19 Anime Like Devils Line

Anime Like Devils Line

You’ve found an excellent post if you’re looking for anime like devils Line!

It’s possible to think, “Great, another edgy vampire anime that will invent a new gimmick within the anime community, right?” while watching this anime

It’s great to see another gritty vampire anime that will give the anime fandom a new concept.

This is not the case, though. Devil’s Line contains everything we could wish for, including action, romance, mystery, terror, just the right amount of humor, and explicit content. 

The following are the recommendations for anime like devils line.

1. Tokyo Ghoul (2014-2016)

I’m writing about this first because it’s the clearest. Sui Ishida is the author of the supernatural horror novel Tokyo Ghoul.

In this tale, we learn about Ken Kaneki, a college student who leads a laid-back lifestyle. 

His life, however, changed from a dream to horror after meeting Rize Kamishiro, a stunning girl who is a ghoul. This anime is one of the best anime like devils line. 

Ghouls slaughter and eat humans in this tale. And after escaping her onslaught, Ken changes into a human-half-ghoul hybrid.

Tokyo Ghoul and Devil’s Line have a lot in common. But ultimately, they are both about battling inner demons to maintain humanity.

However, I recommend reading the manga instead of the anime because it is ten times better if you want to enjoy TG truly.  

2. Servamp (2016)

In keeping with the spooky theme, this one is much funnier and lighter in tone.

Mahiru Shirota, a 15-year-old college student who prefers to lead a simple life, is the subject of the 2016 film Servamp (just like me, but I am 26). 

But when he discovers a black cat named Kuro—Kuro means “Black” in Japanese—who turns out to be a vampire, everything is turned upside down.

Following this, Mahiru unintentionally makes a bargain with him that causes him to become involved in several conflicts with other servants. 

You’re probably thinking, “Servamp seems like a cross between Fate and Blood Lad,” and I agree!

You are correct, of course, but I’m also right when I say that Servamp is good. Servamp is actually one of the best anime like devils line.

If you want a change from serious stories, you will appreciate the lighter tones in this one.

Another interesting tidbit is that the same animation studio, Platinum Vision, is responsible for Devil’s Line and Servamp.

3. Call of the Night, or Yofukashi no Uta (2019-)

This anime is currently on television and is among the finest of 2022. And I’m not just saying this since Sora Amamiya voices the protagonist.

In the story Call of the Night, a boy named Ko Yamori decides not to attend school any longer due to his insomnia. 

He starts to walk the streets at night because he feels like he can’t achieve true fulfillment in life.

One night, he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire girl, and she introduces him to the pleasures of nightlife. Ko decides to become a vampire as a result. 

So, yes, the narrative is about vampires. Another anime with a more laid-back vibe than Devil’s Line is Call of the Night.

Because Nazuna promises Ko that she will only change him into a vampire if he first falls in love with her. 

The plot is mainly focused on the romance element of the vampire genre. However, this anime also features a comical and spooky part. 

By the way, Katayama, who also developed Dagashi Kashi, is the author of this comic. This animation is one of the anime like devils line.

4. Ajin: Demi-Human (2012-2021)

One of the best opening tunes on the list is found in this anime. Listen to Flumpool’s “Can you sleep at night?” if you haven’t already; I’ll wait for you here. Ok. Thank you very much!

Since nearly no 3D anime is decent, Ajin is one of the best 3D animated films ever produced.

And for whatever reason, Ajin is regarded as a masterpiece. Following a car accident, college student Nagai Kei learns that he is an “Ajin.”

A human with tremendous regenerative powers that enable them to heal from harm in a matter of seconds is an Ajin. Consequently, Deadpool is an Ajin.

Additionally, they can produce “black ghosts,” hostile beings that other Ajin can only see.

Another thing is that the government hunts Ajin because they are thought to be dangerous. 

Ajin and Devil’s Line follows the lives of monsters who secretly coexist with humans and how the government hunts them if they are discovered.

Hey, watch Ajin as a favor for me because it is one of the best anime like devils line. 

5. Psycho-Pass (2012-2024)

Ajin (possibly) has one of the top opening themes on this list, as I already stated. Psycho-Pass from 2012 is arguably the top anime on this list.

It is a masterpiece, Psycho-Pass. Shortly, Sybil, a system that assesses human mental health and determines what is right and wrong, governs Japan. 

With this help, Sybil may predict who will commit a crime. This is the tale of Psycho-Pass, a strict measuring system that the Japanese police force and young inspector Akane Tsunemori must obey. I advocate for everyone to see Psycho pass.

Although this one is more brutal and mature than Devil’s Line, I still recommend it because it has the same sense of mystery and action.

Both offer a mystique-filled atmosphere that will engross you in the anime all night. 

By the way, Takahiro Sakurai is the voice actor for both Kikuhara from Devil’s Line and Shogo from Psycho-Pass. This animation is one of the best anime like devils line.

6. Shiki (2010)

Shiki, an anime from 2010, is one that you’ll certainly appreciate if you liked the Devil’s Line’s gloom and horror elements.

Shiki relates the tale of Sotoba, a small community where a string of fatalities in the summer of 1994 caused widespread paranoia.

Toshio, a local doctor, and Seishin, a monk, begin looking into these deaths.

However, the fatalities continue, and the town’s more paranoid citizens begin to suspect the strange Kirishiki family, a newcomer to the area.

Teenager Natsuno Yuuki, our protagonist, hates living in that village. Thus death begins to hunt him down.

Shiki and Devil’s Line deal with vampires concealed within humans, albeit Shiki is far more focused on horror than Devil’s Line.

In the psychological horror mystery novel Shiki, vampires are depicted as residing in this town. 

I don’t know if the manga version is superior to the anime version, but it typically is.

Shiki is also devoted to Stephen King’s 1975 book “Salem’s Lot”! Shiki is one of the best anime like Devils line.

7. Mars Red (2021-)

This anime on this list was created from scratch and is based on a theatrical play by Bun-O Fujisawa.

Mars Red, set in 2021, is set in a version of 1923 where vampires have been around for a long time. 

But all of a sudden, there are a lot more vampires around, and an artificial blood source called Ascra has unexpectedly materialized. Japan establishes Special Forces Unit 16, commonly known as “Code Zero,” a unit of vampire soldiers under Yoshinobu Maeda’s command to battle this.

The job assigned to this crew is to exterminate the dangerous vampires that are causing issues and interfering with the blood trade.

Although they don’t have any romance like Devil’s Line, they share a similar setting in that they both follow vampires that work for the government. 

Furthermore, these vampires are charged in both tales with fighting other vampires and spreading havoc in secret.

The Mars Red animation is fantastic. The bright red eyes make me think of the Sharingan from the Naruto series, which resembles something between Shiki and the Tower of God.

8. Blood+ (2005-2009)

Blood+ from 2005 is a classic with a sizable following. It is yet another original anime that was followed by a manga adaptation.

Blood: The Last Vampire, an anime movie from 2000, served as its inspiration.

Imagine a scenario in which world-ending flesh-eating monsters exist, and the only thing that can stop them is your blood.

Saya Otonashi, the protagonist of this tale, sets out on a quest to reclaim her memories while slaying these creatures. 

Mystery, vampirism, and the necessity for blood to survive evil creatures are similarities between Blood+ and Devil’s Line.

Both anime force you to think about morality and wrongdoing.

Additionally, several characters examine their own and other characters’ emotions. Blood + is undoubtedly more graphic than Devil’s Line. The name speaks for itself. 

In 2011, Blood+ also gave rise to more mangas, a live-action film, and another anime called Blood-C. Blood+ is one of the best anime like devils line. 

9. Vampire Knight (2008-2010)

Let’s talk about a more sentimental anime. When the 2008 film Vampire Knight was released, it was a massive smash because toxic and vampire husbands seemed to be fighting.

The plot goes as follows: Yuki is a young woman who was once protected from a rogue vampire’s assault by a vampire dubbed Kaname Kuran. 

Ten years later, she is adopted by the Cross family and meets Kaname, her current crush, at the Cross Academy.

However, Zero Kiryu, her friend who despises vampires, hunts them, and is also a vampire, is standing next to her.

A vampire saves someone, and that person falls in love with the vampire who saved them, similar to the plot of Devil’s Line.

But remember that Vampire Knight is a shoujo rather than an action-packed, dark anime. Don’t worry; the dark fantasy and paranormal themes are also covered.

10. Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End (2015-)

Owari no Seraph, released in 2015, is akin to combining Code Geass without the Mechas, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, Guilty Crown without the Mechas, and Naruto. It seems strange when you lay all of this out on a table. 

However, this combination is correct. The manga and anime series Owari no Seraph depicts the tale of an artificial virus that wiped out everyone on Earth in 2012, leaving only young children surviving.

Vampires take over the planet at that exact moment. Along with his buddy Mikaela Hyakuya, Yuuichirou Hyakuya was one of those who managed to endure this disaster (who is a boy).

However, Yuuichirou is captured as he learns that not everyone is dead, and Mikaela is killed.

Yuuichirou enters the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in revenge for eradicating vampires from the world following these tragic events.

One of the best action-focused vampire animes ever is Owari no Seraph. 

There are other ways it resembles Devil’s Line, but I can’t reveal many of them because they include spoilers.

Owari no Seraph will be a fantastic trip if you enjoy anime like Devils Line.

11. Ghost Hunt (2006-)

Hey, kudos if you’re familiar with this anime! This one is only well-known to some. In actuality, Shiki, a book from 1998, and Ghost Hunt, a book from 1994, were both written by Fuyumi Ono. 

The experiences of Taniyama Mai, a high school student who adores ghost hunting, are chronicled in the 2006 film Ghost Hunt, which was initially titled Akuryo Series. 

He accomplishes this while working with the egotistical SPR manager Kazuya Shibuya, who she aids in investigating a haunting school.

As the narrative progresses, Mai begins to identify and refine her powers and learns more about ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

This one features a lot of suspense, romance, and horror but no vampires. Despite this, Devil’s Line and Ghost Hunt deal with supernatural themes and circumstances in a genuinely eerie and dismal environment. 

Watch Ghost Hunt if you enjoy Devil’s Line and Shiki. Less graphic yet still features some sensuality and the same scary themes. Ghost hunt made the list of one of the anime like devils line. 

12. Platinum End (2021-)

In this anime, Mirai Kakehashi is a high school student who lives with his abusive uncle and aunt after his family died in a car explosion.

He commits suicide after all the abuse by jumping from a skyscraper when an angel named Nasse saves him.

This angel later gives him special powers and tells him that other humans with angels in the city will fight to replace God, as he plans to retire in 999 days.

Devil’s Line reminds me of Platinum End because of the supernatural aspects of the story.

It also reminds me of Ajin because only humans with angels can see other angels. Tsugumi Ohba wrote Platinum End, the same author of Death Note.

So, you can expect a lot of thrilling drama in this one. You should expect a compelling drama. 

13. Strike the Blood (2013-)

This one features various love relationships and more comic undertones. Therefore, if you belong to a group whose preferred genre is group love relationships, you must see the first film on our list.

The vampire-turned-high school student Kojo Akatsuki is the subject of the 2013 film Strike the Blood.

Instead of simply becoming a vampire, he evolves into the Fourth Progenitor, the most potent vampire. 

The Lion King Society sends sword-shaman Yukina to monitor him because of this and their dread of his abilities, but she is not the only one doing so. About practically everything, Strike the Blood is less mature. 

The romance themes are quite “shonen,” the battles are terrific, and plenty of mature moments that are not being disregarded. This animation is one of the best anime like devils work.

14. Dance in the Vampire Bund (2009-2013)

Back to the darker vampire anime now. Given that the term “vampire” appears in the title, we cannot omit this anime from the list.

The story of how Mina Tepes, the Ruler of all vampires, obtains approval to establish “The Bund,” a vampire sanctuary off the coast of Tokyo, is told in the 2010 film Dance in the Vampire Bund. 

The Bund is located on an artificial island, and Mina obtains authorization by using his fortune to pay off the national debt.

However, tensions between humans and vampires start to get in the way of Mina’s wish after she tells the world about vampires and mentions her desire for both races to live in peace. 

This anime and Devil’s Line both deal with vampires living inside humans. However, in this instance, vampires have a city where they can “peacefully” reside.

Both movies also feature romance, action, and some comic elements. But compared to Dance in the Vampire Bund, Devil’s Line is more violent.

Don’t let this deter you from viewing it, though. This piece is one of the best anime like devils line.

15. Hellsing Ultimate (2006-2012)

What would you do if horrible creatures began to ravage and wipe off the entire world? You let out a creature more powerful and evil than they are.

When someone inquires about Hellsing Ultimate, you should give them that response. 

The 2006 OVA Hellsing Ultimate describes how Integra Hellsing’s group used Alucard as a “deus ex machina on his own” to free the planet from evil forces.

But you should see this OVA if Devil’s Line’s gory graphics appeal to you. The Major, one of the best antagonists in all anime, is also featured in this OVA.

16. Jujutsu Kaisen (2018-)

One of my favorite animes is this one. Jujutsu Kaisen strikes the ideal balance of action, humor, monsters, demons, combat, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence, you did read that correctly. Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the top anime series of the previous ten years, became a worldwide sensation in 2020.

High school student Itadori Yuji has exceptional physical skills and is always willing to provide a hand.

One day, Yuji and his buddies decide to cast some curses, and to save his comrades, he swallows a cursed, rotten finger. As a result, he serves as Sukuna’s host, a formidable cursed demon.

He is registered in the Tokyo Prefectural High School for sorcerers who battle curses and demons to survive.

However, there are no vampires in this story, and the concept of a group that battles curses and demons is somewhat reminiscent of Devil’s Line. 

For some obvious reasons, it will probably also make you think of Naruto, but whatever.

This one lacks romance and terror but makes up for it with lots of action, gore, humor, and gloomy settings—also, Maki’s best friend.

17. Chainsaw Man (2018-)

Only this anime has yet to be released on television. This year’s October will see its release.

The manga has received high praise and is among the best of recent years. It will help if you read the manga before watching the anime.

Denji, the main character in Chainsaw Man, is a poor boy who lives in a world where devils exist and are created out of people’s anxieties.

Denji is a dog-like devil who lives and works with Pochita, who gives him the ability to turn his head and forearms to chainsaws. 

Then he joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a federal agency that kills demons when they pose a danger. This one has a lot of action, horror, comedy, violence, and mature themes.

Although Denji and Power’s relationship is unlike that of Anzai and Tsukasa, Chainsaw Man contains a few moments of romance.

Anime like devils line features battles, demons, blood, violence, and the yelp of a dog.

18. Devilman Crybaby (2018)

Oh, the suffering, the unending suffering. On this list, this anime is among the best and most recent.

An ONA based on the manga Devilman from 1972 is called Devilman Crybaby. In a world where an ancient race of demons intends to wipe out humanity, the plot follows Akira Fudo. 

Akira joins forces with a nightmare to develop the strength to combat the old demons after heeding the counsel of his buddy Ryo Asuka.

He transforms into Devilman, the anime’s main character, keeping his human spirit but gaining demonic abilities. 

The characters’ urges are the primary similarities between Devilman Crybaby and Devil’s Line.

Sometimes it’s difficult for Akira to contain the devil inside of him, and Anzai also battles with his bloodlust. 

They are both human beings attempting to hold onto their demonic urges. By the way, Devilman Crybaby amps up the bloody elements of Devil’s Line considerably. 

Remember that Devilman Crybaby contains mature themes like love and adolescence. This animation is one of the best anime like devils line. 

19. Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018)

Of course, this anime must be at the end of the list. One of the top opening themes on this list is seen e in this anime.

Go look for TK’s “Katharsis.” Are you at it once more? Tokyo Ghoul: re, released in 2018, takes place two years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul.

The CCG has altered Tokyo, and as a result, the Ghouls are now warier than before. The Quinx Squad is established for this reason.

The intriguing Haise Sasaki, a half-human, half-ghoul, is the mysterious leader of the elite human team known as The Quinx Squad. 

For the same reason that Tokyo Ghoul is comparable to Devil’s Line, so is this.

This is essentially Devil’s Line Shippuden with a half-human, half-something protagonist living in a world where ghouls exist covertly. 

They live within humans and work for an agency that hunts these demons. And if you enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul, you’ll enjoy this follow-up. But keep in mind the manga is superior.

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