2017 IT Cast and Their Roles

IT Cast

IT is also known as IT: Chapter One, an American supernatural horror film released in September 2017.

However, the film was based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel, also named IT.

Lin Pictures, New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, and Vertigo Entertainment produced the movie, and Andy Muschietti directed it.

The film runs for 135 minutes (2hrs 15mins), grossed $701.8 million on the Box Office, and Warner Bros Pictures distributed it.

Besides being a horror movie, the movie got some award nominations and won three Bogey Awards.

The movie centers on seven children living in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, an ancient cosmic evil being who was terrorizing.

As well as being terrorized, they were facing their demons in the process.

This article throws light on characters in the IT cast.

1. Jaeden Lieberher

Jaeden played a significant character in the IT cast. He played the role of Bill Denbrough. Bill is the leader of a group made of kids called the Losers Club.

He vowed to get revenge on the monster with help from his friends.

Bill lost his brother, George, which made it more of a personal crusade for him than the others in the group.

Moreover, his vendetta and stutter bind him to the group, thus, transforming him into Big Bill, the group leader.

Additionally, Bill is like a ghost in the town. Nobody sees him because his parents could not get over his brother’s death. This made him very determined and strong.

He would do what he believes is right and would do anything for the people he loves.

2. Bill Skarsgard

Bill is a significant character in the IT cast. He played IT/Bob Gray/Pennywise The Dancing Clown. IT is an ancient, trans-dimensional evil that wakes up every twenty-seven years.

IT is a sociopath who is not human and often looks like a clown. Even though it is an evil entity, IT also thinks he is funny when hurting kids.

IT is a shape-shifter with a kind of childishness about him. He has a close link with the kids.

He appears as a clown in the manifestation of the children’s imaginations, a clown who has something off about him.

Also, he manipulates people to do his bidding. He either assumes a form most familiar to the person, promise them their desires, or does it through subliminal influence.

3. Jeremy Ray Taylor

Jeremy played another central character in the IT cast. He played Ben Hanscom. Ben is an overweight, shy boy who has a crush on Beverly.

He tells his friends the incidents that happened in the past in Derry.

Apart from IT terrorizing Ben, he is also being bullied in school and is scared of height.

4. Sophia Lillis

Sophia played Beverly Marsh in the IT cast. Beverly is a red-headed tomboy who struggles with her abusive father, Alvin, at home and develops a strong bond with Ben.

He became part of the Loser club not because she was abused but because she was poor. Beverly was scared of IT, height and was also facing sexual abuse as a minor.

Additionally, Beverly is a tough girl who rebelled against her father.

Even though her mother was not in the picture, she stood up for herself against her father. She does not show her feelings and emotions.

She hides and distances herself from everyone.

Immediately she met her group of friends, the Loser Club. She held on strong to them and did not let go because they are all she has.

5. Finn Wolfhard

Finn played Richie Tozier in the IT cast. Richie is Bill’s best friend, his foul language and loud mouth often get him in trouble.

Apart from his fear of the height and terror of IT, Richie became the group’s clown because he is neglected at home.

His loud personality, big mouth, and foul language are because he needs attention.

6. Wyatt Oleff

Wyatt played Stanley Uris in the IT cast. Stanley is the pragmatic son of a rabbi, a ghoulish woman from a painting that haunted his bar mitzvah studies.

Apart from his terror of IT and fear of height, Stanley suffers oppression from his father. Oppression from adults is quite a recurring force in the movie.

Stanley relates with the group. They often come to his aid when he falls apart because things are not going according to the pattern in his mind.

Moreover, Stanley was the last person to believe that IT was real. He did not want to think about IT because it would ruin his reality.

He has OCD. When something terrible happens, he tries to organize everything. He has a vision of how everything is supposed to be in his mind, but IT ruins everything.

This led to him falling apart on some occasions and makes him more scared of IT than the others in the group. Stanley is the voice of reason in the group.

7. Chosen Jacobs

Chosen played the role of Mike Hanlon in the IT cast. Mike is a softly-spoken, sweet black boy in the movie. Besides, Mike lives on the outskirts of Derry on his grandfather’s farm.

Before joining the Loser club, Mike was isolated. He was the only African-American kid in Derry. So, finding friends who accepted him for who he is as significant to him.

IT brought the group of kids together, and

Mike loved his friends.

8. Nicholas Hamilton

Nicholas played Henry Bowers in the IT cast. Henry was a young sociopath, the leader of the Bowers Gang, the terrorized and bullies the Losers’ club.

Henry became a bully as a result of watching his father, Oscar, and following his steps.

Henry’s personality has layers. He does not only show his general meanness and psychopathic-ness at times, but he is also vulnerable.

9. Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson played George Denbrough in the IT cast. George is Bill’s seven years old innocent and energetic brothers.

IT/Pennywise killed him, which led to the events in the movie, which happened the following summer after George’s death.

10. Logan Thompson

Logan played Victor “Vic” Criss in the IT cast. Vic is Henry’s inseparable friend, a bully, and a part of the Bowers’ gang.

Vic is the most intelligent and intelligent member of the Bowers’ crew.

He was the only one who realizes Henry’s insanity and became reluctant to follow him.

Although he helped Henry in bullying the Losers’ club, he never wanted to cause them physical harm. He just wanted to scare them.

11. Jake Sim

Jake is in the IT cast. He played Reginald “Belch” Huggins. Belch has gotten his name as a result of being able to belch on command.

He is the most prominent, clumsiest, and most potent member of the Bowers’ gang.

However, most people consider him stupid, but he is very loyal to his friends, the Bowers’ team, especially Henry.

12. Javier Botet

Javier appeared on the IT cast as the Leper. He was a rotting homeless man who met Eddie Kaspbrak on the street.

13. Stephen Bogaert

Stephen appears on IT cast as Alvin Marsh. Alvin is Beverly’s abusive father.

Although he is not a drug addict or alcoholic, he abuses Beverly. However, there are times the acts are caring and loving towards Beverly.

14. Geoffrey Pounsett

Geoffrey appeared on the IT cast as Zack Denbrough. Zack is the father of Bill and George, there was a time he and his wife, Sharon, were caring, loving, and supportive parents, but after George died, they grew distant.

He and his wife could not get over the grief of losing their son. Also, Bill wanted to fight and kill Pennywise to regain his parents’ love.

15. Pip Dwyer

Pip appears on IT cast as Sharon Denbrough. Sharon is the wife of Zack and the mother of Bill and George.

Just like her husband, she grew distant from Bill after George died. Bill’s hope to regain her love is the biggest motivation he wants to fight and destroy IT.

16. Owen Teague

Owen played Patrick Hockstetter in the IT cast. Patrick is a psychopath who keeps a fridge full of animals he has killed.

17. Stuart Hughes

Stuart appears on IT cast as Oscar “Butch” Bowers, Henry’s father and a police officer. Even though he is a police officer, he is abusive and a racist.

He has a strong dislike towards the Halon family, especially Leroy. His personality is what shaped Henry into being a sociopath and a bully.

18. Megan Charpentier

Megan appeared on the IT cast as Greta Bowie. Greta is a stuck-up and snobby classmate of the Losers’ club at Derry Middle school. Besides, Greta is rich and lives in the richer parts of Derry.

19. Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack was in the IT cast as Eddie Kaspbrak. Eddie was a sickly boy who only felt truly fine when he was with his friends, the Losers’ club. He was also terrified of IT and was scared of height.

20. Steven Williams

Steven also played a character in the IT cast. He played Leroy Hanlon. Leroy was Mike’s grandfather, who also runs an abattoir nearby.

21. Ari Cohen

Ari played Rabbi Uris in the IT cast. Rabbi Uris is Stanley’s father and a mentor in the Jewish community in Derry.

22. Tatum Lee

Tatum is on IT cast as Judith, one of  Pennywise’s horrifying creations.

These are some of the IT cast and their roles in the movie. This article gives you a preview of the characters.

Also, you can easily use this article as a guide when watching the movie, so you don’t get confused with the names and their roles in the film.

There also happens to be a sequel of IT called IT: Chapter Two, released on September 6, 2019.

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