15 Books Like Life Without Water

Books Like Life Without Water

So, you have read life without water, and now you are looking for other books like life without water. Well, we got you covered. We have compiled a list of books you will love if you love life without water.  

Well, in case you haven’t read life without water, it is about Carol Denman, who divorced her husband more than two decades ago and has never regretted it. 

However, on the eve of their daughter’s thirty-first birthday, John reappears in Carol’s life with a request that jeopardizes the fragile stability she has established. 

John Bowman is suffering from a severe illness. I’m sick. He has some amends to make and vows to keep while still having the chance. But to do so, he not only needs his ex-permission wife, but he also needs her. 

In addition, Carol and John take a long-overdue road vacation, with the past looming between them like a ghost. They return to a life without water, but one that may set them free in the end.

Some of the best books like life without water are; 

1. Ravenhawk

By Lexy Wolfe 

Why? Ravenhawk’s simple query, the establishment of a corrupt organization to discreetly infiltrate and steal data—or lives—on her creator’s command, ended in the synth eluding their control. 

Despite not knowing why she was here, she used her formidable combat skills to wreak havoc on those seeking her down. 

Additionally, Viktor Chernovich, desperate for a web runner to save his reputation as a fixer from oblivion, approaches the famed “murder-bot” for help. 

Ravenhawk is perplexed when she encounters her first pure human, given that implanted technology is so pervasive that not having it is deemed disloyal. 

However, they uncover something far worse than businesses’ creeping infiltration of world governments when they work together. 

2. My Christmas Darling

By Vivien Mayfair 

My Christmas darling is one of the books like a life without water you should read. Christmas has arrived in New York, but Lucy Carpenter isn’t feeling particularly cheerful. 

She slips into the realm of books as a manuscript reader for a mid-level publishing house on the East Side, single and unhappy in love from past hurts. 

Despite mounting medical bills and unpaid rent, Lucy dreams of financial success, plagued by guilt for a mistake that cost her mother her sight. 

Despite repeated rejections from major publishers, her last chance to survive is publishing her small Christmas story. 

In addition, Lucy submits her novel under a false identity against strict business restrictions when her employer seeks her publishing recommendations for the month, in what becomes Manhattan’s great holiday literary hoax, when lies spiral out of control and stockings are stuffed. 

3. Take It Back

By Zara Kaleel 

A stunning and fascinating courtroom thriller that will keep you wondering until the very last page. Jodie Wolfe, a physically challenged 16-year-old girl, accuses four boys in her class of committing an unfathomable crime. 

In addition, the Defendants: Four attractive teens from hardworking immigrant families, all with credible stories to back up their claims. 

The Savior: Zara Kaleel takes on this case, a former lawyer and one of London’s greatest legal brains. 

Although people closest to her do not, she believes in her client. Together, they take part in the year’s most tense criminal trial, where the only thing that matters is that Jodie gets justice. However, this time, though, justice comes at a terrible price. 

4. Her Missing Child

By Kerry Watts 

Her missing child is also one of the books like a life without water. As she walks out of the room, she places her baby in his cot, the sound of his gentle breath filling the nursery. 

Additionally, Claire will soon be fast asleep as well. She will be utterly oblivious to the rear door opening or the footsteps on the stairs. 

In addition, Claire Lucas is disoriented and puzzled when her husband wakes her up, asking where their infant son is. She hears nothing but silence when she follows Darren into their child’s room. 

There were no infant cries or lovely gurgles. Finlay’s teddy bear is the only thing left in his cot. Finlay is no longer with us. However, detective Jessie Blake races to the family’s modern home in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by rugged terrain. 

5. The McAvoy Sisters Books Of Secrets

By Molly Fader 

It’s been seventeen years since the McAvoy sisters’ sad summer of disintegration. Lindy, the outcast, ran away from home, built a new life in the city, and never looked back. 

In addition, Delia, the surviving sister, became a mother and ran the family shop in their little Pennsylvania town on the beaches of Lake Erie while raising her girls. 

With their mother’s health deteriorating and a rebellious adolescent to control, Delia has no choice but to bring Lindy home. 

However, as the two sisters work to reorganize their family, they finally have the chance to retrieve what they’ve lost over the years: Delia’s professional ambitions and loving marriage, and Lindy’s sense of belonging and an old car. 

6. Because Of You

By Allie Boniface 

Next on our list of books, like life without water, is because of you. Piper Townsend died ten years ago after falling from the roof of a fraternity house, and no one on Drake Isle has ever been the same since. 

Blake Carter’s fraternity was embroiled in a scandal. Misterio College was shut down completely. Emerson Doyle, Blake’s girlfriend, fled the island when her best friend died, never looking back. 

Additionally, Blake is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar IT corporation considering relocating to the island now that they’ve returned. 

In the building he wants to acquire, Emerson owns a yoga studio. It’s been ten years since they’ve spoken. They’re on opposite sides of the table when it comes to negotiating. However, ancient fires are difficult to extinguish. 

7. The Little Cafe At Clover Cove

By Maggie Finn 

The Little Café at Clover Cove is the third installment of a heartwarming romance trilogy set on Ireland’s beautiful west coast, where people find love, friendship, and strength in unexpected places. 

All of the Clover Cove volumes can be read on their own. Additionally, Molly Maguire’s life is romantic enough: she spends her days baking delectable cakes, and her café overlooks Ireland’s most magnificent view, Clover Cove’s windswept beach, and the untamed Atlantic Ocean. 

Why does she need a man, especially after her ex, the charming chef Marcus, deceived her? However, the café is faltering, and the bank is threatening to close it down, which would be devastating for Molly and the town as a whole. 

8. Invisible As Air

By Zoe Fishman 

The author of Inheriting Edith returns with a provocative and timely new novel that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. 

Sylvie Snow understands the pressures of expectations: a woman is expected to work hard but never be exhausted, age gracefully but always be beautiful, and solve family difficulties while remaining carefree. 

While arranging her son’s Bar Mitzvah and happily tending to her husband, Paul, who has been resting on the sofa with a broken ankle, Sylvie performs the grocery shopping, laundry, scheduling, schlepping, and PTA-ing. 

Furthermore, she’s also addicted to the Oxycontin prescribed for her spouse. Sylvie had been burying her sadness over the stillbirth of her baby daughter, Delilah, for three years. Invisible as air is also one of the best books like life without water to read 

9. The Stranger Inside

By Lisa Unger 

Even excellent individuals are compelled to commit crimes. Rain Winter, 12, nearly avoided being kidnapped while walking to a friend’s house. Tess and Hank, two of her closest pals, were not so fortunate. 

Tess never returned home, and Hank was held captive before escaping. Their kidnapper was sentenced to prison but was released years later. Then someone did the right thing and murdered him in cold blood. 

Furthermore, Rain is now living an idyllic suburban life. Her traumatic upbringing was buried far under the surface. She has given up her work as a hard-hitting journalist to care for her young daughter and now spends her days as a stay-at-home mum. 

However, Rain is suddenly drawn into the investigation when another terrible murderer who eluded justice is discovered dead. 

10. The Thorn Girl

By Laura Elliot 

Adele Foyle stumbles across the secret diary of the mother she has never met, as well as a terrible description of a crime committed over twenty-five years ago, as a swallow flutters its wings into a dimly lit attic. 

Additionally, Adele delays joining her fiancé for a new life overseas and returns to Reedstown, the last place her mother, Marianne, was seen alive, with her mother’s words seared in her head and on the pages tucked into her jacket pocket. She has one goal: to track down the perpetrators of her mother’s heinous crime. 

However, suppose Adele comprehends the troubling series of circumstances that led to her birth. In that case, she must first uncover the disturbing chain of events that led to her birth, whereby she was born into a Mother and Baby home managed by Gloria Thornton. 

11. The Wife And The Widow

By Christain White 

Next on our books, like life without water, the wife and the widow are next on our readers. The Wife and The Widow is an unsettling thriller set against the backdrop of an eerie island town in the dead of winter, told from two perspectives. 

Kate, a widow whose grief is compounded by what she learns about her dead husband’s secret life, and Abby, an island local whose life is turned upside down when she’s forced to confront the evidence of her husband’s guilt, 

but nothing on this island is as it seems, and only by banding together will these women be able to piece together the whole tale of the men in their life. 

Additionally, Wife and The Widow is a brilliant and intriguing novel that takes you to the edge of a precipice and poses the question: how well do we truly know the people we love? 

12. A Dog Named Beautiful: A Marine, A Dog, And A Long Road Trip Home

By Robert Kugler 

When US Marine Rob Kugler returns from battle, he has not only given up a year of his life in service to his nation, but he has also lost a brother in the conflict. 

Additionally, Rob, bereft of words, find comfort and consolation in the one thing that never fails to make him smile: his chocolate lab Bella. Bella is Rob’s best friend, and they spend their days exploring nature and taking pictures together. 

Furthermore, on the other hand, Bella develops a limp in her front leg. It’s cancer, and the outlook isn’t promising. Rob must choose between letting Bella go now or amputating her cancer-ridden leg. 

13. My Brother’s Destroyer

By Clayton Lindemuth 

Baer Creighton is a skilled fruited moonshine distiller who can detect even the most subtle lies. 

However, he writes letters to his high school love, Ruth, who selected Baer’s brother long ago and lived in the woods close to his house, philosophizing with his dog Fred. 

Baer likes to keep a low profile. Everyone is content to drink his sublime moonshine—until Fred vanishes. A week later, a chain of headlights emerges from the woods as Baer gathers apples in the moonlight. 

Additionally, a lone truck dumps a load in the ditch. You’ll know you’ve discovered a new master of the dark surreal when you figure out who stole Fred. 

14. The Summit

By Kat Martin 

Autumn Sommers understands the dangers of dismissing such omens. She could have avoided a tragic accident if she had acted on those horrific nightmares twelve years earlier. She understands what she has to do this time. 

According to her study, Autumn’s dreams could be Molly, the daughter of businessman Ben McKenzie, into local missing persons. 

Ben is enraged rather than relieved to hear her hypothesis that Molly is still alive, as he is still emotionally wounded from his loss and unable to believe this stranger. 

Additionally, Autumn insists that she is the girl’s only hope until Ben reluctantly decides to investigate this little, if implausible, ray of light. 

15. Dark King

By Kelsie Rae 

Kingston Romano’s entire world has crumbled in the blink of an eye. A rival mafia family has kidnaped his sister, and the only way he can get her back is to make a wager with the enigmatic Acely Mezzerich. 

Unfortunately for King, his affections for Ace grow stronger the longer he spends with her, clouding both his conscience and his deal with the enemy. 

And if he wants to save his sister and keep Ace, he must execute it flawlessly. As the pieces begin to fall into place, he’ll have to figure out who he can trust and who needs to go before it’s too late. 

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