20 Anime Like Inuyasha to Watch

Anime Like Inuyasha

Any anime fan like Inuyasha also attests to its mythical themes, fascinating characters, exciting battles, and juicy drama; InuYasha is a fan-favorite anime.

It’s not the only one, though! Many people love Inuyasha because of its mythical ideas, compelling characters, exciting battles, and tense drama.

However, it served as some people’s first exposure to anime. One of the most well-known animes from the 1990s is Inuyasha.

Many of us remember the tale of young Kagome and her journeys through feudal Japan in the company of the half-demon Inuyasha.

The romantic scenes, fantastic action sequences, and intriguing and mythical backstory of Inuyasha enchanted viewers.

Here are the best anime like Inuyasha; they are all fascinating and interesting. 

1. Ranma ½ (1989-1996)

Ranma Saotome, the boy who transforms into a female with a splash of water, is constantly defending himself from adoring fans.

One of the most vibrant is Shampoo, a member of a tribe of Chinese Amazons who attempted to kill girl Ranma but was stopped by boy Ranma. 

Shampoo then asks boy Ranma to marry her to uphold the authority of her clan.

When Shampoo gets into a cursed spring and transforms into a cat, things become even weirder! 

And what could be wilder when Shampoo’s love interest, Mousse, challenges Ranma to a duel over fiancée, Ranma’s Akane…? Back at the Tendo dojo, Happosai, their former teacher, pays Ranma’s father, Genma, and Akane’s father, Soun, a visit. 

Some local women notice that their underwear vanishes around the same time. Or is it just a coincidence? Is Happosai to blame? This anime series is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

2. Zenki (1995)


To fight evil, especially Karuma, Master Ozuna Enno bound the demon/guardian Zenki centuries ago.

Zenki was then sealed away until he was needed again. Schoolgirl Chiaki Enno, an Enno descendant, can break Zenki’s seal. 

However, because Zenki is defiant, he is also confined to a child-sized form when not fighting evil.

However, she must use the strength of the bracelet that shows up on her wrist to restore him to his full-fighting stature. 

The Karuma Seeds turn individuals into monsters representing a vice, which Zenki defeats to consume the Seed.

Set 3 adds the demon/guardian Goki, who increases Zenki’s power and frequently acts as a shield to shield the other team members. 

The shielding includes Chiaki, her grandmother Saki, Saki’s brother Abbot Jukai, Kurabayashi, and occasionally the hero Sohma Miki.

When not engaged in combat, Goki assumes the appearance of Akira, a little boy.

3. Nura: Rise of The Yokai Clan (2010-2014)

Rikuo Nura seems like an ordinary middle schooler. Nobody knows that he lives with a houseful of youkai during the day and assumes the role of their supreme leader at night. 

To the dismay of many, Rikuo is determined to lead a life that is as typical as possible.

This fascinating anime series is one of the best anime like inuyasha. 

4. Fushigi Yûgi – The Mysterious Play (1995-2002)

The Universe of the Four Gods takes the reader into the world of Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo.

To become the priestesses of Suzaku and Seiryuu and call them, they fight numerous obstacles, including one another. 

They weren’t prepared for them to fall in love and witness the demise of their friends. This series is one of the best anime like inuyasha. 

5. Rurouni Kenshin (1996-1998)

Kenshin Himura, a man-killer who helped to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate in feudal Japan, holds his reverse-bladed sword (with a promise not to slay anymore).

Afterward,  he is on a mission to help the innocent atone for his transgressions. 

Kenshin stays at the Kamia Kashin dojo, where he meets Kaorou’s assistant instructor.

Yahiko Myojin enrolls in the dojo as a student after being delivered from the mafia by Kenshin, a tenacious little lad. 

After losing to Kenshin in a duel, Sanousuke, a war victim, gets to know him. Kenshin lives out his ideal of assisting the defenseless with the help of his new friends. 

His dream of not killing men and living for the sake of the innocent is called into question by a sequence of circumstances.

Kenshin uses his reverse blade to fight every foe and preserve the law.

6. The Twelve Kingdoms (2002)

Unhappy high school girl Yoko Nakajima is one day unexpectedly confronted by a strange man who swears allegiance to her.

He then transports her and two of her classmates to another realm following a struggle with creatures that resemble demons. 

She has a different appearance there, and in contrast to her peers, she can understand the language.

Because they are “Kaikyaku” (people from Earth), they are pursued as fugitives and must roam the 12 nations to survive and learn why they were transported to this planet.

7. The Vision of Escaflowne (1996)

Hitomi Kanzaki is a regular high school student with typical issues. However, her life changes when a vision of a young man facing a dragon comes true. 

Hitomi is pushed into the mysterious world of Gaea after being drawn into a weird vortex alongside the swordsman Van.

Before the aspirations of the Empire of Zaibach crush Van and Hitomi, he must learn to master the Escaflowne suit of armor. 

In their quest to discover the mysteries of Escaflowne, Van, and Hitomi will come across friends and foes.

Hitomi’s heart, aroused by love and adventure, may occasionally throb with grief. 

But why did she come to this planet? Her journey just got started! This anime is interesting, which is why it made the list of anime like Inuyasha. 

8. Ushio and Tora (2015)

Unknowingly releasing demonic energy that summons monsters is Ushio Aotsuki. He receives a proposal from the demon Tora. 

If Ushio removes the legendary Beast Spear that has imprisoned him in Ushio’s cellar for 500 years, he will assist in battling the monsters.

9. Reservoir Chronicle: Tsubasa (2005-2010)

Sakura, a princess from the Clow Kingdom, and Syaoran, a youngster who aspires to be an archeologist, have been close friends since they were young.

A plot to get Sakura’s powers led her to lose all her memories one tragic night. 

Syaoran goes to the witch Yuuko for assistance in retrieving her memory.

Yuuko informs Syaoran to gather bits of Sakura’s memory. He must journey between many parallel realities. 

Sakura won’t remember Syaoran even if she manages to regain her memory. Kurogane, a warrior exiled from his homeland, and Fye, a magician seeking to flee his King, travel with them. 

They embark on a thrilling journey through time and space with the aid of the magical being Mokona. This anime is one of the best anime like inuyasha. 

10. Noragami (2014-2016)

Until she was injured in a bus accident while attempting to save a stranger, Hiyori Iki was an ordinary middle school student.

Her spirit begins to leave her body due to this occurrence, and she learns that there are two parallel worlds: 

The Near Shore is home to regular people and animals, and the Far Shore is where phantoms (demonic animals) and human souls stay.

She connects with Yato—a bizarre, unnamed god without a shrine—through her soul. 

Yato is determined to gain notoriety by fulfilling any requests for 5 yen coins, including Hiyori’s request to have her body fixed.

The group includes Yukine/Yuki, Yato’s Regalia, a weapon made from a spirit (dead human’s soul) and named by the god in question. 

They embark on several adventures while battling issues related to their friendship, identities, and pasts.

11. Chrono Crusade (2003-2004)

The Roaring 20s were a prosperous era. The Mob runs the streets, jazz is King, and demons are in charge of a mockery.

Here comes Sister Rosette Christopher of the Order of Magdalene, a prestigious organization on a mission to defeat evil. 

They embark on crazy gun-toting exploits with her devoted buddy and contractor, Chrono, a devil.

But Rosette’s main objective is to locate her younger brother Joshua, who Lord Aion took hostage. Rosette hopes to save her brother.

12. Blue Seed (1994-1995)

Momiji discovered her family history the hard way as the next foe of the magical demons threatening her world and attempting to kill her.

However, Momiji Fujimiya was simply another regular girl. She escapes with the aid of a child named Kusanagi, who is cursed to serve as her super-powerful protector.

Afterward, but not before being given a special crystal called a Blue Seed that enables her to sense the creatures’ presence. 

She is permitted to join a specialized government team to battle these monsters to protect her and fulfill her demands to help find this threat.

Together, they fight a never-ending battle to defend Earth.

13. RIN-NE (2015-2017)

Sakura Mamiya inexplicably vanished in the woods as a young girl. She came back unharmed, but she has been able to see ghosts ever since. 

Her perpetually absent classmate suddenly shows up at school and proves to be much more than he seems. RIN-NE is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

14. Fairy Tale (2009-2019)

Runaway celestial wizard Lucy discovers herself under a magic charm’s spell.

A Dragon Slayer named Natsu Dragneel and his companion, Happy, intervene to prevent her from being bought and sold on the underworld market. 

As Lucy soon discovers after joining the magical guild, Fairy Tail has a reputation for causing significant property damage. Soon after, Lucy meets Gray and Erza, two other wizards at Fairy Tail. 

Gray is an ice wizard with a fantastic personality and a unique “hobby,” and Erza is a fire wizard.

On the other hand, Erza is a wizard who can change her armor and weapons anytime. 

Fairy Tail remains united despite all arcs. Fairy Tail is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

15. Hiiro No Kakera (2012)

Tamaki Kasuga arrives in the town of Kifumura under the impression that she must move in with her grandmother because her parents have relocated abroad. 

She is informed that she will play the part of sealing the sword Onikirimaru as the following “Tamayori princess” there.

She is also given guardianship over young men from another family to keep her safe.

16. Kyô kara maô! (2004-)

Yuuri Shibuya, 15, is transported to an alternate reality known as the New Demon Kingdom after being flushed down the toilet. He is informed that he will become the new King of the demons. 

He must learn how to run a whole nation and stop a war between the demons and the humans who live next to them with the aid of four of his subjects.

Conrad Weller, Günter von Kleist, Wolfram von Bielefeld, and Gwendal von Voltaire.

17. Kekkaishi (2006-2011)

Tokine and Yoshimori are two regular youngsters who attend the same school and who also happen to live close by.

They go their separate ways during the day, but they are both required to protect the Karosumari territory at night. 

A position handed down to them by successive Kekkaishi households in both of their lineages. Despite their supposed rivalry, the two families get along just fine. 

Yoshimori and Tokine strive to purge the country of evil at night, accompanied by their demon canines, Hakubi and Madarao. But it takes work. This series is one of the best anime like Inuyasha.

18. Dororo (2019)

In Japan’s Warring States era, a Samurai general’s assistant named Daigo Kagemitsu made a deal with 48 devils.

The deal was to complete dominance of the nation in exchange for the bodily parts of his unborn child. 

When the boy is born, Daigo has him drowned in a river because he believes he will perish. But a good sage discovers him and takes him in. 

The wise man equips his helpless kid with prostheses. As time passes, the infant develops into a boy who goes by the name Hyakkimaru. Dororo is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

Hyakkimaru retrieves a piece of the demon’s body after each defeat. Dororo, a young thief, is saved by Hyakkimaru from a group of men he attempted to rob. 

Together, they scour the countryside for the demons that control Hyakkimaru’s components. They encounter numerous monsters and ghosts on their journey.

19. The Promise Neverland (2019-2021)

The orphans’ lives at Grace Field House are ideal. They don’t have parents, but they form a large, happy family with the other kids and a loving “Mama” who looks after them. 

Since every child is adopted by 12, no youngster is ever passed over. They undergo strict tests every day, yet afterward, they are free to play outside. 

They must abide by just one rule: they may not leave the orphanage. Emma and Norman, two top-scoring orphans, eventually sneak past the gate and learn the terrifying truth about how they came to be. 

The kids must cooperate to change their predetermined fate, using their quick wits. This series is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

20. Dr. Stone (2019)

Everyone on the planet was turned into stone in the modern era following a mysterious light flash.

This manga chronicles the efforts of some inhabitants of the Pre-Petrification World to revive civilization in the Stone World during the Petrification Age. 

The stone formula, one of the main characters’ first inventions, reverses petrification. Dr. Stone is one of the best anime like Inuyasha. 

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