20 Anime Like Tower of God

Anime Like Tower of God

You have the courage and vigor to demand anime like Tower of God!

Are the numerous ominous floors from there enough? Understood! You truly seek out adrenaline! I will therefore fulfill your request.

Tower of God is an animated series based on a certain manhwa or webtoon in Korea. Undoubtedly one of the most well-known series currently is the manhwa series.

In Tower of God, Twenty-Fifth Bam is the main character. Notably, the Korean word “Bam” can signify either “Night” or “Chestnut.”

The only companion of his life has been his dear friend Rachel, who has been locked beneath a huge and enigmatic Tower.

1. Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)

Gon Freecss, a little child, lives on Whale Island. He discovers through “Hunter ” Kite that his father, who has died, is still alive and working as a top “Hunter ”.

He puts his life in danger to look for undiscovered objects like lost riches, curios, unusual animals, etc. 

Gon decides to leave the island and pursue a career as a Hunter. He must pass the Hunter Examination to become a Hunter, during which he befriends Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, three other candidates. 

Can Gon complete the Hunter Examination to prove he is “the Best Hunter in the World” and meet his father in the future? This series is one of the best like Tower of God. 

2. One Piece (1999-2019)

Gol D. Roger, also referred to as the “Pirate King,” was the most influential and infamous figure to have sailed the Grand Line.

Roger was captured and put to death by the World Government, and as a result, change was wrought all over the earth. 

In his last words, before dying, he revealed the existence of One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world.

A period when men dreamed of finding One Piece, a treasure map that promised untold riches. 

However, it is the highest honor to be named Pirate King; this epiphany brought in the Grand Age of Piracy.

Now in the picture is Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who disobeys the stereotype of a pirate. 

Instead of the caricature of a harsh, hardened, toothless pirate ransacking villages for amusement, Luffy’s motive for being a pirate is pure amazement.

The anticipation of an adventurous trip brings him to fascinating people and, finally, the promised riches. 

One Piece Luffy with his gang crosses the Grand Line in the footsteps of his childhood hero in search of the most sought-after of all fortunes.

Afterward, engaging in mad adventures, uncover evil secrets, and overcome formidable adversaries.

3. Made in Abyss (2017-)

The vast cave network known as the Abyss is the world’s only uncharted location.

Nobody knows how bottomless this giant pit is, filled with mysterious old artifacts whose function is unknown to contemporary man and home to unusual and beautiful species. 

The mysterious depths of the Abyss have captivated generations of daring explorers.

Over time, anyone brave enough to investigate the dangerous Abyss was known as a “Cave Raider.” 

A young orphan named Riko lives in Orth, the town at the edge of the Abyss.

She dreams of becoming as successful a cave raider as her mother was and unraveling the great mystery of the pit. This series is one of the best anime like tower of God. 

4. Noblesse (2020-)

Raizel wakes up after an 820-year nap. As a pure-blooded Noble and defender of all other Nobles, he enjoys the unique title of Noblesse. 

To protect Raizel, Frankenstein’s servant enrolls him at Ye-Ran High School.

In school, he is exposed to his peers and learns about the everyday activities of the human world. 

Raizel must use his great strength to defend others around him because of the Union, a powerful organization with connections worldwide.

This organization has the desire to dominate the planet, sends out modified humans, and gradually encroaches on its existence. 

After 820 years of mystery, Raizel’s secrets are finally made known, and Raizel’s unwavering guardianship as the Noblesse starts. Made in Abyss is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

5. The God of High School (2020)

The protagonist of The God of High School in Seoul, South Korea’s Jin Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old, is a martial artist.

He receives an invitation to participate in a competition held by a mysterious organization.

However, no one is aware of choosing martial artists who will go on to compete in more significant competitions. 

The most skilled fighter will win the God of High School competition, which features martial artists worldwide.

About the shady tournaments, though, not much is known. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

6. The Promise Neverland (2019-2021)

A vast family of orphans is happy to live together in Isabella’s care in the Grace Field House, which has guarded access and is encircled by a forest.

The kids are free to do as they choose with their time, usually playing outside, as long as they do not stray too far from the orphanage. 

However, that rule is expected to always abide by them, even though they must take tests every day.

Every several months, a child is adopted and sent to live with their new family, but like with all good things, it ends when they disappear. 

The three oldest siblings, however, are unsure of what is going on in the orphanage and will soon find out about the terrible fate that awaits the children at Grace Field. 

7. Black Clover (2017-2021)

Following their mutual abandonment at the same church, Asta and Yuno have never been apart.

They made a pact with each other as kids that they would contest to see who would become the next Wizard King. 

However, the disparities in their ability were more apparent as they grew older.

Asta tried his best to train his physical body as much as possible to compensate for his lack of magic.

Afterward, Yuno was a genius at controlling and using magic while he had no magic. 

At the age of 15, when they each received their respective Grimoires, Yuno unexpectedly received one with a four-leaf clover sign. However, Asta regrettably still needs to receive a Grimoire. 

But when Yuno was in danger, and the extent of Asta’s power became known, he was given a five-leaf clover grimoire or “black clover.”

The two pals are leaving for the world to pursue their shared objective.

8. Dr. Stone (2019-)

Everyone on the globe was transformed into stone in the modern era following a strange light flash.

This manga chronicles the efforts of some inhabitants of the Pre-Petrification World to revive civilization in the Stone World during the Undead creatures Age. 

The stone recipe, one of the main characters’ early inventions, reverses petrification. Dr. Stone is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

9. Sword Art Online (2012-)

Sword Art Online a much anticipated MMORPG that allows players to connect to an immersed virtual reality universe.

They connect with specialized helmets called Nerve Gear, which has fans lining up on the opening day in 2022. 

After spending a lot of time as a beta tester, one such gamer is Kirito, eager to get back to playing. Kirito quickly befriends rookie warrior Klein. 

However, the 10,000 players of Sword Art Online quickly learn that not only can they not log out, but now the only way to restore their physical bodies.

To restore is to defeat the final boss of the 100-level tower because dying in the game also means breaking in real life.

10. Akame ga Kill (2014)

A young boy from the countryside travels to the city to join the national army.

After failing, he runs into a woman who offers him the chance to join the military if he pays her enough. 

Entirely ignorant, the young boy gives her all his money before realizing he is duped.

He chooses to sleep on the streets because he has no money, and the same night a young, attractive woman gets him up from the road and drives him home. 

Tatsumi spends the night as they also promise him a job in the army.

A group of assassins known as night raids stops by the house one night, but they aren’t the truly evil ones in this tale. 

Tatsumi ultimately decides to join the night raid and discovers that he feels more at home in this gang than in the army. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

11. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012-2014)

A little boy named Aladdin and his pal Ugo set out to see the world in far-off places.

The two set out to do that, as well as realizing that Aladdin is a Magi, without understanding what that means. 

Afterward, acquiring the treasures of the tunnel after meeting Alibaba Saljula, a youngster who wishes to capture a “dungeon” of Amon.

They choose to embark on a significant trip, only to be apart for a while. 

Following their journeys, Aladdin meets Morgiana, a slave girl, who is subsequently set free, and Alibaba departs to his homeland in Balbadd.

When they cross paths in the city, Alibaba discovers that he is the half-brother of the present king of Balbadd. 

The king has sold the populace as debt to another nation. Alibaba proclaims the kingdom’s end and converts it into a republic.

However is to be snatched away to Aladdin’s training grounds in Sindria, the capital of King Sinbad. 

In the meantime, the dark forces of the world started working to alter the Magi’s power dynamics. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

12. Log Horizon (2013-)

Log Horizon concentrates on the popular MMORPG “Elder Tales,” which includes a fantasy/post-apocalyptic setting and many classes to choose from.

The game is a terrific opportunity to escape from everyday life, complete with guilds, NPCs, special quests, and all the other RPG trappings. 

A new patch, however, causes everything to change. For those unlucky explorers entangled in the game, “Elder Tales” becomes their new reality because they are unable to log off or die in-game. 

A gang of adventurers resolves to solve the riddle of the game they are playing and find a method to run their town, just as many are about to quit. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

13. Overload (2015)

In 2126, the most popular video game in history will be discontinued. Momonga is a gamer who logs in for the final time to reflect on the heyday of his once-famous guild. 

When 0:00 strikes, Momonga discovers he is in an entirely different universe instead of being kicked out of the game.

Furthermore, all the NPCs appear to have developed sentience, giving the impression that he is no longer in a gaming world. 

With this information in hand, he decides to investigate this New World. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

14. Attack on Titan (2013-2023)

Titans are colossal creatures that have nearly exterminated humanity. Titans usually stand several stories tall, have no brains, and eat humans. 

Even worse, they do it for enjoyment rather than to support themselves.

A small percentage of humanity walled themselves off in an area protected by even taller walls than the most elevated of giants and managed to survive. 

Since the last time a giant visited earth, more than a century has passed. One day, the city walls are decimated by a monstrous giant that appears out of thin air, and 10-year-old Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness this horrible event. 

The two children watch in horror as their mother is devoured alive while the smaller titans invade the city. Eren swears to kill every titan to exact retribution on humanity.

15. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009-2010)

The mother of two brothers dies due to a deadly illness. They use “alchemy’s” abilities to use secret knowledge to restore her. 

Alphonse Elric, the younger brother, lost his whole body, while Edward Elric, the older brother, lost his left leg due to the process failing.

By sacrificing his right arm, Edward can attach his brother’s soul to armor to save his sibling. 

Edward acquires “automail” — metal limbs — to replace his missing limbs with the assistance of a family friend.

Edward then makes a promise to find the Philosopher’s Stone and bring the brothers back to their original forms. 

Even though, if it means becoming a “State Alchemist”—a person who employs alchemy for the government. This series is one of the anime like tower of God.

16. Death Note (2006-2007)

He is a bright high school student who desires justice for all people and aspires to become God in the new world he has created by eliminating all evil.

He intends to accomplish this by utilizing a mysterious magical book that came to earth from another realm. 

His attempts to rid the world of all darkness are thwarted by the police and a strange, mysterious detective known only as “L.” Death Note is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

17. One Punch Man (2015-2019)

Saitama is a unique hero in a universe of superhuman beings because he can defeat opponents with a single blow.

But because he is only one hero in a world full of them, his life is meaningless and hollow. 

However, Io one respects him, he acts carelessly around everyone, and overall he thinks being a hero is pointless. Worst of all, he lost his hair due to rigorous training.

These are the exploits of a typical yet exceptional hero. One Punch Man is one of the best anime like tower of God.

18. DeadMan Wonderland (2011)


Ganta, the lone survivor of his entire class’ terrible murder, is wrongly accused of the crime and subsequently found guilty.

The actual murderer inserts a red crystal into him during the massacre. 

Ganta is transferred to a privately run prison with a peculiar and perverse approach to incarceration.

Afterward, it involves playing risky activities for the public in exchange for privileges. 

Every prisoner he meets has their objectives, with survival being the primary one.

It is now up to him to get through this and perhaps even demonstrate his innocence. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God. 

19. Fate/Zero (2011-2012)

Seven wizards summon seven Heroic Spirits to battle in the “War for the Holy Grail,” a competition to gain control of the “Holy Grail,” which bestows a miracle.

The fourth war of the conflict, whose conclusion was delayed three times, now starts. 

There was a man among the wizards who was always by himself and had no idea of his life’s purpose.

Kirei Kotomine was his name. This series is one of the best anime like tower of God.

Kirei was confused by fate’s plan and wondered why someone similar to him was granted the Command Seals. However, Kirei’s way was blocked by a nemesis. 

Kiritsugu Emiya is the one in question. On behalf of his wife’s family, the Einzberns, he was a ruthless mage murderer and assassin-for-hire that desired the wonder of the Holy Grail. 

This is the Fourth Holy Grail War, merely recited in bits in Fate/stay night, which occurred ten years earlier.

Finally, the truth behind the conflict between the younger Kirei Kotomine and Shirou’s foster father, Rin’s father, is made known. 

20. Steins; Gate (2011-2015)

A tale concerning time travel and the repercussions of using it improperly is Steins Gate.

The main character is Okabe Rintarou, also known as Hououin Kyouma, a self-described “crazy scientist.” 

When a man who claims to have uncovered the mysteries of time travel is set to give a lecture.

Rintarou questions his theorem by asserting that a man by the name of “John Titor ” has already done it. 

A mysterious girl named Makise Kurisu drags Rintarou away from the lecture and starts asking him about their recent conversation.

Rintarou has no idea who this girl is and walks away, only to learn that she was stabbed to death shortly after. 

Rintarou sends a message about Kurisu’s death to a buddy named Itaru because he is perplexed by these recent happenings.

When he presses the “send message” button, he is unwittingly thrust into an alternate universe that has various discrepancies with his own memories. 

These memories include the fact that John Titor didn’t arrive in 2010 and that a sizable satellite had crashed onto the radio Kalkan’s roof. This series is one of the best anime like Tower of God.

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