15 Best Behaviour Interactive Video Games of All Time

Behaviour Interactive Video Games

Behaviour Interactive Video Games Inc. is a video game development studio based in Canada specializing in creating 2D and 3D action/adventure games for home video game consoles, handheld game consoles, and personal computers. 

The firm was founded on September 21, 1992, and has since created the video game Dead by Daylight and DLC based on the Saw franchise.

Well, some of the best behaviour interactive video games are:

1. Deathgarden

Platforms: PS4, XOne, PC 

The Bloodharvest is the only method for the Scavengers to win a place in the rare, high-class Enclaves that remain after a worldwide apocalypse, according to the story of the relaunched version of the game. 

At the start of each round, each map was randomized. The Scavengers had to secure control points that would allow them to flee, but they could not kill the Hunter. 

Furthermore, the Hunter, being the only character with a gun, had to shoot Scavengers in the head to knock them out so he could execute them.

The Hunter would win if they murdered all of the Scavengers. In addition, the Hunter gained additional experience if they did not instantly execute the Scavengers. 

However, because the quick execution was still being utilized too frequently, a “mercy” concept was implemented later in development that allowed Runners to be knocked down and respawn before being executed. 

2. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Platforms: XOne, PC 

Halo wars are one of the best behaviour Interactive video games of all time. Halo Wars is a real-time strategy (R.T.S.) video game for the Xbox 360 system that allows players to command troops from a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield. 

Furthermore, the game is mostly focused on military conflict, but it also includes elements of resource management and base construction. 

It was created with the Xbox 360 controller in mind; the A button, for example, is used to select units. However, a single press picks a single unit, while a double-tap selects all units of the same type. 

In addition, the right analog stick sets the camera angle, while the d-pad navigates to current fights and cycles across bases. The foundation is built using a radial menu. 

3. Dead By Daylight

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.  

A group of four survivors must elude a killer intent on hooking them and sacrificing them to “The Entity,” an all-powerful malevolent being. The perspectives of the survivors are third-person, whereas the killers are first-person.   

Furthermore, the only way the survivors can fight back is to stun the killer or blind him with items like flashlights.   

Survivors can also vault over obstacles considerably more quickly than the killer, allowing them to flee. Survivors employ these obstacles and gadgets to assist them in staying as far away from the killer as possible.  

In addition, survivors must repair five generators dispersed across the map to power up the exit gates to escape. They must then either open the exit gates and leave the area or find a way out by jumping through an escape hatch.  

4. The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

Platforms: 3DS, PS4, Wii U, X360, XOne  

The peanuts movie: snoopy grand adventure is also one of the best behaviour interactive games of all time. In co-op, the player takes on the role of Snoopy and can also play as Woodstock to aid in the search for Charlie Brown.   

However, to accomplish so, the player must progress through various levels, each of which leads to Snoopy’s Doghouse.

The player will gather Jelly Beans, wear multiple outfits, and meet members of the Beagle Scouts along the way. The player can customize Snoopy and Woodstock.  

5. Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Platforms: PS3, X360.  

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a third-person open world action-adventure video game in which the player takes control of Talion, a ranger who seeks vengeance on the forces of Sauron after his family, which includes his wife and son, is murdered by those who lead them.   

Furthermore, Parkour, riding monsters, and visiting Forge Towers, which function as fast travel stations, are all options for getting around the game.  

Although Talion is terminally wounded at the beginning of the game, the phantom of the Elven Lord Celebrimbor can use his power to keep Talion alive while also bestowing wraith-like skills on him.  

6. SpongeBob HeroPants

Platforms: 3DS, PS Vita, X360  

SpongeBob: HeroPants is also one of the best Behaviour Interactive video games of all time. He walks into the Krusty Krab, thinking he’ll have a “normal” day at work, sometime after the events of Sponge Out of Water.

SpongeBob later opens the front door of the Krusty Krab and discovers Sandy and Patrick approaching.   

Additionally, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and Squidward are being chased around by odd objects when Patrick, SpongeBob, and Sandy enter the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob remarks that things are not going as expected.  

7. Phineas And Ferb: Quest For Cool Stuff

Platforms: Wii, Wii U, 3DS, D.S., X360  

It’s the final week of summer vacation; Phineas and Ferb are making the most of it by creating, traveling, and exploring in search of hidden treasures to add to their Museum of Cool.   

Additionally, both brothers take turns searching for these treasures with the A.T.T. (All-Terrain Transformatron Vehicle) in Exploration Mode in various terrains such as their backyard, a forgotten temple, underwater tunnels, and the moon’s surface.   

Meanwhile, in the game’s Action Mode, Perry the Platypus, a.k.a. Agent P, lends a hand as he pursues the nefarious Dr. Doofenshmirtz as he releases his latest strange “-inator” inventions aimed to take over the entire Tri-State area.  

8. Doritos Crash Course 2

Platforms: Xbox 360  

Next on our list of best behaviour interactive video games are Doritos Crash course 2. Doritos Crash Course 2 is a free Xbox Live Arcade sequel to Doritos Crash Course.   

Furthermore, Players will control avatars who will participate in obstacle courses, similar to the first game. Leaderboards enable online competitions with friends, and local multiplayer can accommodate up to four players.   

In addition, there are four new worlds (Amazon, Antarctic, Egypt, and Pirate Island), each has five courses in the game. Players must collect stars, which are used to unlock levels, buy power-ups, and effects that change the appearance of avatars in-game, unlike in Doritos Crash Course.  

9. Wipeout 3

Platforms: Wii, Wii U, X360  

Wipeout 3 is a racing game that preserves the same essential components of its predecessors and introduces players to the F7200 Anti-Gravity Race League.

Player’s pilot futuristic anti-gravity ships owned by racing corporations on eight circuits in this game set in 2116.   

Additionally, each craft has an energy shield that absorbs track damage; if the security is disabled, the player’s ship will be eliminated from the race.

Shields are replenished in a pit lane separate from the main track. The less time is spent in the pit lane. The less the shield will regenerate.   

10. Ice Age: Continetal Drift

Platforms: Wii, 3DS, DS, X360.   

Ice age; continental drift is also one of the best behaviour interactive video games ever. Manny and Ellie are happily married to their teenage daughter Peaches sixteen years after the events of the third film.   

While Ellie encourages and welcomes her daughter’s desire to travel and meet new people, Manny becomes too protective, aggravating Peaches and putting a gulf between them.   

Meanwhile, Sid’s family returns, but only to ditch them both after dropping off the elderly Granny. Manny later finds Peaches hanging out with many teen mammoths he disapproves of, resulting in a confrontation between the two of them.   

Shortly after, Manny and The Herd are separated by a sudden continental split (caused by Scrat trying to hide his acorn again).  

11. Brave

Platforms: Wii, D.S., PS3, X360, P.C.  

Up until Elinor’s change into a bear and subsequent escape from the castle, where the game begins, the video game follows the same plot as the film.  

Mérida pursues her mother through the jungle, eventually reaching the Ring of Stones. Will-o’-the-wisps appear to lead her to the witch’s cottage, where she received the spell in the first place.   

Additionally, Mérida confronts the witch and requests that the witch return her mother to her original form. The witch says that the cursed bear Mor’du has been causing hostile animals to arise by polluting a set of way stones with his evil energies.  

12. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Platforms: Wii, 3DS, D.S.   

Transformers: Dark of the moon is one of the best behaviour interactive video games. In both single-player and multiplayer modes, the game, like its predecessors, is primarily a third-person shooter in which players battle several varieties of A.I. foes.   

Additionally, Dark of the Moon, unlike its predecessors, has a single linear campaign rather than one for each group, with players switching between the Autobot and Decepticon viewpoints between stages.  

The game also includes a new feature dubbed “Stealth Force,” allowing characters to utilize weapons while in vehicle mode. However, characters have two special skills in vehicle and robot form, which change when the player transitions.   

In robot form, Ironhide might be able to throw grenades, while in vehicle mode, he might be able to accelerate up. There are four classes in the game’s multiplayer mode.  

13. Rango

Platforms: X360, Wii, PS3, DS  

A meteorite strikes onto a dune near Beans’ home, Rango’s desert iguana girlfriend from the movie, 15 years before the events of the novel.

The explosion’s impact spreads debris all over the place. Beans’ father climbs the hill to inspect the crater, but he is caught in a burst of green light.  

Furthermore, the story then jumps forward 15 years, with Rango — the film’s chameleon protagonist – waking up backward on his roadrunner Excelsior as he rides into the town of Dirt.   

Rango enters the saloon, but Slim, the turkey vulture, enters seconds later, carrying a meteorite shard in a fish can. When Rango unlocks it, Slim dematerializes in a blaze of green light.  

14. MySims SkyHeroes

Platforms: X360, Wii, PS3, DS  

SkyHeroes by MySims is an aviation game including a solo storyline, boss battles, local co-op, and internet multiplayer.   

Upgrades for the planes are available through a plane editor, allowing players to create a plane using parts such as wings and engines obtained through task completion.   

Some improvements, like wheel types, are ornamental, but wing, engine, and body upgrades use a three-star rating system to improve metrics.  

In addition, racing and warfare modes are offered in multiplayer. Users with a gaming profile will use their saved planes and avatars in multiplayer.  

15. Jersey Devil

Platforms: PlayStation, P.C.  

Last on our list of best behaviour interactive video games is Jersey Devil. The titular character is a Jersey Devil, though he has more bat-like traits. His primary targets are Dr. Knarf and his army of mutant veggies and prehistoric monsters.   

However, the Jersey Devil uses his punching, jumping, and gliding powers to overcome his foes. To progress in various game places, you must collect all five letters of Knarf’s name, which adds a puzzle element to the game.   

Jersey Devil is a platform game set in a 3D universe where collecting icons and killing foes are the main game mechanics. Gliding is one of the player character’s abilities, which can avoid fatal falls or access new places.  

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