15 Best Christmas Video Games for the Holiday Spirit

Best Christmas Video Games

Most of the best Christmas video games aren’t as common as Christmas-themed TV shows or movies, but there are a few options if you want to get into the Christmas spirit with a game or two before Santa Claus arrives. 

It’s the happiest time of the year! And what better way to celebrate than by playing some of the best Christmas video games ever created?

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1. Cthulhu Saves Christmas

“Cthulhu Saves Christmas” is a holiday-themed sequel to “Cthulhu Saves the World,” an old-school roleplaying game (in the manner of the Super Nintendo-era “Final Fantasy” titles you might have grown up playing). 

However, it’s self-aware and occasionally breaches the fourth wall, and it’s worth a look if you want some lighter Lovecraftian touches peppered throughout your holiday season. 

Furthermore, it’s a brief, fun experience that will bring back memories of classic video games and childhood Christmas mornings.

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

2. Dead Rising 4

The game’s scenario of a zombie-infested mall during the Christmas season appears to be a sardonic reference to the holiday season’s consumerism.

Furthermore, nothing beats dressing up as Santa and shooting zombies with an explosive candy cane crossbow. or clubbing a corpse with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire and Christmas lights.

However, the Dead Rising series is best known for its large list of imaginative and innovative weapons that can be found or built to combat hordes of zombies.

The Dead Rising 4 series is one of the best Christmas video games of all time. 

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. 

3. Daze Before Christmas

Join me on a trip back to 1994 for some Daze Before Christmas. In the Daze before Christmas. You get to play as Santa, rescuing all of our elves.

While also recovering your plans from the villainous Timekeeper. Additionally, it’s your typical retro platformer, with a dash of holiday cheer thrown in for good measure.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch and Sega Genesis. 

4. Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter

In Nuclear Winter, everyone’s favorite masculine hero sets out to save a world gone wild. The plot was straightforward enough. Duke Nukem is one of the best Christmas video games of all time. 

Besides, it’s Christmas. But Santa has been brainwashed by evil aliens, and you’ll have to stop him by battling a variety of Christmas-themed characters along the way.

Snowmen, elves, and even monsters – all of whom are festively attired. Additionally, even the strippers are decked out for the holidays in this game. 

Platform(s): PC

5. Super Mario Odyssey’s Snow Kingdom:

The newest (and greatest) “Super Mario” game features a variety of locations to visit, including bright beaches and scorching deserts.

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom is one of the best Christmas video games. However, one of its realms, the Snow Kingdom, is decked out for the holidays.

Even though you can only hear sleigh bells in the distance and some opponents are dressed in Santa hats, it’s the simple things that make the holidays bright.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch 

6. The Escapists- Santa’s Sweatshop & Santa Shakedown

Don’t be deceived by the 16-bit look; The Escapists’ first game is a stressful game about surviving and escaping prison.

Additionally, the free add-ons Santa’s Sweatshop and Santa’s Shakedown let you play as Buddy, an elf. 

The gameplay is largely the same, but with a Christmas twist. However, it turns out that Santa isn’t the lovable man we’ve all known him to be.

And that his brutal dictatorship is bringing agony to his elves. 

Furthermore, if you want to get out of Santa’s sweatshop, you’ll have to be smart and cunning, and patiently wait for opportunities to come your way.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 

7. Secret Santa

Take a look at YouTube to see how practically everyone who has tried to play Secret Santa has either angered quit or spent the entire game yelling at their computer. It is one of the best Christmas games for video games. 

But we just can’t seem to stop playing. Moreover, you take on the role of Santa Claus and must deliver all of your gifts to the children on the “nice list.”

However, you must avoid being noticed by children, being shot by watchful older men, and being eaten by guard dogs. 

Nevertheless, if that isn’t wild enough for you, just wait until Santa takes a sip of eggnog. This game is fantastic in its capacity to trigger anger quits all over the country, trust us.

Platform(s): PC

8. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morale

“Miles Morales” isn’t technically about Christmas, but it does take place around the holiday season, as in some of the best Christmas movies. 

Furthermore, the first moments of this Spider-Man adventure feature a lovely Christmas dinner before releasing you to swing about a snowy, well-decorated New York City.

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

9. Xmas Lemmings

Xmas Lemmings is one of the best Christmas video games of all time. Furthermore, this game isn’t particularly mysterious. It’s similar to the classic Lemmings game, but with a Christmas theme. 

However, it has the same pixel precision that irritates you, but it’s also the same amount of ridiculous fun.

Besides, it’s not the simplest game to obtain (and you’ll need a PC capable of running such an old game), but there are plenty of emulators available to support you.

Platform(s): DOS, Amiga

10. Home Alone

Home Alone was a significant part of the holidays for individuals who grew up in the 1990s. Additionally, the Home Alone video game is one of the best Christmas video games of all time. 

While the series has generated a slew of video games, Home Alone on the Sega Genesis stands out. 

You get to play Kevin and repeat the entire movie’s adventure, putting up ingenious traps and saving not just your own house, but the entire street from the Wet Bandits.

To add to the intrigue, there is a ticking clock.

Platform(s): NES, GameBoy, SNES, Master System, SEGA Genesis, GameGear, Amiga, MS-DOS. 

11. Fortnite: Operation Snowdown

Players can now go caroling with their buddies by using a free “Sing-Along” emote.

Parts of the map are currently blanketed with snow, with Christmas decorations (such as gifts, trees, and nutcrackers) strewn about.

So even if you don’t want to go for any awards, there’s a festive vibe in the air.

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, IOS, and Microsoft Windows. 

12. Christmas Night

“Christmas NiGHTS,” an old favorite of mine, was a special version of the Sega Saturn classic “NiGHTS: Into Dreams” that could be obtained for free through numerous methods (with gaming magazines, mostly). 

Additionally, when the game is played in December, the settings are decked out with snow, lights, and presents, and the original music is changed with an instrumental version of “Jingle Bells.”

However, if you don’t have a Sega Saturn lying around, you’re in luck.

Platform(s): Pc and PS3. 

13. Destiny 2: The Dawning

Every year, Bungie’s popular online shooter celebrates the holidays with “The Dawning,” which gives the game’s primary social center.

The Tower, a winter aesthetic. Destiny 2, The Dawning is one of the best Christmas video games of all time. 

However, this year’s Dawning challenges you to collect “Dawning Spirit” by completing quests, bounties, and recipes, all of which will contribute to rewards that all players will be able to obtain.

Platform(s): Xbox one, PlayStation 4, PC. 

14. Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa

Part “Metal Gear Solid” spoof; part sneaky Christmas adventure, “Merry Gear Solid” is a fun, free way to pass the time while laughing at stupid video game puns and slipping past bad youngsters. 

Additionally, it and its sequel are available for free download from the creator’s website.

Platform(s): Pc, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation 

15. Animal Crossing: Toy Day

Although Animal Crossing: New Leaf isn’t officially a Christmas game, it does have a variety of unique timed events, such as a holiday season in December. 

Additionally, players were greeted by a change in temperature as well as a plethora of winter apparel, furnishings, and other collectibles.

Furthermore, if they made the pleasant list, you could even dress up as Santa and deliver gifts to all of the villages on Christmas Eve.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch. 

That concludes our list of the best Christmas video games of all time. Make sure you play at least one of these games over the holidays.

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