9 Best Hunting Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in 2022

Best Hunting Games for iOS

Don’t miss our selection of best hunting games for iOS! Animal hunting video games can be incredibly entertaining and addictive. 

Completing objectives, honing your aim and focus, and selecting the finest weapon are some features that draw players in. 

Over the past two decades, mobile gaming has expanded quickly. There is a significant distinction between action and arcade game genres and Java games like Tetris and Call of Duty: Mobile. 

And it is now possible because cellphones are now more widely used and have more advanced hardware and software. 

Developers are attempting to release new games virtually every day for many genres, including action, horror, and more, now that mobile games are abundant. 

Additionally, hunting is one of these well-liked gaming subcategories. Hunting games come in various varieties, as the name already suggests. 

While playing as an Assassin in certain games, you may hunt down animals in others. Well, some of the best hunting games for iOS are listed below: 

1. Deer Hunter 2018

On mobile devices, you can play the online hunting game Deer Hunter 2018. As players pursue a range of species and upgrade weaponry and equipment, fans of the venerable Deer Hunter series ought to recognize it as staying loyal to those roots. 

Additionally, the game is free (in-app payments are available, too), so those new to the hunting genre only need to invest their time testing it out. 

2. Wild Hunt

One of the best hunting games for iOS created by Ten Square Games is very well-liked by ardent smartphone gamers. 

In the online game mode, you can also play against other people. However, this game is not included among the top PC hunting games. 

Only smartphones are capable of running the game. It has a 3D hunting game with improved graphics that lets you visit various areas. Furthermore, you can alter weaponry and compete with other gamers. 

3. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

It’s genius to occasionally deviate from what everyone is accustomed to. Typically, when we discuss hunting, we refer to deer, rabbits, birds, and, at most, elephants. 

However, Dino Hunter transports you back to the prehistoric era, where you can hunt the deadliest beasts—dinosaurs. 

This extremely thrilling game is another success for Glu Mobile. Furthermore, it made its debut in July 2014 and has since grown to become one of the top iOS hunting games. 

Like Deer Hunter, Dino Hunter lures players with its seductively natural elements.  

4. Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

In the finest hunting video game, you can kill zombies, as the name implies. The objective is to free trapped people by killing all the zombies nearby. 

However, as you go, components to upgrade your weapons become available. Your guns can improve their stability, damage, and zooming power, among other things. 

As you advance, your tracking abilities increase, and you also run into and hunt various zombie hordes. Additionally, the games feature a 3D landscape and a vast selection of weaponry and upgrades. 

5. TheHunter: Call Of The Wild 2021 Edition

The hunter: call of the wild 2021 Edition is also one of the best hunting games for iOS you should play. Players may expect to have one of the most immersive video game hunting experiences ever with theHunter: 

Call of the Wild. A new 2021 Edition just came out, so the graphics and load speeds are even better. 

Additionally, this game’s beauty will be familiar to those who have hunted in the American wilderness in games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hunting with pals is possible with the multiplayer settings. The 2021 Edition expands the game’s expansive list of animals and adds new locales across the globe. 

Additionally, it includes more weapon and equipment packs than the 2017 Edition, making it the superior choice. 

TheHunter: Call of the Wild also features two lodges where hunters can display and take pride in their winnings. 

6. Hunting Simulator 4X4

Players participate in a shark-hunting sea adventure. Shark Hunting, released by Out thinking Limited, has become one of the most popular water hunt games

By dividing player difficulties into two modes—hunting mode and survival mode—the game streamlines its setup

Also, you hunt as many sharks as possible in the hunting mode. The survival mode aims to help you avoid being eaten by as many sharks as possible. 

Even better, the game stresses the significance of accurate shooting because each missed shot results in the player losing a life. 

7. Bigfoot Monster Hunt

Another top hunting game for iOS is this one. This game mimics the Bigfoot Family’s theme for those familiar with it. 

Being a survival horror game, the game doesn’t directly borrow ideas from the movie. In addition, the main plot point is a predicament where you and a friend become imprisoned in the North Forest. 

However, this woodland contains dangerous monsters, with one specific monster posing the greatest threat. Additionally, players have difficulty taking down this monster as they progress through the stages. 

This game gives players the most adventure possible. Furthermore, given its sinister implications, you cannot ignore the tragedies of this hunting adventure. The game plays well with a range of weaponry. 

8. Safari Hunting 4×4

Safari Hunting 4×4 is another excellent hunting game for iOS that allows you to hunt all kinds of wildlife. The game lets you hunt lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffalo, crocodiles, and much more. 

You can use a variety of weapons to kill these creatures. Additionally, there are various types of ammunition available for you to choose from. 

9. Bird Hunting Simulator

Last on our list of best hunting games for iOS is Bird Hunting Simulator. Simulator for hunting birds Here’s a game that shifts the focus from ground-level hunting to airborne targeting.

In the game, players hunt birds in midair from a specific location. Additionally, the game features a striking visual style that lends it a genuine feel. 

However, as you progress through levels, the game offers many features and destinations for you to uncover and explore. 

It provides thirty distinct levels, numerous bird species, and three unique hunting weapons. It is one of the finest hunting games for iOS because of this. 

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