21 Anime Like Kakegurui

Anime Like Kakegurui

Are you a fan of anime like Kakegurui and craving more adrenaline-fueled anime that will keep you on the edge of your seat?

Look no further! We’ve scoured the anime universe to bring you the ultimate list of anime like Kakegurui that will satisfy your thirst for high-stakes gambling, thrilling suspense, and complex character dynamics.

Step into the world of these anime and prepare to be captivated by the intense mind games, the heart-pounding gambles, and the unexpected twists and turns. 

Whether you’re rooting for the underdog or holding your breath as the final bet is placed, these anime will leave you exhilarated and wanting more.

Get ready to delve into the psychological depths of human nature as you witness the risks and rewards of gambling and the exhilarating highs and devastating lows that come with it.

With our list of anime like Kakegurui, you’ll be hooked from the first episode!

1. Blue Period

The coming-of-age story about Tsubasa Yamaguchi gave Netflix a show about the joy of painting that wasn’t called The Joy of Painting.

It has Yatora Yaguchi instead of someone like Bob Ross, who has curly hair and a soft voice. 

He is well-liked and does well in his classes but feels unhappy and unfulfilled.

But when he finds out that his school has an art club, he becomes so interested in art that he decides to go to the Tokyo University of the Arts.

But it’s a long and challenging way to get there. He has to work with and against the other artists in his club, considering their different styles and criticisms. 

Some are more helpful than others, like the advice from the senior Yotasuke classmate Mayu, who acts as a mentor. 

While others, like Yuka, who isn’t sure what she wants to be, Maru, who is religious, and Maki, who has imposter syndrome, open their eyes to deeper issues.

Similar to anime like Kakegurui, This series is very popular among anime fans.

2. Toradora!

How about something cozier? Even though Toradora! Has one of the most violent tsundere in anime, but it is less dramatic than Classroom.

Tora means tiger in Japanese, and the word doragon means dragon in Japanese. 

The title is a play on the similarities between the fiery, emotional tiger and the cool, stern dragon.

Since Ryuji likes his classmate Minori, Minori’s best friend Taiga, who likes Ryuji’s friend Yusaku, talks to him.

The two make a deal to help each other get with the person of their dreams throughout the series.

However, they spend so much time together that people think they’re a couple, which makes no sense. In a rom-com, do opposites attract? 

It doesn’t mean they like each other just because they like to hang out, go to each other’s houses, and do odd jobs for each other, right? 

Maybe Ryuji, who looks like a dragon, and Taiga, who looks like a tiger, have a more complicated relationship than they think. Fans of anime like Kakegurui should see this series.


Akin to anime like Kakegurui, the premise of ReLIFE is interesting, and it returns to the more dramatic territory.

Arata Kaizaki is 27 years old and has a job with no future. When he’s at work, a mysterious man named Ry Yoake tells him about a better way to get ahead. 

Just by taking part in the ReLife experiment, a process that will make him look 10 years younger, he will look 10 years younger.

He aims to go through this process and then return to high school to see how he looks.

The idea behind the experiment is that it could help him solve his problems and live his ReLife to the fullest.

Even though he looks young and has forgotten most of what he learned in high school, he fits in surprisingly well. 

However, this brings up some other problems. Some are just part of who he is, like being aware that he is ten years older than his 17-year-old classmates.

They come up when he returns to his past and meets other ReLife subjects. 

Why did they choose him for the test? Who did that? And who is running the ReLife experiment? You can find out by looking at the show on Crunchyroll.

4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


This series differs slightly from anime like Kakegurui because it is more of a sci-fi comedy than a thriller, but it might have been the most obvious suggestion. 

Back in the day, Haruhi and her many series were everywhere, from light novels and manga to an anime series and many movies.

In the first show, the main character, Kyon, was pulled into an after-school club by Haruhi. 

The club’s members looked into strange things that were happening. But it turns out that Haruhi is the one who made them happen. 

She didn’t know she had the power to change the world. So, Kyon and the others must keep her busy so she doesn’t destroy the world by accident. 

It leads to plot twists like time loops and alternate realities, leading to spin-offs like The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which in turn led to The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan.

5. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is a cuter school story that might be easier to find now that it’s on Netflix. The show is about a young girl named Komi.

It is based on a manga by Tomohito Oda. She is the most well-liked girl in school because of how she looks and acts. 

Komi also has a communication disorder that only her classmate Hitohito Tadano knows about. She also has a lot of social anxiety.

She wants to get over her problem and make 100 friends before she graduates with his help.

It’s more of a slice-of-life romantic comedy but aware of itself. Komi’s pretty anime features become more cartoony when her disorder gets the best of her. 

At the same time, the other characters step into their roles as soon as they appear.

Their names include Ordinary Guy, Childhood Friend, Country Bumpkin, etc. If you enjoy anime like Kakegurui, this series is for you.

6. Baka and Test

Baka and Test are so similar to Elite that it could almost be a comedy spin-off.

The students and money at Fumizuki Academy are split into classes, with Class A getting the best students and supplies and Class F getting the worst. 

Students can only move from one class to the next if they pass tests with “Avatars,” which are spirits.

When their Avatar gets hit, they lose points until they have no points left and are demoted.

Mizuki Himeji ends up in Class F because of this, even though she is brilliant.

The other outcasts in her class, like Akihisa Baka Yoshii, declare war on Class A and say they will take their Classroom. 

The series began as a series of light novels written by Kenji Inoue.

It then became an anime series with two seasons and an OVA with two episodes that you can watch on the Funimation Channel. Don’t miss this series if you enjoy anime like Kakegurui.

7. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom should satisfy those who thought anime like Kakegurui needed more shounen.

Yusei Matsui made it about an alien wanting to destroy the world. Being a sporty alien gives the Earth a year to make someone strong enough to fight and kill it.

The alien will even teach them itself. It will call itself Koro-sensei and become the homeroom teacher at a high school in Japan.

The students think they can’t beat the creature, but they can find its weak spot if they study. 

During its original run from 2012 to 2016, the manga was one of the most popular series in Shonen Jump.

The anime kept that trend going. With an OVA and two live-action movies, people had a short but good run.

8. Hyōka

Hyka is an anime version of Honebu Yonezawa’s Classic Literature Club book series.

It has fewer funny parts and more mysteries. The series aired in 2012 and is available on Crunchyroll. 

It is about Htar Oreki, who is forced to join the school’s literature club, so it doesn’t shut down.

Eru Chitanda, a fellow member, becomes his friend, and she convinces him to help her solve mysteries. 

Among these is that her uncle went missing, the ending of a strange movie, and a string of thefts at her school.

It’s a sweet story about a boy who, with the help of his friends and family, learns to use the energy he prefers to save. 

Similar to anime like Kakegurui, Hyōka got good reviews because it was about a light mystery, and a manga series based on it is still going. 

9. Scum’s Wish

All of these shows are good, but is there anything that comes close to Elite’s psychological drama? Scum’s Wish by Mengo Yokoyari has romance but is more complicated than a simple meet-cute. 

Hanabi Yasuraoka is in love with her childhood friend Narumi. Still, they are both in love with their music teacher Akane.

She gets close to another student named Mugi, who likes Akane but doesn’t tell her.

Hanabi and Mugi agree to act like they are dating until their crushes fall for them. This will keep them from being lonely.

It’s a choice that will only make things harder, especially if other people who also like her show up. 

Similar to anime like Kakegurui, the story started as a manga published by Square Enix.

It was turned into a 12-episode anime that fans can watch on Amazon Prime to test their hearts and nerves.

10. Akagi

A compulsive gambler named Nangou has racked up a significant financial load of three million yen.

He decides to engage in a game of Mahjong with a Yakuza member, hoping to regain control of his life and put things back on track.

Yet as time passed, the likelihood of coming out on top in the game continued to decrease.

The game is suddenly disrupted by the main character, Akagi Shigeru, who is evading the authorities and is the eponymous protagonist of the series.

Nangou, who was playing for the very last time, passed the ball to Akagi so that he might try his luck.

Nangou, on the other hand, is unaware of Akagi’s exceptional skill at the game of Mahjong. 

He quickly dominates the Yakuza and changes the tide in favor of the Nangou organization. If you have been searching for anime like Kakegurui, watch this movie.

11. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Since he was a little boy, Souma Yukihara has been working with his father in the kitchen.

Souma’s father was a chef, and Souma worked alongside him for years as a sous chef. 

During that time, Souma gained remarkable culinary talents and astonished his clients by preparing wonderful meals for them.

Despite his steadily increasing confidence that he would one day outperform his father, he is blindsided by stunning information that completely transforms the course of his life. 

It has been decided that Souma’s father would pursue a career that will need him to travel all over the globe. As a result, the restaurant that he owns will be closed.

He put his kid through the rigorous training required to become a chef at the illustrious Totsuki Saryo Culinary School, one of the country’s most famous culinary schools. 

Souma will be put to the Test in the ruthless Food Wars tournament hosted by Totsuki Saryo and its difficult atmosphere. Lovers of anime like Kakegurui will enjoy this series.

12. Saki


Even though Saki Saki Miyanaga was a master at Mahjong, he eventually grew to despise the game.

The peculiar custom that her family upheld was the root of her intense hatred for the subject. 

If Saki is victorious in this game, she will lose her allowances, and her family will be displeased with her if she continues to win.

Saki resorted to playing it cool by keeping the score at zero to avoid drawing attention to himself.

On the other hand, Saki’s buddy Kyoutarou Suga successfully persuaded her to join the Mahjong club at the school.

Her extraordinary ability to break even wowed the club members, who convinced her to take first place. 

After Saki begins revealing the full extent of her skills, the only remaining objective for her and her squad is to win the national championship. If you love anime like Kakegurui, watch this series.

13. Prison School

The admissions committee of Hachimatsu Private Academy chose to accept Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo as new students. 

Once certain policy changes were made, the university, which had previously only admitted female students, also began taking male students.

After seeing that thousands of other ladies surrounded them, these timid people attempted to make it through each day while maintaining the hope that they would be able to speak with other female students.

Yet, because they had engaged in inappropriate behavior, the Underground Student Council was responsible for placing them behind bars in the school’s jail. As a kind of discipline, each lad was given a jail term of one month. 

These men had to fight through each dreadful day while keeping their composure and becoming closer to one another due to their shared struggles.

If you are searching for animes similar to anime like Kakegurui, this is the series for you.

14. Joker Game

In the wake of the revolt during World War 2, Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, better known by his pseudonym Demon Lord, founded a spy training organization named D-Agency. 

This organization is led by a group of eight remarkable people who, in addition to having extensive experience in the military and being highly trained, are also masters in the art of manipulation.

These folks have had extensive training to live in harsh environments and are fluent in numerous languages.

They are stationed in influential nations all over the globe to acquire intelligence and track the travels of their leaders. Watch this series if you are a fan of anime like Kakegurui.

15. Kaguya Sama: Love is War!

The couple with the most people envying them at Shuchiin Academy may be the ideal couple.

Both Miyuki Shirogane, who is running for president of the Student Council, and Kaguya Shinomiya, who is running for vice president, have affection for each other. 

The only thing that prevents them from confessing to one another is the pride and dignity that they each have in themselves.

Both of them are engaged in a never-ending struggle to bring the other person under control with their manipulative games and get them to admit how their actions have affected them.

The one who comes clean would be at a disadvantage. If you love anime like Kakegurui, don’t miss this series.

16. One Outs

Hiromichi Kojima is regarded as one of the best batters in baseball history and plays for the Saitama Lycaons.

It is good knowledge that Kojima’s group is the least capable of all of them since they have lost their last many matches in a row.

As Kojima seeks a substitute for an injured squad member, destiny immediately contacts him with Toa Tokuchi.

As Kojima sees Tokuchi’s prowess, he becomes convinced that the latter should join his squad.

In their match of One Outs, Kojima prevailed against Tokuchi, putting his professional standing on the line.

In this game, the pitcher and the hitter compete against each other in a one-on-one duel while betting money on the results of their match. 

Things are about to become much more intense quickly now that Tokuchi is a squad member. If you are an anime like Kakegurui fan, this is a must-watch.

17. Death Parade

As soon as a person passes away, their fate is predetermined to either become intertwined with nothingness or to be resurrected once again.

On the other hand, for a chosen handful of them, the destination is Quindecim.

Its establishment gives off the impression of being an opulent bar in Europe. Yet, it is not at all what one would anticipate.

The Quindecim bar is owned by a bartender, Decim, who is an arbitrator for the lost souls who frequent the establishment.

Everyone who finds himself at Quindecim must compete in a game in which their success or failure will determine their ultimate destiny to get through their trial. 

Those who come out on top will be given another chance at life, while those who come out on the losing end will be sent out into the abyss.

18. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji Itou is a lazy and aimless criminal who spends the majority of his time either drinking or robbing other people.

His life is a complete waste. He ends himself in deep financial trouble due to a con played on him by a former colleague.

Because he cannot repay the loan on his own, he accepts a dubious offer in which he would participate in unlawful underground gambling on a cruise ship.

Kaiji has to withstand all that is thrown at him without falling prey to other people’s manipulation so that he may pay off his debts and make a little money for himself. Watch this series if you are a fan of anime like Kakegurui.

19. Classroom of the Elite

It is well known that Koudo Ikusei Senior High School attracts pupils of the highest caliber and provides them with cutting-edge facilities.

Yet, the institution is biased toward some pupils behind the scenes of its pretentious front. 

Those who do not possess exceptional qualities will be relegated to the D-Class. In contrast, those with great merits will be promoted to the A-Class.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a student in Class D who prefers to maintain a low profile despite his extraordinary intelligence. 

His circumstances shift soon after he becomes friends with Suzune Horikita and Kikyou Kushida, and his assumption about what a regular and perfect high school life would start to disintegrate. Fans of anime like Kakeguruiuld should watch this series.

20. No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro, his young stepsister, live alone. They are known as Blank, a mysterious group that has never lost a game in the gaming world. One day, the god of games challenges them to a chess game. 

Sora and Shiro are taken to Disboard when they win. In this world, every disagreement, no matter how big or small, is settled through games. 

To keep up their legendary winning streak, the two want to defeat the sixteen ruling species of Disboard and take over as its new rulers by any means necessary.

No Game, No Life is a lot of things at once: an isekai power fantasy, a supernatural adventure show, a surrealist comedy, and, possibly most controversially, an overtly sexual ecchi, which is surprising given how old Shiro’s character is. 

Even though No Game, No Life isn’t made for people who have never seen anime, the art has been praised by those who can understand it all.

The visuals, made too bright on purpose, can only be described as riotously colorful. 

They remind me of colorful shows like Kyousou Giga, Mawaru Penguindrum, Katanagatari, and Sunday Without God.

21. Rio: Rainbow Gate!

The Howard Resort is a casino on an island. Rio Rollins, a popular and skilled casino dealer known as “The Goddess of Victory,” can give gamblers good luck by walking by them.

Rio’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she is a Gate Holder, a dealer who has to fight other Gate Holders to get 13 legendary Gate cards.

Whoever does this will be called the MVCD, or the Most Valuable Casino Dealer in the world.

Rio: Rainbow Gate! is probably the most straightforward gambling anime because, first and foremost, it’s a show about gambling in casinos (well, that and fan service). 

It’s also one that many anime fans love to hate because of how silly the Gate Battles are, how little the characters are developed, and how badly the comedy is done. 

Still, the show is known for its unapologetic fan service and made-up games.

The show has enough maid outfits, bunny girls, and miniskirts to fill several anime. If you enjoy anime like Kakegurui, this series is for you.


If you like how intense and exciting anime like Kakegurui is, you could find a lot of other anime with high-stakes gambling and complicated relationships between characters

From the psychological depths of human nature to the exhilarating highs and lows of gambling, these anime will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

So why not take the step and explore the thrilling world of anime like Kakegurui? 

With their unique blend of suspense, strategy, and heart-pounding action, these anime will capture your attention and keep you coming back for more.

Who knows what exciting new characters and worlds you’ll discover?

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