15 Best Magic TV Shows on Amazon Prime

best Magic Tv Shows on Amazon Prime

If you were looking for the best magic TV shows on amazon prime, similar to Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Amazon has got you covered. Go ahead and check out these other fantastic magic TV shows on amazon prime.

I hope that this list has helped jog your memory and get you watching some good magic TV shows on amazon prime. Magic is alive and well on Amazon Prime Video.

Rather than looking for a new streaming platform to watch your favorite shows from, you can add them to your bucket list by watching them on Amazon Prime.

Even if you are not a member of Amazon Prime, you can enjoy these shows using the one-month free trial.

Also, If there is a show that has been on your favorite series list and it hasn’t aired a new season yet, you can sign up for the streaming service and look forward to the upcoming season.

Top Magic TV Shows on Amazon Prime

I hope this list will help jog your memory and get you to watch some good TV shows on Amazon. Happy viewing!

1. NOS4A2

To start our list of magic TV shows on amazon prime is NOS4A2. Here, Young Victoria “Vic” McQueen discovers that she has the power to open websites that help her find lost objects.

As they continue to enter this subtle atmosphere, they encounter many other “inscape travelers” – some kind and others who have been shown their strength.

When Vic meets Charlie Manx, an immortal soul who lives that way by devouring children’s souls, she becomes Manx’s sworn enemy.

2. The Magicians

Second, on our list of best Magic TV Shows on Amazon Prime is the Magicians. When Quentin gets enrolled at Brakebills, a private school for magicians, he learns that the fantasy world he read of as a child is real and has become a threat to humanity.

3. Carnival Row

A growing number of mythological creatures are struggling to cope with the aftermath of extinction.

Animals are not allowed to live, love, or fly freely, but hope remains in the dark. The human investigator Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate and the refugee faerie, Vignette Stonemoss, revived the scary story despite being in a growing intolerant society.

Vignette has a secret that puts Philo’s world at risk during his most crucial trial right now – a series of horrific murders that threaten Row’s uneasy peace.

4. The Wheel of Time

Moiraine, a magical matriarchal organization member, leads five young people on her journey, believing that one of them may be the rebirth of a dragon, a powerful man who was prophesied to save or destroy the earth.

5. American Gods

Shadow, an ex-convict, takes on the task of protecting Mr. Wednesday, who is the god Odin in disguise. Eventually, Shadow must adapt and deal with his new reality and find his place in it.

6. Supernatural

Fifteen seasons of this first class of magic TV shows on amazon prime. Two Brothers, named Sam and Dean, follow in their late father’s footsteps and set out to eradicate monsters, demons, and other supernatural entities that exist on earth.

7. Good Omens

In this fantasy series, the sophisticated angel Aziraphale and the free-roaming demon Crowley form an unlikely duo.

The two have grown too fond of life on earth and are forced to ally to stop the approaching Armageddon. To do this, they must find the missing Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy who doesn’t know he is destined to bring the end of days upon humanity.

Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Jon Hamm star in the series, based on the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

8. Just Add Magic

Kelly Quinn and her closest friends, Darbie and Hannah, discover Kelly’s grandmother’s cookbook in the attic and find strange recipes. They soon realize that they have a cookbook full of magical formulae.

9. Lost in Oz

This animated magic TV show on amazon prime displays to us the extended version of Oz, an unusual place full of witches, wizards, flying monkeys, talking ghosts, and other magical creatures. Dorothy lost in this translation is a real 12-year-old daughter.

She is a modern heroine. Riding on a twister from Kansas, she calls her mother on her cellphone. Mom shouts advice for separation: Arrive at 41st and Infinity.

10. Just Add Magic: Mystery City

In this just add magic series spinoff, we follow the magic cookbook to Bay City as it progresses to three new defenders: siblings Zoe and Leo and their top neighbor Ish.

Furthermore, Each of them brings a unique skill to the table, as a cookbook opens the mystery of centuries, leading them on a historical journey through the city streets in a race to find a secret recipe.

11. Wishenpoof!

Bianca is simply like any other little girl, except for one tiny thing. Bianca has Wish Magic, so she can make wishes come true.

12. The Legend of Vox Machina

They are rebels, and they are rag tags. They are bad people who have become mercenaries for employment. Vox Machina is more curious about easy money and ale cheaper than protecting the environment.

But when the state is threatened by evil, this group realizes that it is the only one that can restore justice. What started as a simple payment day has now become the story of the new heroes of Exandria.

13. Niko and the Sword of Light

Our Protagonist, Niko, is the last of his kind in a strange world, and he begins a great effort to restore light to the world.

Then He goes to the Cursed Mountain with his magical sword, making friends with enemies while revealing secrets about his mysterious past.

14. Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street

Life is not uncommon for Gortimer and his two closest friends, Ranger and Mel. They roam Normal Street – an underground space with something unique just below the surface.

15. A Discovery of Witches

Last but not least on our list of best magic TV shows on Amazon Prime is A discovery of witches.

Young Witch Diana Bishop and centuries-old vampire Matthew Clairmont are embroiled in a deadly mystery and illicit love when a magic book appears at Oxford Library.

Discovery of Witches featuring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer has one or more episodes broadcast live on Prime Video streamed live on AMC Premiere. Mythical and Science Fiction show with 28 episodes in 3 seasons.

In conclusion, On the surface, it’s hard to go wrong with magic shows on Amazon Prime TV. As you can see, there are many great magic TV shows on amazon prime. These are the most popular titles, ranked by the number of votes.

More importantly, plenty of programs made in recent years will please any magic fan. While some streamers seem better, Amazon Prime gives you access to shows that will appeal to just about any fan of magic.

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