15 Movies Like IT

Movies Like it

Which movie makes up the list of movies like it? Read on to find out. After finishing the movie “It,” I can honestly say that my stomach is in knots. 

This wicked vision of the prodigal Stephen King is sure to go down in history as one of the most frightening thrillers that have ever been filmed. It is wholly unsettling, horrifying, and completely original. 

The way the frame froze and Pennyvise approached you while violently and erratically moving his head to the left and right makes the whole thing so terrifying. 

A few movies are similar to “It,” although there have not been any films precisely like “It” yet.

This collection of 15 movies like it is sure to please anybody who likes gory horror movies, especially those with murderous clowns.

1. The Lost Boys (1987)

This is one of the top movies like it. In “The Lost Boys,” two brothers move to a different places.

Michael, the oldest brother, has a chance encounter with a female he finds attractive. 

It comes out that the gang that she is engaged with is composed of vampires, and he begins to transform into one of them. 

His younger brother Sam makes the bold decision to put up a fight and eliminate all of the vampires with the assistance of his two newfound pals, Edward and Alan.

2. It (2017)

This is a reimagining of the movie that was released in 1990.

It has a whole new cast of actors. Incredible special effects were used in the making of this picture. 

Pennywise has been given razor-sharp fangs in this adaptation, and his make-up has been altered to provide him with a new appearance. “It” is another excellent addition to the list of movies like it.

3. It Chapter 2 (2019)

Chapter 2 of “It” is another excellent addition to the list of movies like it. It follows the children as they enter adulthood and throughout their lives. 

Pennywise, the evil clown, has returned to cause fear and mayhem in the town of Derry.

To vanquish the terrifying clown, the gang of good friends has to go back to the city.

4. Clown (2014)

This scary movie about clowns was made by Eli Roth. For his son’s birthday, a father uncovers an old clown mask and uses it as a costume. 

Soon later, he realizes that he is unable to remove it. At some point, he starts to prey on youngsters and consume them.

Clown has been listed as one of the movies like it, filled with terror and horror. 

5. Stand By Me (1986)

The book “Stand by Me” is about four lads from Oregon who are coming of age.

After hearing that a youngster had been slain in their community, they decided to go and see the corpse of the victim. 

Along the process, they find themselves in sticky situations and learn more about one another.

6. Fright Night (1985)

You can’t go wrong with Fright Night, one of the top movies like it.

Charley, a teenager obsessed with horror films, begins to suspect that his new next-door neighbor is a vampire. On the other hand, nobody believes him. 

Following several peculiar circumstances, he seeks the assistance of a disgraced former television vampire killer. 

7. The Redeemer: Son of Satan (1978)

The storyline of this movie revolves around several grownups who, for unknown reasons, are invited to attend a high school reunion.

When they arrived, someone started shooting and killing them one by one. 

The murderer hides his identity by donning various masks, including that of a janitor, a magician, and a clown. 

8. Blood Harvest (1987)

When Jill returns after her first year at college, she discovers that her parents have disappeared. Vandals have damaged their homes.

Jill quickly realizes that she is being followed, and her pals begin vanishing one by one.

9. The Clown at Midnight (1998)

The Clown at Midnight is another addition to the movies like it list.

The film is about Kate, a young woman who is enrolled in high school, who learns that her mother was killed.

Her closest companion successfully persuades her to repair the opera theater where the crime occurred.

After Kate has met the students who would assist her in restoring the ancient opera house, the students begin to meet their deaths at the hands of a killer dressed as a clown while the restoration work is in progress.

10. Attack the Block (2011)

The British science fiction comedy Attack the Block was released in 2011.

In South London, a gang of young criminals makes the shocking discovery of a creature that has fallen from the sky. 

Following its demise, a more significant number of giant animals will fall.

They have concluded that the animals are extraterrestrial in origin, and they must protect themselves against the oncoming alien invasion.

11. House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Like every other movie on the list of films like it, House of 1000 Corpses is filled with terrifying scenes. An extreme bloodbath of a movie.

Two different couples go on a voyage together with the hopes of locating the famed Dr. Satan. 

Along the journey, they stumble across a bunch of ruffians who boast that they can lead them to the hanging tree that was used to execute Dr. Satan.

12. The Monster Squad (1987)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, serves as the setting for this comic horror movie.

A group of pals who are passionate followers of the horror genre discovers a diary that purports to be Van Helsing’s. 

They have it translated from the original German as it was written. It details an amulet that may be used to defeat monsters like Dracula and others, and they will soon go hunting for it.

13. All Hallow’s Eve (2015)

Sarah, the babysitter, looks through the Halloween bag of the children she is minding and discovers an unlabeled VHS video.

There are three tales on the VHS tape about a murderous clown named Art. 

She watches all three of them, including the murder of women, and then she goes upstairs and discovers the children dead.

All Hallow’s Eve is also among the movies like it worth seeing with your family. 

14. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

A comet impacts the ground in the middle of a town. Two teenagers were witnesses to the collision and decided to look into it.

They observe vicious extraterrestrials that have the appearance of clowns from the circus.

15. Killjoy (2000)

A young man called Michael has a secret infatuation with Jada, who is now dating a member of the criminal underworld named Lorenzo.

He suffers verbal and physical abuse from Jada’s boyfriend and his group. 

Michael engages in occult activities behind everyone’s back and attempts to make a clown toy come to life.

A few minutes later, Lorenzo takes his own life by shooting and killing him. Killjoy concludes our list of movies like it; you should consider adding it to your list of movies to watch

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