What Does ADS Mean in FPS Gaming?

What Does ADS Mean in FPS Gaming

If you’ve ever played an FPS game, I am pretty sure you’ve heard of the term ADS before. So, what is this term exactly? Well, why don’t we take a deep dive and find out?

Almost all single First-Person Shooter games have something we call Aiming Down Sights (ADS).

This refers to the act of aiming with a weapon in first-person view to get a better look at distant enemies.

Some players refer to this as “hard scoping” or “iron sights”. It means you will get more accurate shots when you look through the scope.

All FPS games have their own different settings. Snipers usually need a scope with larger zoom capabilities to shoot precise long-range shots and hit enemies from very far distances.

This can help players have a better scope of the environment and potentially win more games.

ADS in Gaming

ADS has been a part of the FPS genre for a very long time. Some of the first games to implement this were the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, back then it was just used to enable players to get better aim.

But it wasn’t until the releases of the Call of Duty franchise, then pretty much all other FPS games incorporated ADS, and it has been in every FPS game ever since then, and this completely changed how we play FPS games.

How to Set Up ADS In Games?

Eveny FPS games now offer you the option to change ADS sensitivity in-game settings for different types of scope. Most of the time ADS is used to snipe players who were at far distances.

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It can also be used to check out where an enemy is so that your teammate doesn’t get any surprises.

The ADS sensitivity is very different in each game that you play; you can go to settings and change the sensitivity to suit your taste.

For keyboard and mouse games AKA PC games, ADS settings are extremely important, if your sensitivity is very high, every simply mouse movement will completely move you from where you want to be, and if it’s slow you won’t be able to react quite the way you want to in-game events.

The best way to find out what works for you is to practice in games and try it out, and at the end of it all you will find out what works for you.

Games like PUBG (Players Unknown BattleGrounds) have a huge 8 different types of ADS x2 to x8. You should keep the sensitivity low for x6 to x8 so that you won’t be missing those long-range shots.

Call of Duty also has a very wide variety of ADS settings in their games, even the mobile version (CODM).

You can choose to tap and hold; as you get into a zoomed view to get those close shots, and you can also change the sensitivity too.

For every FPS game you play, always understand the ADS settings. If it all feels too overwhelming, YouTube can be a very resourceful place to find a tutorial.

But at the end of it all it all should depend on which you are most comfortable with, and you can only figure that out by messing with settings and trying them out on those unlucky bots.

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