Where Was Merlin Filmed?

Where Was Merlin Filmed

The popular television series Merlin captivated audiences with its magical storylines and stunning backdrops, but where was Merlin filmed?

A blend of historical sites and natural landscapes provided the perfect setting for the adventures of Merlin, Arthur, and their fellow characters.

Filming locations for Merlin spanned three countries: England, Wales, and France.

Some key locations featured in the series included the picturesque Château de Pierrefonds in France as Camelot, Goodrich Castle in England, and areas in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

These enchanting settings contributed to the show’s magical atmosphere, transporting viewers into the legendary world of King Arthur and his court.

Throughout the course of the series, Merlin’s creators made use of various locations in the Dean Forest and Wye Valley region, highlighting landmarks such as Speech House Lake as the Lake of Avalon.

These stunning natural landscapes provided dramatic scenery and a mystical ambiance, capturing the hearts of viewers across the globe.

Where Was Merlin Filmed?

The popular TV series Merlin (2008-2012) was primarily filmed in three countries: Wales, England, and France.

Outstanding locations from these countries provided the backdrops for several memorable scenes throughout the series.

One of the main filming locations for Camelot scenes is the Château de Pierrefonds in Pierrefonds, Oise, France.

This enchanting castle added charm and mystique to the show, making it an ideal representation of the legendary kingdom.

In England, spots like Goodrich Castle in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, and the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley also played a significant role in the series.

The Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, in particular, were highlights of several episodes.

For instance, in Series 1, Episode 7, “The Gates of Avalon,” Speech House Lake transforms into the mythical Lake of Avalon.

Here, Merlin witnesses magical beings conjured by a man he suspects is dangerous and later rescues Arthur from drowning in the lake.

This filming location can be found on the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley website.

Additionally, Merlin was shot in Wales, featuring unique locations such as Puzzlewood in Coleford, where several magical scenes took place.

For example, the High Bridge at Puzzlewood was a key location where Merlin and Gwaine hid while observing the bridge area.

In summary, Merlin’s filming locations span across Wales, England, and France, utilizing enchanting castles, forests, and other picturesque spots to bring the story to life.

The combination of these settings played a vital role in creating the beloved TV series’ magical atmosphere.

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