Top 15 Anime Like Naruto Shippuden

Anime Like Naruto Shippuden

There is much anime like Naruto Shippuden you may have heard before. It’s expected since this was one of the most popular anime ever.

So, maybe you’re wondering to yourself: “What are the best anime like Naruto Shippuden?” These anime have character development, intense plot twists, and the sort.

Many anime fans consider such an anime like Naruto Shippuden as the best anime of all time. Although this series has reached its conclusion, it is still prevalent today.

The quality of this series is much better than most shows compared to a show like Sword Art Online. Perhaps, because many people hate SAO, fans want to watch a better show that anyone could enjoy.

If you are an anime fan, you might have seen multiple anime series. But these days, there is only one answer to the question: Which is the top anime like naruto Shippuden? Stop searching it online and have a look at the flowchart below.

A true tale of adventure is what lies ahead for you so let’s get started!

1. DragonBall

DragonBall Anime Like Naruto Shippuden

To start off my list of anime like naruto Shippuden is Dragonball. It would not have seen such success if it had not been for the first part of Goku’s proverb. That came to the original Dragonball.

Furthermore, It was then that Goku learned about the mysterious Dragonballs and their abilities. As the series progresses, so do the dangers. This series is a future story mixed with martial arts and weird art.

2. Bleach

Second, on my list of Anime like Naruto Shippuden is Bleach. Like Naruto and the One Piece, Bleach was considered the top Shonen Jump series of its time.

While the previous series took place in the mysterious world, however, from time to time, Bleach is set in modern Japan, where 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki has to defend the natural world in the spirit world.
To save the lives of her younger sister from a demonic monster known as Hollow, Ichigo inherits the mysterious power of the defeated Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki.

After replacing Rukia’s Soul Reaper, Ichigo and his high school friends soon became embroiled in a vicious political plot against the Soul Society’s management.

3. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

What makes an anime show like Naruto shippuden? What about the one that shows his son, Boruto? The next episode includes the sacrifices of Naruto‘s son and other students of the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Academy.

After a quick look at old Boruto, the series goes back to details on how he acquired the skills and friendships he accumulated during his time at school.

4. One Piece

One of the highest three pillars in the Shonen Jump list, One Piece was an inevitable recommendation for Naruto fans.

Instead of the magic ninjas, the mysterious world of One Piece is inhabited by dynamic criminals who are demon-possessed by the power of the Devil Fruit.

Monkey D. Luffy, a “rubber-man” who can stretch his body at will, is trying to become King of the Pirates. The best way he can achieve this goal is to mobilize a business team searching for a rare prize known as One Piece.

5. Eureka Seven

Instead of a fox-infused spirit in the main character, Eureka Seven includes a young boy who acquires the ability to control equipment.

When the series begins, Reston Thurston laments his boring life. As usual, when someone talks about boredom, a pilot known as Eureka hits his machine in Reston’s room.

Thus begins the adventure when a young boy joins a rebel group trying to liberate its planet. Like Naruto, Reston grows more confident about himself and his skills through the running of the series.

6. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter conveys many similarities with Naruto. Just as the work of a ninja was made into an idol and sold in Naruto, the hunter class in Hunter x Hunter is seen as a dangerous yet, revered gig.

Gon Freecss shares Naruto’s background, as his motive throughout the series is to be a hunter like his hunter-like father who disappeared into his life.

However, while Naruto is noisy and disrespectful, Gon is happy and optimistic to find his father.

7. Cells at Work

When Naruto wants to do good to the people of his village, even though they do not like him, Erythrocyte intends to do the same with the body where he lives.

He wants to help bring oxygen and nutrients everywhere. However, he remains blocked by viruses and other viral pathogens.

Fortunately, you have a partner in Cells at Work. This is a white blood cell called Neutrophil. Although aggressive in its fight against viruses and T-cells, Neutrophil is mild, especially when working with red blood cells.

8. My Hero Academia

In the eyes of numerous anime viewers, My Hero Academia is considered the Naruto of the 2010s. In contrast to the vicious Naruto Uzumaki, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya of My Hero Academia is a shy little boy who always wants to be a hero in the world of heroes.

Unfortunately, Deku is one of the few people born without a superpower. However, all of this is changing as a combination of tragedy and his childhood image, All Power, leads Deku to become his spiritual follower and enroll in a school of heroes.

9. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are cut in the same fabric. Both series have redefined the nature of the action of their era, but Dragon Ball Z laid the foundation for most of Naruto and other anime series that would build on it for years to come.

The surreal sci-fi stories of the Dragon Ball Z have allowed military artist Goku and friends to take part in larger-than-life battles with intergalactic enemies.

Such as fighting alien invaders who swear to destroy the Earth after wishing immortality to a magical set. Of Dragon Balls.

10. Dr. Stone

When Naruto wants to put his village first, high school student Taiju wants to put humanity first by removing the body. He will need help from his friend, who lost his stone facade after everyone turned into statues.

This is Dr. Stone’s plan. It seems easy, but there are a lot of obstacles Taiju and his friend face. They grew in them and, in turn, strengthened their friendship and faith to restore the human race to the Earth.

11. Soul Eater

Similar to Naruto and My Hero Academia, Soul Eater is an anime series about powerful young actors learning to control their power at school.

However, Soul Eater’s extraordinary design and stylish design make the incredible world of Death City look like just an anime version of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The series focuses on Maka Albarn, a soul-harvesting genius, and his lively weapon Soul Eater Evans, a punk kid who could transform into a Demon Scythe.

They both work together as they try to pass the class by eating 99 bad people and the soul of one witch.

12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In the most impressive and brave anime series than Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist is the form to go.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers who say – at a young age – they practice illegal alchemy in an unsuccessful attempt to resurrect their deceased mother and pay dearly for it.
Edward painfully loses his left leg and right arm.

While his brother Al puts his soul into armor after losing his human body. Now, working as State Alchemists, Elric’s siblings are on a mission to find the Stone Philosopher’s Stone, which holds the key to restoring their decaying bodies.

13. Inuyasha

If you want another anime featuring a half-demon character who lives in the mythical rendition of ancient Japan, then give Inuyasha a try.

Inuyasha describes a 15-year-old girl named Kagome Higurashi, who is transported from modern life to the Sengoku period of Japan by an angry demon who follows the Shikon Jewel who gives in to the lust that lies within him.

To save his life, Kagome awakens a half-powerful demon named Inuyasha to defeat the beast that follows him.

The Shikon Jewel is smashed to pieces and scattered throughout the country during the chaos. It is now up to Kagome and Inuyasha to retrieve the Shikon Jewel pieces before they fall into the wrong hands.

14. Yu Yu Hakusho

Like Naruto in the self-proclaimed series, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho was a great mouthpiece until one terrible day changed his life forever.

After giving her all to save the little boy’s life, Yusuke was given another chance to live as a baby ruler in the spirit world.

Yusuke was born again as a Spirit Detective; he solved supernatural mysteries and took on demonic enemies with the help of the evil reaper, Botan, and his friend/rival Kazuma Kuwabara.

15. Fairy Tail

Finally on my list of anime like naruto Shippuden is Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is another anime action series similar to Naruto. Living in the mysterious world of Fiore, a powerful firefighter named Natsu Dragneel of the Fairy Tail organization is looking for his adoptive father, the dragon Igneel.
She becomes a friend of a heavenly novice mage named Lucy Heartfilia, who is in the process of finding the keys to the cosmic gate.

Along with Natu’s bull partner Happy, the two continue the exciting journey with fellow magical Fairy Tail organization members.

Check out some frequently asked questions below about anime like naruto shippuden.

Is Boruto as good as Naruto?

Boruto is somewhere in the Naruto ranks in plot and characters, but most fans will agree that it is not as good as the first series.

Is dragon ball better than Naruto?

Although Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime, Naruto has a compelling story with the best leading characters. Dragon Ball is one of the most significant anime & manga series; Naruto is the third best-selling manga ever; Dragon Ball is in second place.

Is Naruto Shippuden the best anime?

Naruto Shippuden is an excellent anime. Fighting emotionally charged scenes is good. Everyone in Group 7 is my favorite character to be planted in, and the first arc has been great to start with where Naruto part 1 ended up.

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