11 Best Video Games That Start With C

Best Video Games That Start With C

Games have been an age-long human endeavor, engaged in by male and female, young and old alike.

According to Collins dictionary, A game is an activity or sport usually involving skill, knowledge, or chance. You follow fixed rules and try to win against an opponent or solve a puzzle.

Generally, games provide a form of relaxation that engages the body and the mind. They can either be physical or virtual; in whichever case, the player or participant is actively involved and, in the end, derives relaxation, bodybuilding, energy boost, and increased mental alertness, among others.

This article shall focus on Games that begin with the letter C, and surely, there are a plethora of them that anybody can enjoy.

Games beginning with the letter C

In the gaming world, there exist numerous games that begin with the letter C, as shall be seen below. Granted, many of these games are in their digital version; they are no less fun or thrilling.

1. Call of Duty

Platform: Windows, macOS, N-Gage PS3, X360, PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke the record for highest first-day gross from any medium in 2009, garnering $310 million in the US, the UK, and Australia alone, surpassing Grand Theft Auto IVs $310 million worldwide.

Grand Theft Auto V, on the other hand, currently holds the record for the highest 24-hour revenue for an entertainment product, at $800 million, $300 million more than Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Call of Duty: Activision expected Ghosts to shatter this record, but it did not.

2. Carmageddon

Platform: PS4, macOS, Windows, Android

Rise through the Carmageddon ranks in Career mode, do anything you want in Freeplay mode, or take on the masses in Multiplayer mode – remember, it’s all about the devastation!

Create mayhem in a variety of vast open-world locations and smaller fighting arenas, along with plenty of entertaining things to smash into, smash up, snap off, and throw around.

Explore deserts and cold wastelands and metropolitan streets, and country walks. Over 90 fascinating PowerUps will help or hamper your game in a variety of humorous ways.

3. Chronicles of the Sword

Chronicles of the Sword is a mouse-based third-person point-and-click graphic adventure game with sprite-based characters in 3D pre-rendered settings and changing viewpoints (described as similar to Alone in the Dark.

For movement and actions, the game’s user interface employs a context-sensitive cursor and a typical adventure discussion system based on selecting dialogue options.

It also has a few action game components in the form of short battle sequences that are only interactive on the Regular difficulty setting and are automated (presented as cutscenes) on the Easy difficulty setting.

The sword and sorcery tale takes place in Albion, Sub-Roman Britain, in the year 420. Gawain, a young apprentice knight, preparing to be ordained by King Arthur and trying to protect the qualities of his peaceful and prosperous nation, is the player’s character.

4. Chess

Platform: Windows, Android, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad

Chess is a video game in which two players compete against each other. Regarded distinguish it from kindred games such as xiangqi, it is sometimes referred to as Western chess or international chess.

After evolving from a comparable, much older Indian game, the modern version of the game emerged in Southern Europe during the second half of the 15th century.

Chess is one of the most popular games in the world today, with millions of people playing it. Chess is an abstract strategy game in which no information is hidden.

It is played on a 64-square square chessboard with an eight-by-eight grid.

5. C3 Racing

C3 Racing is a PlayStation racing game released in 1998 by Infogrames Multimedia. The game allows the user to race in a range of sports automobiles in 11 different places worldwide.

In each country, there are three tracks to race on. The word C3 Racing stands for three C’s; Car Constructors Championship.

As a tie-in to the Max Power magazine, the game was launched in the UK as Max Power Racing. TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR was released in North America, with different cars but the same tracks (relocated to locations throughout the United States) and menus.

6. C: The Contra Adventure

C: The Contra Adventure is a 3D action game for the PlayStation released in 1998 by Konami and developed by Appaloosa Interactive.

There are ten levels in the game, each of which is shown in a different perspective depending on the level: 2-D side-scrolling (referred to in the game manual as “Classic Contra”), third-person (free-roaming and linear), overhead (360-degree movement), and a unique “Weightless Elevator” view, which alternates between multi-directional and 3D shooting on a single screen.

The “Hunting” level, one of the third-person sequences, plays almost similar to the interior missions in the original Contra.

7. Captain America: Super Soldier

Platform: PS3, Nintendo DS, PS4, Wii, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS

Captain America: Super Soldier is a Sega-published third-person single-player video game based on Captain America: The First Avenger, released in 2011.

The game’s plot is set during the events of the film, and it follows Captain America’s battles with the Red Skull and HYDRA.

Captain America has to battle several minions in the game, including the fearsome Iron Cross, the soldiers of HYDRA, and Red Skull.

Arnim Zola appears in the game, and players must stop him from carrying out his terrible experiments.

8. Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars

Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows.

CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a first-person shooter video game created by Timeline Interactive and Immersion Games and published by Ubisoft that was released on June 1, 2009.

CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a first-person shooter set in a science fiction universe. The player can choose from three classes, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

The Guardian is only good with guns, while the Bishop is only good with telekinetic superpowers, and the Black-op is good with both.

Telekinesis, teleportation, and the ability to generate energy shields are among the abilities.

9. Chaotic Shadow Warriors

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360. 

The videogame is a thrilling and addictive blend of adventurous action, role acting, and turn-based strategic gameplay, based on the popular trading card game and animated television series Chaotic.

Players take on the role of Tom, the main character from the anime series, and explore the enormous continent of Perim, searching for powerful Magic (Magic) spells, Battlegear, and new Creatures to gather in Chaotic: Shadow Warriors.

Players can fight in fierce and dramatic battles while watching their favorite characters come to life in the single-player scenario produced by the TV show’s writers.

10. Cat Quest

Platform: PS4

Cat Quest is an open-world role-playing game set in Felingard, a kingdom overrun by dragons.

You play as the last of the blood knight cats, which means you can defeat dragons with the help of your trusty sword.

But that isn’t the only problem in these lands: an evil feline named Drakoth has kidnapped your sister, and you must recover Felingard to save your loving sibling and restore order to the kingdom.

The game entails exploring the realm and accomplishing numerous quests for the villagers in exchange for information, most of which are combat missions.

11. Children of Zodiarcs

Platform: PS4

Children of Zodiarcs is a story-driven tactical RPG set in Lumus, a mythical kingdom split by wealth and poverty.

Take command of Naomi and her fellow misfits, using a revolutionary new deck and dice-based combat system to suffocate the noble Lords and Ladies’ insatiable greed.

Professional thieves on the hunt for an ancient item invade the gilded corridors of a corrupt noble’s private rooms, narrowly avoiding the city guards’ anger at every turn.

They seek refuge in the city’s seedy slums and brave the dingy depths of the underworld in their desperate search for a way out.

Summarily, physical or virtual games are as old as time, providing several benefits to people of all ages.

This article has been able to describe what games is, the benefits as well as enumerate games that begin with the letter C, such as C3 Racing, C: The Contra Adventure, Captain America: Super Soldier, Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars, Chaotic Shadow Warriors, etc., can provide anyone with a wide array of gaming options.

The games presented in the article are inexhaustive; engaging in games of this nature offer all forms of relaxation and fun as one would envisage.

So from the comfort of your mobile device or PC, get an opportunity of endless digital gaming experience.

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