21 Best Anime on Amazon Prime to Watch

best anime on Amazon Prime

There are many unique and best anime on Amazon Prime. Regarding anime, Amazon Prime is seriously underappreciated. 

It can be difficult to discover decent anime series to binge-watch at times. Like, which anime should I watch, and which one is the best? And there are so many thoughts. 

Don’t worry, we’ll always be here for you. In this blog, we’ll list the top 21 best anime series to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, the anime listed in this blog are from a variety of genres. including action comedy, romance, drama, thriller, fiction, and many others, all with excellent animation and storylines.

Some of the best Anime On Amazon Prime are;


The story takes place in 1013 AD, when the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard had taken control of England.

Also, it follows Thorfinn, an adolescent warrior who has a grudge against his commander for assassinating his father, Thors. 

Typically, the basic premise follows him as he swears to avenge himself by killing him in a duel, and it is based on historical events.

2. Dororo

Dororo is a superb anime with fantastic fighting scenes and great animation by Mappa. It’s one of the best anime on Amazon Prime to watch. 

Furthermore, the greedy lord Daigo makes a deal with the 12 demons in exchange for his unborn son. 

Who is born with no face, no hearing, and no skin. Thus the Lord Daigo abandons him. And after 16 years, a man named Hyakkimaru meets a boy named Dororo.

Additionally, Hyakkimaru appears to have exceptional demon-spotting abilities. Hyakkimaru travels throughout Japan, slaying monsters who pose a threat to humanity.

3. Welcome To The Space Show

When a group of children come upon an injured dog on a hot summer’s day. They have no idea he’s an alien researcher named Pochi. 

When the four-legged scholar heals, he doesn’t simply disclose his actual identity. He also takes the children to the moon as a thank you for their assistance. 

However, things go wrong when the children are unable to come home. Additionally, this is an absolutely stunning piece of animation, full of colorful surroundings, flowing motion, and unforgettably creative character designs.

4. Your Name

It is one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime. Mitsuha is the daughter of a small mountain town’s mayor. She’s a simple high school girl who lives with her sister and grandmother. 

And she  has no qualms about expressing her disinterest in Shinto ceremonies or volunteering for her father’s election campaign.

Instead, she fantasizes about leaving the dull village and trying to make it in Tokyo. 

 Taki is a Tokyo high schooler who works part-time in an Italian restaurant and wishes to pursue a career as an architect or artist. 

Additionally, he has a bizarre dream every night in which he transforms into…a high school girl in a little mountain town.

5. A Silent Voice: The Movie

Shôko Nishimiya, a grade school kid with hearing loss, is the protagonist of the novel. In addition, She is bullied by her classmates, particularly Shôya Ishida, after she goes to a new school. 

However. It gets to the point where she transfers to another school, and as a result, Shôya is tormented and alone, with no one to talk to and no future plans.

Years later, he embarks on an epic quest for redemption.

6. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life is one of the darkest series you’ll ever encounter, anime, or not. And it is also one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime. 

It follows the story of  Sato Matsuzaka. She is a high school girl who kidnaps a tiny child named Shio because she is madly in love with her, is also featured in Happy Sugar Life. 

This isn’t a sexual love, but rather a romantic one, and this child is so innocent and pure that she drowns out all of Sato’s problems. 

Sato goes to any measures necessary (like murder, for instance) to keep Shio secluded in her home and a secret to the public. 

Furthermore, The series follows the most heinous of criminals, but Sato’s honey sweet thoughts and the series’ gloomy perspective make for a weirdly addictive fascination.

7. Made In ABYSS

Riko, a little girl who lives in the Belchero Orphanage, is the protagonist of Made in Abyss. 

However, The settlement is surrounded by the Abyss, a massive pit that extends deep into the Earth and is home to artifacts and relics from a long-ago civilisation.

Nevertheless, Reg and Riko travel into the Abyss in search of her mother after Riko discovers and befriends a humanoid robot.

8. Banana Fish

Banana fish is another unique story and one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime. At the age of 17, a New York lad named Ash, who has good looks and powerful combat skills, has been heading a street gang. 

However His elder brother has been chanting banana fish since returning from the Iraq war, so his younger brother Ash begins investigating the banana fish project, and the mafia godfather dispatches goons to murder him. It is a must-see anime.

9. Harlock: Space Pirate

Hero from the world of anime Captain Harlock is back, and he’s never looked better in this all-CGI adventure. 

Additionally, The Gaia Coalition, a hugely powerful group that will stop at nothing to keep the ordinary man under its control, has enslaved humanity. 

Furthermore, Harlock, ever the renegade, has devised a strategy to depose them by whatever means necessary. 

In addition, Strong performances, stunning animation, and a couple of operatic plot twists enliven this grand and moody adventure.

However, Harlock fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this fresh take on an old favorite.

10. Lupin iii: The First

Lupin is a popular and also one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime. He embarks on a major quest to discover the secrets of the Bresson Diary, which is linked to his legendary grandfather’s legacy.

11. Re: Creators

 Re: Creators is a fantastic game in terms of expansive, wild battle sequences, but it’s also about the hardships of creation, and expectations that don’t measure up to expectations. 

In addition, Sota Mizushino is a manga and anime lover who aspires to one day produce his own successful series. 

Suddenly, characters from all forms of media—manga, anime, and video games—appear in the real world. And Sota finds himself in the heart of a conflict between two groups of creations over the fate of the Earth.

12. Land of The Lustrous

The story takes place in the distant future, in a land populated by eternal living forms known as the Lustrous, who are the personification of jewels. 

However, It depicts the story of 28 Lustrous who struggle and defend themselves from Lunarians who want to use their bodies as decorations. 

Additionally, The series was well-received by critics who were suspicious of 3DCG, and it made history by demonstrating that technology can be used effectively. It is also one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime.


The Yukawa family members inherited the stasis spell, which has the ability to pause time. The spells casters teleport into the stasis world, where everything has come to a halt. 

Besides, Juri Yukawa is a regular girl who is having trouble finding work. Her father and uncle are so slothful that they hardly do anything.

However, her younger brother and uncle were kidnapped by an unknown group one day. 

Furthermore, Her grandfather utilizes the yukawa family’s secret stasis magic to save her uncle and younger brother.

Some people, however, attack them and are able to move around in the stasis world.

14. Ghost In the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is one of the best Anime on Amazon Prime. However, it’s the year 2029, and we’ve arrived at the year 2029. Cyborgs are now commonplace thanks to technological advancements. 

Besides, human brains can connect to the internet directly. Major Motoko Kusanagi is a member of Section 9. A top-secret police unit tasked with special operations such as counter-terrorism and cybercrime. 

Furthermore, She’she’ssently on the hunt for the Puppet Master, a cyber criminal who hacks into cyborgs’ brains to steal information and perform other crimes.

15. Vatican Miracle Examiner

It’s basically “The Exorcist: The Anime.” Two Vatican clergy investigate alleged “miracles” and supernatural faith-based murders in this series. 

Additionally, for the most part, Vatican Miracle Examiner takes a lighthearted episodic approach. With each new miracle that the duo investigates, putting them during things like demonic possession, devilish dealings, and deadly clowns. 

Furthermore, as the anime progresses, it becomes evident that there is a much larger conspiracy afoot, with a shadow organization trying to seize control of the Vatican.

Everyone’s thinking about immortality, and you’d almost expect it.

16. Sagrada Reset

It revolves around three characters: Kei Asai, a boy with a photographic memory. While  Misora Haruki, a girl with the ability to reset the town for up to three days, and Sumire Souma. 

After suggesting that Kei and Misora work together to put their abilities to good use, they join the Service Club and work for the Administration Bureau. 

Unbeknownst to them, their involvement extends far further and places them in the context of a bigger historical continuum. It is definitely one of the best Anime On Amazon Prime.

17. Grand Blue Dreaming

Lori, a young man, moves to his grandfather’s house for his college studies. and after a game of Rock Paper Scissors, he ends up joining the diving club at his new college. 

Where he makes friends, and he and his friends are big perverts who try to get themselves a girlfriend. However, it’s a lot of fun to watch because he and his wild friends are all so funny and weird.

18. A Flying Princess And A Secret Island

This all-ages adventure, the first in the “Sinbad” film trilogy, promises a treasure trove of action, friendship, and magic. 

Furthermore, Sinbad is a vivacious young boy who fantasizes about traveling the world. When he meets a mysterious girl riding a flying horse… and a group of shifty-looking men on her tail… he gets his wish. 

Additionally, this feature’s cherry animation, sincere heart. And an appealing sense of humor promises a fun time for all, making it a great pick for anyone who has exhausted Studio Ghibli’s collection.

19. Girls Last Tour

Yuuri, an enthusiastic and clumsy girl, and Chito, a girl with a calm temperament, are the protagonists of the anime, which spans four volumes of the manga. 

Girls Last Tour is one of the best Anime On Amazon Prime. After escaping an unknown apocalypse, the survivors seek a new existence. 

Additionally, Girls’ Last Tour depicts the gloomy yet uplifting narrative of two girls striving to find hope together in a bleak and dystopian society.

20. Blades of Immortal

The warrior is known as the “Hundreds Manji Killer.” When he meets a girl named Rin who wants to avenge her parents.

He refuses at first; but when he sees her late sister in her, he can’t refuse. And he agrees to accompany her and avenge her parents. 

Furthermore, The struggle begins, and sometimes the fights bring immortal manji to his knees. but he fights back and wins. As a result, the anime sticks out; it features fantastic sword fights.

21. Redline

Last on our list of best Anime Movies on Amazon Prime is Redline. Sweet J.P., a pompadour-wearing rogue, squeaks his way into the Redline. 

It is  a mind-bendingly difficult race conducted by the galaxy’s most dominating drivers. when a couple of rivals drop out.

Unfortunately, this Redline will take place in a robotic dystopia that isn’t thrilled to have the race there. 

Sweet J.P. may be good, but is he up to the task of dealing with murderous cyborgs, nefarious mob bosses.

And a growing attraction to Sonoshee, his beautiful rival? “Redline” radiates cool, from its pulsing soundtrack to its exciting animation.

In conclusion, the  Anime listed in this blog are from a variety of genres. including action comedy, romance, drama, thriller, fiction, and many others, all with excellent animation and storylines.

You can either buy or rent these fantastic and best Anime on Amazon Prime

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