19 Best Space Games for Android in 2022

Best Space Games for Android

If we search for the best Space Games for Android, we will find a plethora of extraterrestrial games to pick from. Playing space games on Android is usually a lot of fun.  

Additionally, reaching for the heavens and landing on the moon has always been a childhood goal of ours.

Indeed, we all grew up playing space games like Galaga, Space Invaders, and so on.  

Some users still enjoy playing space games, and they have found a home on mobile devices.

Furthermore, if we search the Google Play Store for Space Games, we will find a plethora of extraterrestrial games to pick from.  

Besides, the best Space games for Android are usually entertaining games in which you must either defend your jet from aliens, explore the outer world, or race against the clock.

Some of the best space games for android are;

1. Xenowerk

Fans of twin-stick shooters should certainly check out Xenowerk. This sci-fi game is an unusual experiment in design, with 70 stages packed with slimy creatures, creepy laboratory passageways, and ambient dread.  

It focuses on lighting dynamics, providing you with a flashlight and a variety of bizarre guns with which to defend yourself against hordes of dark, jump-scare-ready monsters.  

It’s a daring take on the twin-stick shooter genre, and Xenowerk is even more daring for taking on such a project on mobile. 

2. Galaxy on fire 2 HD

This title has been called well if it has made you feel a little distressed.

Galaxy on Fire is a high-resolution and one of the best space games for android in which players travel through space and engage in combat and training.  

The game has a high rating on the Google Play Store and has been dubbed “the gold standard” for all other sci-fi mobile games.  

Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the game’s numerous ships and items will ensure that each player has a distinct, yet equally robust, experience.  

The sheer immensity of space throughout your journeys is remarkably engaging for a smartphone game, and players will largely be flying their plane from a third-person view. 

3. Out There

Out A fascinating, intriguing, and terrifying choose-your-own-space adventure sends you into the vast void of space.  

The game’s visuals are stunning, and the action is reminiscent of a comic book. It resembles a live-action adaptation of a comic book.  

Furthermore, you’ll have a blast exploring the unknown as well as the numerous sceneries and planets. Also, the personalities you’ll meet only add to the richness of the game’s action. It’s fantastic. 

4. Space Shooter

Fans of space shooting games will undoubtedly enjoy Space Shooter. This best space game for android has excellent graphics and is also quite addictive.  

Furthermore, in this game, the player is in charge of a spaceship and must defend it from a swarm of alien invaders.  

Also, the number of aliens increases as you continue. Not just that, but each game level features an epic boss fight at the conclusion, which you need to win to enter the next level. 

5. Marvel Contest of Champion: A Cosmic Fighter

This game, too, is set in space and involves Marvel superheroes and villains. In addition, to win the title of Champion of the Marvel Champions, you must participate in the big cosmic war by forming a winning team.  

Furthermore, the MARVEL Challenge of Champions is a fantastic fighting game that will put your strategy and management skills to the test.  

It won’t be difficult to put together a winning team and improve your champions. Moreover, get ready to explore new mission maps and get relationship-based synergy bonuses. In space, a full Marvel-style adventure awaits you.  

6. N.O.V.A Legacy

Despite being a mobile game, N.O.V.A Legacy appears to be on par with the quality of sci-fi shooters like Halo and Destiny regarding handheld platforms.  

Furthermore, its graphics are fantastic, and the sheer number of weapon and map options can be an enticing option for more serious mobile players.  

Besides The plot isn’t overly sophisticated, nor does it need to be. Players will take on the role of an N.O.V. Additionally The purpose of a soldier is to simply defeat the aliens.  

As you go, the levels and map landscape will change, but it’s a sight to behold because each area is significantly different from the last. 

7. Space Racing 3D

Space Racing 3D, as the title suggests, is one of the best and most unusual star-space racing games available.  

Furthermore, this is a straightforward space racing game with over 40 interplanetary race tracks, six distinct planes, and three different racing types.  

Also, Space Racing 3D has incredible visuals, and it’s one of the greatest space games for Android 2019 that you can play right now. 

8. Knight of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic is a Star Wars game in which you play as an amnesiac Jedi who must choose between the dark and the light.  

Also, it’s a sci-fi fan’s dream come true. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best space games for android. You’re missing out if you haven’t played any Star Wars games yet.  

Furthermore, this gorgeous invention is the pinnacle of sci-fi – It’s a high-end title that’s well worth your time if you’re a Star Wars fan. Otherwise, you’re not likely to have as much fun as you’d like. 

9. Gravity Rider

It’s hard to beat the thought of riding motorcycles through space.

Gravity Rider departs from the comfortable familiarity of the racing genre by transporting players to odd foreign planets where they will race on unusual terrain that is frequently booby-trapped with explosives and other terrible hazards.  

Furthermore, the bikes players get to ride are high-tech motorcycles that hover as they do in movies, staying true to the game’s sci-fi beginnings.  

While the controls are straightforward, the map presents a significant challenge to the unprepared and will almost certainly cost you the race if you are not quick on your feet. 

10. PinOut

It’s a pinball in the form of an arcade game, but with a lot more oomph and style than you’re used to.  

Furthermore, PinOut is a sci-fi pinball game with glowing, neon-drenched pinball tables that stretch on forever. And you can bounce balls about in them until the game’s timer runs out.  

It’s cool, easy, old-school fun with a modern twist, and it’s a wonderful way to kill time. 

11. Space Marshal 2

Space Marshals 2 is a tactical combat and stealth action game set in the far reaches of the universe.  

You can play the game in a variety of modes, including tactical combat, stealth, and load-out & gear.  

Furthermore, the graphics are fantastic, but you’ll need some practice to get used to the controls. Also, you have 20 tasks to choose from, as well as 70 weaponries at your disposal. It’s worth a look. 

12. Subdivisions Infinity

Subdivision Infinity is a must-try for everyone looking for an immersive space action game with stunning graphics.  

It is one of the best space games for Android of all time. Subdivision Infinity is undoubtedly one of the top HD Games that you will like playing.  

Furthermore, you must pilot a battleship and destroy adversaries flying around you in this game.  

Moreover, there is also a lot of other stuff in the game, such as side tasks that you must do to receive rewards. 

13. Ticket to Earth

Subdivision Infinity is a must-try for everyone looking for an immersive space action game with stunning graphics.  

Additionally, Subdivision Infinity is undoubtedly one of the top HD Games that you will like playing. You must pilot a battleship and destroy adversaries flying around you in this game. T 

here is also a lot of other stuff in the game, such as side tasks that you must do to receive rewards. 

14. Among Us

This game exploded in popularity in 2020, becoming one of the most viewed sports events of all time.  

It has one of the best space games for Android. Rather than fighting mutated aliens, cosmic threats, or futuristic warriors, you’ll be doing routine ship maintenance.  

but at the risk of being killed by one of your own. However, this murder mystery game has a simple concept, yet it is still one of the most accessible games for non-gamers. 

Meanwhile, the normal player will need a lot of confidence to discuss the murderer’s identity with others online or among friends, but if you don’t have that problem, Among Us can be quite addictive. 

15. Space Armada

The player must assume the position of commander of an intergalactic starship in Space Armada.

You must complete challenges and side quests to expand your base and upgrade your spaceship to combat against other players in this game.  

Also, the best part about Space Armada is that it allows players to fight in a burning galaxy online against real opponents in multiplayer mode.

So, Space Armada is yet another excellent space combat game available today. 

16. Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars: KOTOR is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe. It is one of the best space games for Android.  

What’s more, guess what? Characters, monsters, vehicles, and planets in Star Wars: KOTOR is all unique. Essentially, the game is a journey through legendary Star Wars places.  

The player must choose one of the three classes in this game, and each task can be done in a variety of ways. 

17. XCOM: Enemy Within:

This is the game for you if you desire your aliens to be deadly and fiercely opposed to your species’ survival. XCOM is a turn-based, sci-fi strategy game that caters to both power-fantasy fans and hard-core gamers.  

Additionally, it features an international team of elite soldiers, a wide variety of lethal aliens.  

And tons of cool guns, gadgets, and powers. Furthermore, it’s a content-rich game with enough challenge, spectacle, and addictive enjoyment to keep you playing long after you’ve exhausted your “just one more turn” option. 

18. Star Command

Star Command may be the greatest Android game to play if you’re looking for a game that allows you to design your ship, employ a crew, and explore the universe.  

The trials and pleasures of commanding a spacecraft are brought to life in Star Command.

Additionally, all at your command: upgrade your ship, venture into the unknown, and watch your crew die a gruesome death. 

19. Galaga Wars

It’s Galaga with a 21st-century makeover, aka 2D bullet-hell spaceship shooter action with as many explosions and pew pews as your heart desires.  

Furthermore, the game’s colors are rich and brilliant; the space motif is well-adapted to modern-day graphical capabilities, and it’s an overall visual delight.  

When you combine that with the game’s original, never-ending shooting fun and new two-ship “twin” mode, Galaga Wars is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a new sci-fi time-killer. 

Finally, these are the best space games for Android that any Android user will enjoy playing. 

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