19 Best Motocross Games for PS4 to Play Right Now

Motocross Games For PS4

Have you ever thought about motocross games for PS4? If you are a PS4 user, I bet you have thought about that at least on one occasion, especially if you are into games of that genre.

A motocross game is a video game adjusted to the fundamental variant of the sport with a similar name. It mainly involves a player riding a bike on typical landscapes riddled with obstacles.

PS4, also known as PlayStation, is a video game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment. The PlayStation series can play many video games with this console version.

Let’s dive right in to learn about the motocross games on PS4, shall we?

1. MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame (2014)

MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame was the first in a progression of racing home video games created and distributed by Milestone.

Assume full command over your bike with dual stick control: the high-level game dynamics enable the separate control of the bike and the rider. 

The game features official bikes, notorious tracks, and a strong track manager for perpetual ongoing game interaction prospects: make, modify and share your ways online. The game also has a career mode with outrageous customization choices for the two riders and bikes. 

It also depicts first-rate designs for top-notch game quality and a robust vivid involvement in a proliferation of bikes, tracks, embellishments, and competitors’ viewpoints. This is one of the Motocross games for PS4.

2. Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame (2018)

In the game, you can race with the formally recognized riders from 250SX and 450SX on the official tracks to encounter one of the most sensational and engaging racing contests of all time!

As a player, you can find the Track Editor for unlimited gaming interaction prospects, as you will be able to select your arena, make your track and share your progress online with your companions.

You will be able to tweak your rider and bike as you like, with endless conceivable outcomes, from 80 official brands and 300 accessories, and challenge yourself to reach the highest point of the competitor list.

Race alone or against players from anywhere in the world in offline or online modes. This is one of the Motocross games for PS4.

3. MXGP 2020

As a player, you can hop onto your bicycle and challenge every one of the riders, bikes, and groups in the 2020 MXGP and MX2 classifications of motocross games for PS4.

Make the ideal track with the progressive new manager. Browse various settings, explore new heights and offer your manifestations with the local area.

You can also work on riding in this training region, roused by the fascinating Norwegian fjords, and investigate the dazzling landscape.

The multiplayer experience features a dependable connection, zero dormancy, and exceptionally huge transmission capacity. 

Feel free to release your creative mind and obtain the best outcomes by redoing bicycles and riders with more than 110 brands. You can pick between 4 different territory types.

Utilize the heightmaps to make track of your fantasies through slopes and mountains sensibly, either competing alone or with your friends.

4. MXGP 2021

This game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. In this game, you can put on your head protector, jump onto your bike, and go max speed to turn into a true MXGP champion.

You can make your group or decide to join one, beginning from the MX2 classification in the new career mode. 

Warm up your motors and prepare for the most sensible, energizing two-wheeled experience of all time! Make your fantasies work out as expected, allowing your creative mind to roam free with the track supervisor: pick the territory type and fabricate the track. 

With an excess of 100 valid brands, there are eternal conceivable customization blends for bikes and riders. You can make your course by setting various checkpoints in succession in Waypoint mode: race and challenge your companions on the web. This is also one of the Motocross games for PS4

5. MXGP PRO (2018)

This game was created and distributed by Milestone S.r.l. You can change your bike’s setup like a pro, tuning the suspension, brakes, or throttle to make your ride cool.

You can also explore different avenues in the new Pro Physics feature while racing and play around with more liberated game interactivity on account of new bike and rider dynamics.

In this game, among the Motocross games for PS4, you can practice in the Compound, a square-kilometer track where you can unreservedly investigate or contend with the AI. You can rehearse up to 30 challenges to learn genuine riders’ procedures!

6. MXGP 2019

This game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. You can always release your creative mind with the Track Editor to make track of your fantasies and share it with the local game community.

You can browse different scenes and probably the most troublesome territories on the planet.

Further, develop your riding abilities in this preparing region set in the French locale of Provence, meander openly or race on two MX tracks, one SX track, and one Enduro track trying different things with various atmospheric conditions and day/night settings.

Get unique customization sets by finishing various challenges to demonstrate your speed, agility, and in-air maneuverability.

Feel free to tweak your racing experience with vast choices for your rider and your bike with over 10,000 items to make you and your bike unique in this MXGP 2019 version of motocross games for PS4.

7. MXGP2: The Official Motocross Videogame (2016)

The game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. In MXGP2, you’ll get the opportunity to ride on 18 tracks from the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship and to experience the incredible experience of MXoN.

With MXGP2, you can pick the name and logo for your race group, purchase your #1 bicycles, custom uniforms, and embellishments for your bike and rider. Appreciate changing the presentation of your two wheels.

The actual landscape misshaping of the tracks has been improved and is very realistic. The execution of another bike handling and reexamined aerial dynamics will guarantee you a startling degree of authenticity! It is also one of the Motocross games for PS4.

8. MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame (2017)

It Was created and distributed by Milestone S.r.l. You can race on 18 tracks and in the MXoN with all riders and bicycles from the 2016 MXGP and MX2 seasons, and be quick to encounter the adventure of riding one of the 10 2-strokes accessible!

Render your rider and your bicycle exceptionally, with more than 300 authority parts for total customization. This is also among the Motocross games for PS4.

9. MX vs. ATV: All Out (2018)

This game was created by Rainbow Studios and distributed by THQ Nordic. MX versus ATV All Out is the finished rough terrain dashing and way of life experience in Motocross games for PS4!

You can pick between bicycles, ATVs, or UTVs, turning your rider into a pro at your confidential Compound.

Also, you can shoot across enormous open universes to contend straight on in different game modes! The all-new Freestyle mode permits you to win with grace and insane tricks! Or, on the other hand, go All Out and show your riding abilities in Multiplayer!

10. MX versus ATV Supercross

This home video game was created by Rainbow Studios and distributed by Nordic Games. You can tear, bounce and clean your direction to triumph with more than 35 tracks in this immeasurably broadened game. 

The superior game motor brings refurbished HDillustrations and sound, smoother online gaming interaction, and refreshed riding dynamics for complete control. This is one of the Motocross games for PS4.

11. MX Nitro: Unleashed (2017)

This game was created by Saber Interactive and distributed by Mad Dog Games, LLC. Race through new metropolitan conditions at rankling speeds, including mean roads and a clamoring tram framework.

Freestyle through the air with 55 outrageous stunts to acquire Nitro speed helps in your fights against new no-nonsense managers. 

Crash your direction through rethought levels loaded with adrenaline-siphoning inclines and hindrances. MX Nitro: Unleashed refurbishes the first MX Nitro with new tracks, managers, and outfits, among other motocross games for PS4. 

The game likewise incorporates a few enhancements from the first game version, including other developed visuals, from rider surfaces to the water and a new Easy Difficulty mode.

12. Trials Rising (2019)

This is a 2.5D racing video game created by RedLynx and Ubisoft Kyiv and distributed by Ubisoft. Preliminaries Rising is a shocking rebound of the acclaimed interactivity with every new element, more contest, and a new visual look. 

With additional tracks than any other time, fledglings are in for a smooth ride towards dominance. At the same time, the abilities and nerves of experienced players will be scrutinized in the most exceptional difficulties. This is Trials at its ideal.

Ride testing tracks all over the planet – from the Great Wall of China and New York City to the Eiffel Tower and in the middle. With the new Tandem Bike, get your companions and attempt to control one bicycle with two riders. 

From your nearby patio to global arenas, rout every one of your rivals on the web and ascend to greatness. This is also one of the Motocross games for PS4.

13. MX versus ATV Legends (2022)

This game was created by Rainbow Studios and distributed by THQ Nordic MX versus ATV Legends and is the most recent addition to the MX versus ATV rough terrain racing universe.

Players experience the dream of turning into a widely popular, proficient rough terrain rider in Motocross games for PS4.

They’ll lounge in the greatness of notoriety and the praise of fans and financial backers while playing the career and online modes.

Redo your rider and vehicles with the most recent parts and stuff from the leading materials makers for rough terrain racing.

14. Moto Racer 4 (2016)

This racing video game was created by Artefacts Studio and distributed by Microïds. In reality, as we know it, where freestyle and hazardous racing are overwhelming, make your imposing riding style prominent from one side of the planet to the other. Intrigue your adversaries and come out on top in races with class!

Moto Racer 4 is a racing game you can play on asphalt or soil in single or multiplayer mode (up to ten players). Snags, recklessly determined twisted rivals, traffic, and even police will impede you from attempting to stop.

Go rough terrain and utilize each course’s particular highlights for your potential benefit to track down the best alternative. This is also one of the Motocross games for PS4.

15. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 (2021)

This game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. The career mode will scrutinize your capacities to draw out the top dog inside you! You can also learn new riding skills in the ”Future” class, refine them and acquire new backers in the ”Rookie” class. 

You can turn into a genuine ”Pro” of motocross games for PS4 by taking your riding style as far as possible and testing the most challenging enemies in the 450SX class. You can redo your bike and rider with items from over 100 brands.

Unleash your creative mind with the new supervisor. Fabricate exceptional tracks with the modules based on the official channels and share your creation with the local gaming community.

You can also try to Investigate, search out new experiences, train, and challenge your companions in the new Compound.

16. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 (2020)

This game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. With new race tracks and aerial dynamics, new rider models, and new liveliness, you will have a more vivid encounter and be able to partake in the Supercross world at its ideal!

You can pick the beginning grid, give punishments, and direct the race! You can also fine-tune customizations (race mode, race type, climate, and so on) or look at the rundown of accessible entryways and pick the one you like the most.

To cap it off, you can make, share and download an unlimited number of tracks with the boundless track supervisor.

Release your innovativeness to make track of your fantasies, or cast a ballot and download the one you like the most. This is one of the Motocross games for PS4.

17. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2 (2019)

This game was created and distributed by Milestone Srl. In the game, you can carry on with the existence of a pro racer, put yourself under a magnifying glass in the Compound, tackle difficulties, deal with your occasions and draw in new supporters to procure notoriety and forthcoming novel game content.

As a pro in Motocross games for PS4, you can race from Monday until the end of the week. You will finish difficulties, track down new supporters and meet fans to acquire fantastic awards!

You can ride uninhibitedly and put your custom rider’s abilities under a magnifying glass, contending with rivals on four unique tracks in the Compound.

A customization mode is available with an excess of 3000 items to make the bicycle of your fantasies. Redo your avatar with new choices, including whiskers, tattoos, hoops, caps, skin, eye, hair, and eyebrow tones.

18. MX versus ATV Reflex (2009)

This is a rough terrain video game created by Double Helix Games, Rainbow Studios, and THQ Nordic and distributed by THQ Nordic.

Think quick and cling to your ride as you assume autonomous command over the rider and step through a definitive examination of strength. Dual controls will let you make outrageous stunts and high-flying freestyle activities. 

Battle for footing and uncover the track to make some meaningful difference. Level up your abilities through devastating conditions that wake up, driving constantly evolving needs.

Hurry through seething waterways, cut marshy everglades, and burst through desert ridges as the territory adjusts with each turn.

Please stay ahead of your rivals as you force through the opposition to cut new race lines, yet be careful, and they can do likewise for you. This is one of the Motocross games for PS4.

19. MX versus ATV Untamed

This is a rough terrain racing video game created by Rainbow Studios, Tantalus Media, and Incinerator Studios and distributed by THQ Nordic.

As a player of motocross games for PS4, try to possess the rough terrain by ruling the inventive new “XCross Tournament,” which unites 8 novel hustling series like Endurocross, Open cross, Supercross, Waypoint, and Supermoto.

You can assume command over the new DRV Sport and different vehicles, including Monster and Trophy Trucks, as they burst through waterways, muggy everglades, and the desert dunes.

Increase your #1 vehicle’s power, handling, and acceleration using an excess of 100 support parts and frills.


If you play with the PS4 console and are a fan of motocross games, I hope this list helps you determine the motocross games for PS4 you can play. Let’s play some games, yeah?

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