12 Best Books for 6 Year Olds

Best Books for 6 Year Olds

On average, most 6-year-olds are completing their third year in preschool and learning how to read.

They are getting to know themselves in terms of gender identity, their likes, and dislikes. They also understand the basics of building friendships.

At this age, your child has also learned to give and receive love, especially to family.

They probably have formed cliques with friends at school, are enjoying a sense of belonging, and so on.

The whole point is, a lot is happening at this stage, and all this energy should be harnessed and channeled for proper growth and development.

There’s no better way to do this than reading educational, comic, creative, and thought-provoking books.

 Reading books will most importantly improve their reading skills. Below is an incredible reading list of the best books for 6 year olds.

1. 365 Bedtime Stories and Rhymes

By Cottage Door Press

This is a collection of lovely family night stories for young readers. These tales will give your kids adequate material for imagination as they try to fall asleep.

Every story in this book is full of beautiful illustrations that will keep them entertained even in their dreams. A beginner reader will love the diversity of stories here.

2. The World Needs More Purple People

By Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart

Who are purple people anyway? This funny book will spice up your family time.

Kristen and Benjamin use this funny story to illustrate the need for humans to care about what brings us together and say no to racism.

Purple is a blend of blue and red; hence it doesn’t care about its identity, but rather what blue and red are all about; social and political integration.

3. We’re Different, We’re the Same

By Bobbi Kates featuring Elmo and Sesame Street friends

Six-year-old readers will benefit immensely from this lovely storybook.

Being an illustration of diversity and inclusivity, your kids will learn to accept and appreciate others despite our many differences. This book is definitely a great family time read too.

Siblings will learn family values regarding love and embracing each other’s differences.

This is definitely one of the best books for 6 year olds who are beginning to understand color, language, and other social diversities. It helps to start on the right footing.

4. Julian is A Mermaid

By Jessica Love

Remember your 6-year-old is learning more about their identity. Buying them this picture book will be a brilliant idea.

It’s a story about Julian who wishes to dress like three women who he thought looked gorgeous. However, the fear of what people would think or say about him couldn’t let him.

It’s high time children learn how to freely express themselves without fear of judgment, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

This freedom of expression will cause exponential growth in your child.

5. Iggy Peck, Architect

By Andrea Beaty

 6-year-olds aren’t too young to discover their talents and natural gifting. They can also start defining their career path as early as now and actualize them with proper guidance.

In this book, Andrea tells the heartwarming story of Iggy Peck, who saved his classmates when they got stuck during a picnic.

From a young age, Iggy exhibited architectural skills by constructing bridges and towers.

Though this may have seemed like child play to his family, his skills came in handy on that Island with his friends.

This adventure book will encourage children to build their talents and passions boldly.

6. Bob Books

By Bobby Lynn

This is a collection of twelve books covering drama and humorous stories. Bobby Lynn wrote these books mainly to develop kids’ reading skills.

They are a perfect blend of content, fun and colorful illustrations for the eyes.

If our toddler is a reluctant reader, this collection will be perfect; the diversity of content and genre will keep them entertained.

It’s also a stress reliever, especially because of the funny stories in there.

7. Ada Twist, Scientist

By Andrea Beaty

 Is your child a thinker and curious mind? Then this book is a perfect fit for them. Andrea Beaty tells a lovely story of Ada Twist, who always asks questions and discovers new things.

Ada doesn’t settle for basic explanations, and she experiments a lot in the quest to discover and learn new things.

This book will stir your child’s creativity and curiosity for the better. It’s a great one for advanced readers who desire something more than sounds and the mere flow of a story.

8. Stella Endicott and the Anything-is Possible Poem

By Kate Dicamillo

If you haven’t noticed this with your kid, wait for it! Between the age of six and eight, kids say and do the meanest things.

Not because they want, but it’s a stage characterized by lots of learning and picking habits. Your kid will relate to the characters in this storybook in one way or the other.

Stella writes a poem upon her teacher’s request, but one of her classmates says that the poetry piece is all lies.

The two start a heated argument and end up in the principal’s office. The story is packed with moral lessons that your kid shouldn’t miss.

9. Sulwe

By Lupita Nyong’o

In this tale, Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o writes about this girl Sulwe who doesn’t appreciate her dark skin.

She is as dark as night, and this has affected her self-esteem and confidence. Sulwe is always wishing and praying that her skin color changes because she wants to be light-skinned.

This girl believes that dark isn’t beautiful. One time something happens, and she starts loving and appreciating herself.

There is no better book and time to teach your child after self-love and being comfortable in their skin.

10. Dogs in Space

By Vix Southgate and Iris Deppe

This non-fiction story will leave your 6-year-old in awe of the outer space happenings. It’s a true story of two dogs Belka and Strelka.

These stray dogs find themselves in space, and they become the first-ever animals to leave earth and come back alive.

The experience may sound harrowing for empaths, but it’s beyond fascinating for young adventurous minds.

It’s a perfect story time read to take your child off fiction into real-life events.

11. A Songbird Dreams of Singing

By Kate Hosford and Jennifer M. Potter

Children aged six to nine aren’t too young to grasp and enjoy poetry. If they sing and dance to their favorite tunes, poetry will also make sense to them.

In this poetry collection, Kate and Jennifer explain the lives of different animals, how they sleep, and other aspects of their existence.

The book also contains bold illustrations and several life facts that make it more exciting. Your kid will enjoy the poems and learn a thing or two about poetry, especially imagery.

It’ll be better if you join them in the reading to clarify a few things.

12. The Paper Dolls

By Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb

This is an excellent read for independent readers. It can be grouped under scary stories but only for younger kids.

A 6-year-old will most likely draw the moral lessons without feeling like they have been watching a horror movie.

It’s a story of a young girl playing with her paper dolls. These dolls face numerous threats and dangers, including wild animals, but they remain unhurt.

Finally, a boy uses a pair of scissors to cut the dolls into pieces. This sad ending isn’t really the end, but the beginning of a new story of treasuring good memories in life. 

Take Away

Books have the power to shape a child’s thinking and teach them invaluable life lessons. The earlier you build a reading culture for your kid, the better, so start now! Remember to consider your child’s reading level to make the perfect book picks. You can also check online for book recommendations on the best books for 6 year olds. 

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