.

He once faced up against Silva Zoldykk and came out on top; nowadays, his skills are on par with Zeno Zoldyck’s. The way he fights mixes lightning quickness and pinpoint accuracy.

Being exceptionally bright benefits him since it allows him to find and exploit gaps in his opponent’s defenses.

He is immune to the Nen since he can dispatch experienced fighters with only a pen and sometimes even hide with the Zetsu.

24. Zeno Zoldyck

Because of his family’s reputation, he probably acquired assassination tactics (which Killua perfected) at a young age.

But now that he has advanced to a higher level within his family, he is among the most skilled, particularly considering his advanced age. He has extensive training in battle and is an expert in harnessing the power of the spirit.

Even though he has a high level of expertise in the Nen of Transformation, the evidence suggests that he also has exceptional talent in the Nen of Emission.

Being trained as an assassin demonstrates that he is not just any random person; if he were to undertake a task, he would surely succeed. His skill is unparalleled, which makes him one of the strongest hunter X hunter characters.

25. Silva Zoldyck

Silva, the family patriarch of the famed Zoldycks, is a trained assassin known for his mastery of the Nen and his unrivaled proficiency in unarmed fighting.

Like many other members of the Zoldyck family, Silva has superhuman strength, speed, and bodily control and is immune to almost any toxin.

Three years before the main plot begins, he also battled and maybe killed Chrollo and an unnamed member of the Phantom Troupe (both survived, though, and in the anime, Silva returns with no visible injury).

26. Neferpitou

Neferpitou, one of the three Royal Guard members, is one of the strongest characters in the series and one of the most powerful Chimera Ants in existence.

She had just recently found Nen when she fought and killed Kaito, and her power was complemented by Meruemu, who tried to kill her with his tail but only managed to leave bruises.

Even though the monarch had amassed more strength at this time, Shaupfufu, another member of the Royal Guard, was also carried through a wall by the same onslaught.

After seeing the two fighters’ auras, even Isaac Netero, President of the Hunter Association and widely regarded as the strongest Hunter X hunter characters in the world questioned whether or not Neferpitou could surpass his own strength, as Koruto had done.

27. Isaac Netero

In addition to his status as President of the Hunters Association, Isaac Netero’s level is one of the most impressive in the series.

His mastery, strength, and insight were unparalleled. During his lifetime, he was regarded as the most powerful Nen user on the planet, a testament to the kind of guy he was.

He also claims that his strength is far lower than it used to be due to his advanced age. Morau claims that if Netero failed a mission, no one else in the Hunter Association could succeed either.

A mere 0.04 percent of official trips make it back from the Dark Continent alive, but the President has already been there twice with no ill effects.

28. Gon

Gon is another addition to the list of strongest hunter X hunter characters. He has all the privileges associated with his rank as a Hunter.

In the first episode, he uses his unsettling casting accuracy to pick up Hisoka’s badge while the latter is running at full speed from a distance. You may use the fishing rod as a weapon if you need to.

Gon relied heavily on his observation, agility, and endurance talents during the Hunter Exam. Combat also prompts his rapid thinking, as he always has a backup plan and strategy.

But its incredible potential is its most remarkable trait. Hisoka, Wing, Biscuit, and Laser were just a few notable characters taken aback by Gon’s seemingly boundless abilities.

Since this is such a unique talent, it helps him learn rapidly, particularly in the subject of Nen. Before formal training, he had had some success with the Zetsu.

If he were to train nonstop for many years, he might even equal Meruemu in terms of strength, as seen by his change during his bout against Neferupito.

29. Meruem

One of the strongest hunter X hunter characters in the series, Meruem is the top chimera ant in terms of strength. Even before he absorbed Youpi and Pufu, Meruem was a formidable opponent.

One of the strongest humans in the world, Netero, threw hundreds of blows at him, but he was unfazed and never even got a scratch.

Even Netero’s Zero Hand, which unleashes all of his aura in a single devastating blast, left him with just minor wounds.

After swallowing the two strongest Chimera Ants (along with Neferupito), Shaupufu and Monthuthuyoupi, his strength skyrocketed.

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