20 Ashes of Love Cast and Their Roles

ashes of love cast

In 2018, the China drama series “Ashes of Love” was released. Directed by Chu Rui Bin, the series follows Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, a novel by Dian Xian.

The drama revolves around Jin mi, the daughter of the flower deity and water Immortal. The flower deity discovers that her daughter would suffer a love trial. 

To prevent this fate, she feeds her a magical pill to stop her from feeling emotion. Jin mi grows with her father, who later dies.

In believing Xu Feng, the fire immortal, killed her father, Jin mi goes after the god and kills him.

This act causes her to cough up the magical pill, and she feels alive, unlike before. Soon, she finds herself caught up in a love triangle with two warring lords. 

Aside from this, xu Feng comes back as a Demon Lord and challenges the Night immortal. With all these happenings, what will be Jin mi’s fate?

This exciting romantic comedy series takes you into a world where gods converse. The drama was successful commercially and received positive reviews.

People praised it for its grounded, light-hearted storyline, its high-quality video, exquisite costumes yet. 

But most significantly, it was praised for the excellent performance of the actors.

Ashes of love casts played their role, perfectly outlining the qualities of each character and giving a fantasy yet real-life feeling.

Main Ashes of love casts

  • Yang Zi as Jin mi

The ashes of love cast, Yang Zi played the role of JIn mi. Jin mi is a grape spirit, but her real identity is a petal frost flower fairy. Though she is generous and naïve, she feels nothing because of her mother’s magic pill. Later, after the death of her father, she becomes the water deity.

  • Deng Lun as Xu Feng

One of the ashes of love casts, Deng Lun played the role of Xu Feng. Xu Feng is the legitimate prince of the heavenly realm and the second son of the divine emperor.

He is the fire god, his solid form is a Pheonix, and he tolerates no betrayal. Despite this, Xu Feng is kind and noble and trusts his mother more than he is supposed to.

The noble god falls for Jin mi and is willing to go to any lengths for her.

  • Chen Yuqi as Lui Ying 

Lui Ying is Lord Biancheng’s daughter. She is a demon princess that later becomes a demon Lord.  She falls in love with Mu Ci, her bodyguard.

  • Luo Yunxi as Run Yu

Run Yu is the eldest son of the heavenly realm. He is the first but illegitimate son of the emperor and Su Li, the water princess. Due to his illegitimate birth, Run Yu is not a respected prince in the heavens. As the night god, his proper form is a dragon. Initially, he was gentle and calm and bore no ambitions for his father’s position.

When the empress kills his mother, he rebels against the emperor, ascending the throne to become the next ruler. He is deeply in love with Jin Mi, who he wants to marry.

  • Wang YiFei as Sui He

Sui is the niece of the heavenly empress. As the head of the bird clan, her proper form is a peacock. She is proud, hard-hearted, and insecure and would do anything to remain in power. She loves Xu Feng but despises Jin mi when Xu Feng did not reciprocate her love.

  • Zou Tingwei as Mu ci (Qu Yuan)

Mu ci is a reaper that Lord Biancheng adopted after enemies annihilated his entire clan. He became the bodyguard and lover of Lord Biancheng’s daughter, Liu Ying.

Supporting Ashes of love casts

Heavenly realm

  • He Zhonghua as Taiwei

Taiwei is the heavenly emperor, and his proper form is a dragon. He is the father of Xu Feeling and Run Yu. He is a selfish god who enjoys using other people to achieve his devious goals.

  • Kathy Chow as Tuyao

Tuyao is the heavenly empress, and her other form is a phoenix. She is the former leader of the bird clan. She is also the mother of Xu Feng and Sui He’s aunt. The woman is jealous and manipulative and she commits so many evils.

  • Xia Zhiyuan as Danzu

He is Taiwei’s younger brother and an uncle to Xu Feng and Run Yu. As a fox, He is known for his mischievous personality and youthful looks. He is in control of love and marriage for mortals. Though mischievous, Danzhu wants nothing more than for Xu Feng and Jin Mi to end up together.

  • Wang Renjun as Luolin

Luolin is the water deity. He is Linxui’s husband and Jin mi’s father. He is a refined and gentleman who stays away from worldly affairs but helps others in need.

  • Wang Yuanke as Linxiu

She is the wind deity and is going to marry Luolin. A kind woman, she treats Jin Mi as her child.

  • Fan Mianlin as Suli

She is the mother of Run Yu and the Lord of Dongting lake. Also the dragon fish princess, Suli hates the empress for wiping out the Dragon Fish clan.

  • Liao Jingfeng as Lord Puchi

Known as the snake deity, he was adopted by Suli after the gods banished him from the heavenly realm. He became Jin Mi’s friend after he saved her in Qiongqi.

  • Du Yuchen as Kuanglu 

She is the child of the Immortal Taisi and became Runyu’s subordinate because she admires him.

  • Sa Dingding as Immortal Yuanji

He is the immortal that controls the fate and destiny of mortals.

  • Zhang Junran as Lord Liaoyuan

He is the personal guard of Xu Feng.

  • Li Yixuan as Lord Douma

He is a teacher in the heavenly realm.

  • Li Xuefeng as Rat Immortal

He is Suli’s subordinate and head of Zodiac immortals who gets information from the heavenly realm.

Other characters of the heavenly realm include;

  • Zhang Xiaoyang as Liaoting
  • Cui Binbin as Feixu
  • Zheng Ge as Pojun
  • Fu Hongsheng as Yinque
  • Dong Xiaobai as Queling
  • Lui Haochen as Lianchao
  • Li Yongtian as Taishang Laojun
  • Zhang Shihong as Immortal Taisi
  • He Junlin as Yunxiang, Thunder Immortal
  • Lui Siying as the lightning Immortal as Yunxiang
  • Liu Xiangping as Earth’s deity
  • Zhong Sutong as the little fairy

Flower realm

  • Zhang Yanyan as Zifen

Zifen is Jin Mi’s mother and the former flower deity. She died after giving birth to Jin mi.

  • Furou Meiqi as Rourou

She is Jin mi’s close friend who died while saving Jinmi. She later comes back and follows Jinmi on her mortal Journey.

However, she dies again while saving Jin Mi from the arrow of destruction.

  • Yuwen Tong as Lao Hu

The sprite is a respected one in the flower Realm.

Other characters of the flower realm include;

  • Peng Cheng as Chief Peony Mu Dan
  • Ma Jing as Chief Begonia
  • Wen Luhan as Chief Magnolia
  • Xia Yiyao as Lianqiao
  • Wu Wenxuan as Pavilion Chief
  • Duan Yu as Pavilion chief

Demon Realm

  • Lu Yong as Lord Yancheng

He rules the demon realm.

  • Yao Qingren as Lord Baincheng 

He is the father of Liu Ying and wants peace between Heaven and Demon realms.

  • Song Yunhao as Lord Gucheng

Gucheng has eyes for the throne and plans to overthrow the emperor.

  • Hu Mianyang as Qiongqi

Qiongqi is a dangerous beast that Run yu absorbs before the last battle.

  • Wang Siyu as Zhishou

One of King Yancheng’s sons.

  • Li Silang as Xuanshou

The other of King Yancheng’s sons.

Mortal Realm

  • Sun Ning as Lord Nanping

Lord Nanping is Suihe’s mortal father. He is an ambitious man who planned to eliminate Xu Feng. Later on, Suihe kills him.

  • Zhou Yihua as Prime minister Fu

He governs the kingdom of Huaiwu

  • Tuo Gufeng as General Jichong

 He Serves Lord Nanping.

  • Wen Jing as Jingjie

A calm woman, she is from the tribe of the Healing saints and adopts Jin Mi during the Mortal trial.

Many of these ashes of love cast were nominated for awards, and most emerged as the winners. To this effect, the audience still expects more from them.

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