14 Best Black History Movies for Kids

Black History Movies for Kids

It is that time of the year again when the United States celebrates black history. Or the schools have closed, and you are having a good time with your kids at home.

You would like them to understand how far the black community has come. Don’t worry; the archives got you.

There is no better way to tell a story in this visual generation than through videos, namely movies.


If you need great family films on black history that your children can enjoy, below is a list of age-appropriate best black history movies for kids.

1. Hidden Figures (2016)

Age limit- over 10

This film is not a fiction movie to entertain your kids. It is based on a true story. Three mathematicians of African-American descent worked hard to ensure that they launched John Glenn into orbit.

Being part of the NASA community, these female scientists made it in the face of gender and racial discrimination. The movie is inspirational, educational as well as entertaining. Your children will know that they can become anything they set their minds on, even in adversity.

2. Dancing in The Light (2015)

Age Limit-over 5

There isn’t a better way to inspire your kids than exposing them to names that made history. Whether you go to Disney for a family movie or to your local film gallery, ‘Dancing in the Light’ is the movie to watch.

It’s a true animated story of Janet Collins, the first African-American Ballerina to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House. It’s a short yet inspirational family movie. Teachers can also use it in schools.

3. Soul (2020)

Age Limit-over 8

‘Soul’ is one of the most recent best black history movies for kids. It’s a Pixar studio’s animation film featuring Jamie Fox.

He is the first African-American to voice a Pixar movie as the lead character. The main character is a gardener who goes against all odds to follow his passion for jazz.

As you treat your family to the Disney charm, inspire and entertain your kids with this movie. It is clear of any explicit scenes, and the language used is appropriate for kids from eight years of age.

4. A Ballerina’s Tale (2015)

Age Limit-over 9

Is your girl an aspiring ballerina? Then this movie is the perfect one for her. It is based on the true story of Misty Copeland.

She went past numerous obstacles to become an African-American ballet legend. Her name is mentioned among the high and mighty in the world of ballerinas.

In this movie, Misty narrates her story and the struggles she went through to the top. Racism, body image struggles, and a severe body injury did not stop her.

She played a vital role in paving the way for other African-American women to shine.

5. Self Made (2020)

Age Limit-over 14

Self-made has become one of the most popular black history movies for kids. It features C.J. Walker, a black woman and self-made millionaire who built her haircare empire.

This movie falls under the category of a drama series. It is both inspiring and entertaining.

One of the characters touches on the first real-life African-American millionaire, Annie Malone. She inspires other black women to go beyond color and become what they can potentially be.

6. Selma (2014)

Age limit-over 13

Teenagers can comprehend the roles that historical men of color played in the liberation of black lives. The movie Selma is one of the black history movies that handles voting rights for the African-American population.

Martin Luther King Jnr matched from Selma to Montgomery to claim voting rights for the black Americans.

7. Remember the Titans (2000)

Age Limit-over 10

If your kids are sports lovers, this drama will be the perfect black history movie for them. It narrates the story of an African-American coach who is the first one in a bi-racial high school.

He is expected to integrate a black and a white school and ensure that the students co-exist harmoniously.

This movie narrates real-life events and shows how through hard work, they can achieve mutual respect in the face of racial tension. Check it out on Disney Channel and treat your kids to a great black life story.

8. Harriet (2019)

Age Limit-over 12

This movie is a combination of heroism and the dark parts of black history. It’s an action drama that highlights the story of a girl who escaped slavery.

She was promised freedom that never came, so she decided to end it all by escaping.

You cannot exhaust black stories without mentioning slavery. This movie will allow you to explain the impact and also the end of slavery. Mentioning the names of those who fought for African-American freedom will be worthwhile.

9. The Butler by Lee Daniels (2013)

Age Limit-over 13

Apart from your kids getting to watch Oprah Winfrey on this, they will also get inspiration from a special butler. This black man served at the white house during the reigns of eight presidents. That’s exceptional service, and such names cannot go unnoticed.

Through the eyes of this butler, the civil rights movement’s history is told. Note that this movie has some scenes with strong violence and hate themes. Kindly stick to the age limit.

10. Garrett’s Gift (2007)

Age Limit-over 4

This short animated movie has made it to the list of top black history movies for kids. It’s only twenty minutes long but loaded with inspiration.

In this movie, your children will meet Garret Morgan, who invented traffic lights. This African-American boy dared to think differently, and his invention has made the world a safer place.

Your four-year-old isn’t too young to dream and use their imagination. ‘Garrett’s gift’ will encourage your kids to become more confident in implementing their ideas.

11. The Great Debaters (2007)

Age Limit-over 13

This historical drama will teach your kids the success that follows hard work and determination.

Melvin B Tolson, who is featured in this inspiring story, motivated his students at Willey College to start the first debate team. They won against Harvard.

Due to the violence against the black community and the racial tension in the 1930s, most parents gave this movie a 13+ rating. Your teenage children will get the motivation to go for what they believe.

12. Shaka Zulu: The Citadel (2001)

Age Limit-over 9

The Citadel is inspired by a true story of a legendary warrior. Shaka Zulu is the great African leader who formed the world’s largest empire.

He was motivated by the desire to see his people becoming one and undefeated.

Your kids will love the adventure and the rich black history portrayed in this movie. Its storyline oozes with strength and power, leaving no room for defeat.

They will learn not to surrender to fate but forge their way no matter the circumstances.

13. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Age Limit-over 12

In this top-rated movie, Atticus Flinch defends a man of color who has been accused of sexually defiling a white woman. There is a lot of racial tension surrounding the plot of the story.

Your children will get inspired to show empathy to others and will also learn the consequences of racism.

14. The Color of Friendship (2000)

No Age Limit

This movie is based on a true story of the friendship between a girl of color and a white girl. It was originally aired on Disney Channel.

In this inspiring story, the two girls cultivate a genuine friendship regardless of their color. The storyline is suitable for children across all age groups.

As you celebrate black history and the names of the heroes that fought for oneness, this movie teaches your kids that friendship is colorless.

Human beings are capable of loving and respecting each other despite their racial differences. The film also addresses the issues of racial violence but remains kids-appropriate.

Bottom Line

Black history doesn’t promote racism. It is meant to remind the African-American folks of the far they have come.

As they celebrate the big names that fought for their freedom, they learn not to discriminate against others based on color.

Easing the racial tension that has dominated America and embracing each other is the only way to win.

Got no plans for black history month? Visit Disney or any other place of your choice and enjoy the best collection of best Black history movies for kids.

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