10 Best 90s Christmas Movies

Best 90s Christmas Movies

If there’s one thing this year has taught us all, it’s that it’s occasionally great to reminisce about happier times.

This isn’t to argue that the future is all doom and gloom, but it might be refreshing to reminisce about the things that used to bring us delight as children. For example, 90s Christmas Movies.

The 90s Christmas Movies are unique and special to their kind. Some are lovely and family-oriented, while others are edgy and adventurous.

Do you like something a little scarier and more fantastical? If so, you can vote for Tim Burton’s stop-motion dark fantasy “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Or, are you a fan of something a little more laid-back? Maybe you’ll enjoy “Home Alone.”

So, without a few iconic holiday films, the Christmas season would be meaningless.

There were several fantastic Christmas classics before Netflix’s original holiday roster filled our screens.

Here is a list of some of the best 90s Christmas Movies.

1. The Santa Clause (1994)

Scott Calvin’s plan backfires spectacularly. Santa falls off the roof and departs after he and his kid shock him on Christmas Eve, abandoning behind his sleigh of reindeer and presents.

Scott pulls on the Santa costume and finishes the work of delivering presents to make up for a bad night.

The sleigh transports him to the North Pole, where he discovers that he has unintentionally accepted the position of Santa Claus due to a “term” in a contract.

Soon after, the divorced businessman puts on weight, gets a beard, and adopts a raucous laugh.

Despite the attempts to live a decent life, he learns to be Santa and a better dad along the road. As an adult, it’s uplifting, humorous, and probably a little creepy to see.

This is one of the most famous 90’s Christmas Movies. You can see Santa Clause on Disney+.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Jack Skellington, aka “The Pumpkin King,” is one of Tim Burton’s most beloved characters and the sweetheart of Halloween Town.

It is a town where it’s always Halloween. Jack wanders out of town, looking for a change, and comes across the gateway to Christmas Town.

Jack returns to Halloween Town, inspired by the snow, lights, and “Sandy Claws,” ready to design his own Christmas.

The stop-motion film features fantastic melodies and is ideal for anyone who can’t decide whether to celebrate Christmas or Halloween.

On Disney+, you can watch The Nightmare before Christmas.

3. Home Alone (1990)

When the McCallister family’s huge and boisterous family prepares a Christmas vacation out of town, Kevin is accidentally left behind amid the chaos.

Kevin is first ecstatic with his new lifestyle and takes full advantage of it. When he learns that the local Wet Bandits intend to plunder his empty residence, he sets up a trap to catch them.

It is one of the best 90s Christmas Movies, and we’re not sure what to say if you haven’t seen this. You can enjoy Home Alone on Disney+.

4. All I Want For Christmas (1991)

Birch and a young Ethan Embry play siblings who try to reunite their parents with the help of Santa Claus and a little Christmas charm.

All I Want for Christmas is a festive Parent Trap that you must see as it is one of the best 90s Christmas Movies. Watch All I Want for Christmas easily on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Jingle All The Way (1996)

Though he’s best recognized for his roles as The Terminator and California’s governor, Howard Langston was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best portrayals.

He is a workaholic who disregards his family. To make amends, Howard embarks on a quest to locate his son’s prized action figure, Turbo-Man.

However, an obnoxious postal worker and a nagging police officer continue to obstruct his progress. Needless to say, there is a slew of mishaps.

Jingle All the Way is available on Amazon Prime Video.

6. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1998)

If you were a young girl in the 1990s, you were almost certainly smitten, if not obsessed, with adolescent heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

And, like any good fangirl, you saw every film in which JTT appeared. This includes I’ll Be Home for Christmas because it’s one of the best 90s Christmas Movies.

Jake Wilkinson, 18, makes a bargain with his father to come home in time for Christmas Eve supper in exchange for a vintage Porsche.

Jake has only 3 days to find his way across the country to New York when school bullies ditch him in the California desert.

He is wearing nothing but a Santa costume, he has to make it home no matter what, or he’ll have to say goodbye to his Porsche.

7. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Miracle on 34th Street is a remake of the 1947 classic about Dorey Walker, a single mother and retail store director.

Dorey recruits an old man named Kris Kringle to be the new store Santa after dismissing a drunk.

Kris, on the other hand, does such a good job that a competing department store finds a method to have him jailed.

Kris’s case is taken to court by Dorey and her lawyer boyfriend. Not only must they show that Santa exists, but they must also persuade everyone, including Dorey’s skeptical daughter, that Kris is the real deal.

There’s romance, wit, and a ridiculous amount of festive cheer. You can watch Miracle on 34th Street on Amazon Prime Video

8. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997)

Before she could make the Beast fall in love with her, she had to make him fall in love with Christmas.

Because the Beast was cursed at Christmas, he forbade any sort of celebration in the fortress. That was until Belle showed up.

She gradually but steadily assists him in opening his heart to the celebration.

While all of your favorite characters, including rivals Cogsworth and Lumiere, return, many new ones are introduced.

Also, new tunes! You’ve been missing out if you haven’t watched this movie as it is one of the best 90s Christmas Movies.

On Disney+, watch Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

9. Jack Frost (1998)

Jack Frost, the frontman of The Jack Frost Band, is played by Michael Keaton.

He adores his wife and son, but he regularly prioritizes his music over spending time with them. He attends performances and creates music instead.

Following the gift of a miraculous harmonica to his son, Charlie, Jack is killed in an accident. Charlie finds and plays his father’s harmonica a year later while remembering.

Jack returns to Earth for the holidays, in the form of a snowman, thanks to the harmonica’s power. In his new form, Jack tries to be the parent he was never before he vanishes.

You may want to get your tissues ready for this movie. Jack Frost is available on Amazon Prime Video.

10. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

On Christmas Day, Lucy, a lonely railway ticket agent, saves her crush, Peter, from being run over by a train.

However, Peter’s family misidentifies Lucy as his fiancée while visiting the comatose would-be victim in the hospital.

To make the matter harder, Lucy develops feelings for her brother. It’s both a problem and a solution.

After all, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without some family strife. On Disney+, you can watch While You Were Sleeping.

Bottom Line

To summarize, not only is ’90s fashion suddenly hip again, but a slew of 90s Christmas Movies are being rebooted, redone, or revived for modern audiences. Look no further if you’re seeking a fun Christmas movie to watch this year and could use a good dose of nostalgia.

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