Where Was the Tetris Movie Filmed?

Where Was the Tetris Movie Filmed

The Tetris movie, a captivating film that delves into the story of the world’s most popular video game, has generated curiosity among viewers about its filming locations.

Although the film’s narrative is primarily set in Russia, the actual filming of the movie did not take place there.

Instead, the Tetris movie was filmed in Scotland, utilizing picturesque locations in and around Glasgow and Aberdeen to recreate the atmosphere of the former Soviet Union.

The decision to shoot in Scotland resulted in a visually stunning film that seamlessly blends the narrative with its surroundings.

Aberdeen, in particular, provided key locations for the film, with notable sites such as the University of Aberdeen’s Zoology Building and Seamount Court adding authenticity to the story’s Soviet-era setting.

These locations not only brought the film’s narrative to life but also showcased the beauty of Scotland’s historic architecture and landscapes.

Where Was the Tetris Movie Filmed?

The Tetris movie, released in 2023, was filmed primarily in Scotland, focusing on locations in and around Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The decision to film in Scotland came after the production team was unable to secure filming locations in Russia.

In Aberdeen, the University of Aberdeen’s Zoology Building served as the headquarters of the Soviet firm Elorg, and other scenes were shot at Seamount Court.

Several streets in Glasgow were also used for exterior shots.

These included Bothwell Street, Adamswell Street, Charlotte Street, and West Regent Street.

Filmmakers transformed the Prestwick Airport in South Ayrshire into an 80s Soviet Era setting.

Additional shooting locations in Glasgow included Govan Road, North Frederick Street, and Old Dumbarton Road.

Principal photography for the biographical movie began in December 2020 and concluded in March 2021.

In June 2022, the production team returned for reshoots as needed.

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