21 Different Villages in Naruto

Different Villages in Naruto

Are you a fan of Naruto? We’ve listed the different villages in Naruto. Naruto is an anime series Masashi Kishimoto created, and it has been running for over 10 years.

The story revolves around the ninja village of Konohagakure, which is located in the Land of Fire. It also features many other characters, such as Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Gaara, Orochimaru, Killer Bee, and others. 

Villages in the Naruto universe raise ninjas who work as their local police force, provide social services, and more.

Although some towns operate independently, most are a part of a nation governed by a daimyo. 

The most formidable ninja in each village, known as a Kage, rules over the Hidden Villages, the most vital villages in Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki aspires to be and finally does become the Hokage of Konohagakure. However, there are more towns worth mentioning outside the significant five.

For example, Amegakure, a city that frequently took the brunt of larger countries’ battles, gave rise to the Akatsuki, one of the most destructive organizations in Naruto history.

These include Sand Village, Mist Village, Rock Lee’s home, and the Valley of the End. 

There are several notable villages in Naruto: 

1. Kumogakure

Kumogakure is located in the Land of Lightning, one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. The Raikage is in charge of it.

The majority of Jutsu techniques are different Lightning Release methods. The Two-Tails and the Eight-Tails, each trapped into Yugito Nii and Killer B, were two Tailed Beasts belonging to the community.

While every community strives to manage the animals, Kumogakure has achieved some of the most notable results. 

They and Konoha and Iwagakure have previously engaged in a bitter battle. For instance, they once tried to capture Hinata Hyuuga to obtain the clan’s Byakugan skills.

When Hiashi Hyuuga killed their Head Ninja to protect his daughter, they demanded a sacrifice. Even so, Kumogakure collaborated with other countries to create the Shinobi Alliance. 

2. Amegakure

Amegakure, as its name suggests, is almost perpetually shrouded in clouds. It’s an industrialized community recognized for turning out skilled killers. It is one of the villages in Naruto.

Due to its proximity to Konoha, Sunagakure, and Iwagakure—three nations that were frequently at war with one another—Amegakure was frequently the scene of severe fighting that left a large number of its residents dead. 

Three children, Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan, left orphaned by the ongoing fighting, grew up, turning radical, and founded the Akatsuki. 

After Yahiko was killed in an attempt to overthrow the nation’s ruler Hanz, the Akatsuki ceased to be a peacekeeping organization.

Nagato, now known as Pain, became the country’s revered leader and made plans to personally invade other countries to demonstrate the tragedy of war. In addition, Madara and Obito impacted the group, using it for their evil purposes. 

3. Konohagakure

Next on our list of villages in Naruto is Konohagakure. Many of the series’ key characters are from Konohagakure, a secluded town in the Land of Fire.

It is one of the five great ninja villages, and the Hokage, a formidable ninja, is in charge of it. He collaborates with the other kings to unite around shared objectives or resolve conflicts.

Konoha was the first hidden village founded by Madara and Hashirama to create stability following years of ongoing hostilities. There are several tribes, each with its peculiar Jutsu, although fire-based techniques are particularly prevalent. 

4. Kirigakure

The Mizukage is in charge of Kirigakure, the Land of Waves’ secretive settlement. Its past has been turbulent, to put it mildly. 

The community entered a time when they went by the name Village of the Bloody Mist. Graduates of the Ninja Academy were compelled to participate in combat royales, where the victor became a ninja, and the loser perished. Corruption was rampant, and life there was generally a living hell.

The Fourth Mizukage was mainly the victim of Madara’s manipulation, but neither the village nor his reputation fully recovered.

Several villagers, including members of the Six Tails’ jichuuriki Utakata and the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, defected. The village is currently making repairs and improving as a lovely living place. 

5. Iwagakure

Iwagakure is one of the villages in Naruto, and it is the name of the buried settlement in the Land of Earth. Tsuchikage is the Kage of one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations.

The town has a history of openly betraying comrades and frequently engages in battle with nearby settlements like Konohagakure and Sunagakure.

Due to this, it was challenging for the Tsuchikage to cooperate with the Shinobi Alliance later on in the series.

The majority of Iwagakure ninjas use Earth Release methods. Two jinchuuriki, Han (Five Tails) and Roshi lived in the settlement (Four Tails). 

The Tsuchikage attempts to increase the power of his village in the Boruto timeline by making Akuta, or Artificial Soldiers, but they quickly spiral out of control. 

6. Otogakure

Otogakure was first built by Orochimaru, not as a complete hamlet but as a cover for him to gather test subjects.

It was made up of a network of clandestine laboratories scattered across numerous countries, and it was typically the site of illegal activity. Even if he had ninjas at his disposal, he aimed to capture the subjects he wanted. 

By the Boruto timeline, Orochimaru had restored it as a fair settlement in the Land of Sound (formerly the land of rice paddies). Its inhabitants are combat veterans attempting to start new lives for themselves. 

7. Sunagakure

Sunagakure, a Hidden Village with a Kage (in this instance, the Kazekage) at its helm, is situated in a region that resembles a desert in the Land of Wind. It is one of the villages in Naruto.

However, there were many exceptions, such as Sasori’s puppet-based skills and Chiyo’s poison assaults, most of its ninja’s employed wind-based tactics.

The country has fought against Konoha and Iwagakure countless times, yet they were allies during the Fourth Shinobi War. 

The One-Tailed Beast, which spent most of the series imprisoned inside the Kazekage’s son Gaara, resides in Sungakure.

Gaara had yet to be born when this action occurred, and the One-Tails was notoriously challenging to handle.

Thus, it was a hazardous decision. Rasa, the Kazekage, took action since the village needed a boost of strength because the Land of Wind’s daimyo sent assignments that should have gone to Sunagakure to the neighboring Konoha instead. 

8. Mount Myoboku

Animal summonings reside on Mount Myboku, not human shinobi. It is the toads’ land in this instance. The toads they summon spend most of their time there, where Jiraiya and Naruto first discovered Sage Mode.

The Great Toad Sage is in charge of this lush paradise, and seniors like Shima and Fukasaku also play essential roles in its administration.

They create a particular oil that increases receptivity to absorb natural energy when the user is perfectly still. Naruto’s initial Sage Mode Training includes this in considerable measure. 

9. Ryuchi Cave

Some of the Naruto villages are Sage regions, populated by summoning animals. Ryūchi Cave is home to the snakes, which both Orochimaru and Sasuke call during battle.

The leader is the Great White Snake, who puts visitors through multiple trials to teach them Sage Mode.

Those who fail the test will have their chakra consumed by the snakes, but those who succeed can achieve great power. The cave is also the origin of the Jugo Clan’s ability to absorb natural energy constantly. 

10. Kusagakure

Next on our list of villages in Naruto is Kusagakure. One of Konoha’s allies is Kusagakure. However, it might be challenging to determine precisely where they stand.

That’s because its ninja is adept at perceiving others’ intentions while keeping their own hidden, which can occasionally result in diplomatic success and occasionally in deception. 

There aren’t many well-known characters from Kusagakure, but it is the location of several significant landmarks, such as the Kannagi Bridge.

Kannagi Bridge which served as one of Iwagakure’s primary supply routes during the Third Shinobi War, the Tenchi Bridge, which Team Kakashi used to meet Kabuto Yakushi in secret; and the Hzuki Castle, which is home to a sizable prison. An ancient superweapon kept in prison gave Kusagakure momentary superpowers. 

11. Takigakure

Takigakure, a little settlement, is built around a giant tree tucked away behind a waterfall. They are unique because of the many skills and tricks they have. It is also one of the villages in Naruto.

When Kakuzu left the village due to unfair treatment, he stole some of these. The ability to create Hero water, which drastically increases a person’s chakra and strength at sacrificing their health or even their life, is another.

Other skills include the Seven-Tailed beast, imprisoned in Fu until the Akatsuki got a hold of it. 

12. Hoshigakure

Hoshigakure, in the Land of Bears, developed around a meteorite that impacted the planet roughly 200 years ago.

The Hoshigakure ninjas could significantly increase their chakra and power through training in the meteorite’s presence, but at a horrible price.

The ninja finally dies when the star’s radiation decimates their internal organs. The third Hoshikage did away with the practice for that reason, despite Akahoshi, his assassin, having different thoughts. 

Akahoshi desired to continue the exercise while being aware of its negative repercussions. He desired for the ninja of his village to be powerful enough to receive that honor. 

13. Iwaizukuri

Iwaizukuri is located on an island off the coast of Kyūshū. It has no natural history, but it has a few notable things: 

  1. There is a giant statue of a dragon that guards the entrance to the village. 
  1. It is said that the villagers could use this statue to teleport themselves anywhere in the world. 
  1. It is said that if you look into the eyes of the dragon, you’ll see your future self. 

14. Shurikenjō

Next on our list of villages in Naruto is Shurikenjō. Shurikenjō is a small village nestled between mountains. Its residents are known for their skill in throwing shuriken, which are sharp blades made of metal.

There are two main types: normal ones and special ones. In contrast to special ones, which are fired from a bow, normal ones are tossed by hand.

15. Tsuchigumo Village

This village is located in the middle of nowhere. It also receives less attention because of how secluded it is. It is primarily famous for its large number of tsuchigumo (snake people).

These people live inside snakes, which makes them extremely dangerous, and If bitten, a person will pass away in a matter of minutes. 

16. Ōtsutsuki Clan

The Ōtsutsuki clan is one of the five major clans in the Leaf shinobi. Their home village is in the mountains near the ocean. They have a solid reputation among the other clans for being highly intelligent, wealthy, and respected. It is one of the villages in Naruto.

17. Jomae Village

The location of Jmae Village is the Land of Keys. Instead of emphasizing ninja fighting training, this hamlet is strong in spying.

People who train in this hamlet are instructed to gather as much knowledge as possible without disclosing it to anybody else. Some people, like Hanare, do this using a method known as eye-mind reading. 

18. Chunin Exam Villages

Three villages host the Chunin Exams every year. Each town specializes in a particular element. For example, Minato hosts those who specialize in fire, Konoha hosts those who specialize in wind, and Sunagakure hosts those who specialize in lightning. 

19. Hidden Sand Village

Sand always covers the village of Hidden Sand Village. It is located in the desert region of the Land of Fire. Because of the constant sandstorms, people have yet to learn how old the village is. 

20. Kinshiki Village

Kinshiki Village is a small village in the Land of Wind. Tall trees surround it. It has a barrier defending it, as most settlements do. However, unlike most obstacles, this one requires chakra to pass through. 

21. Uchiha Clan

Last on our list of villages in Naruto is Uchiha Clan. Uchiha Village is the home of the Uchiha clan. The town has a reputation for making high-quality weaponry.

It is the only place in the entire country that produces these weapons. There you have it! 21 villages in Naruto. 

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